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My Faith in People is Waning – I’m Surrounded by Wimps

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My Faith in People is Waning

By Bridget

I have never had less faith in people. I have never felt more hopeless about people’s ability to do the right thing. I have never felt like giving up the fight like I do right now. People are selfish and they will betray you in a heartbeat. Whether it be the leadership in our country or the leadership in our churches, schools, cities and workplaces, everything seems to be going down the drain and no one cares.

Apathy and passivity will be the end of us and the abundance of both is wearing me down!

 I’m sure there are several reasons for apathy, and none of them are good. Some folks just aren’t paying attention, some are paying attention but they just can’t be bothered to do anything about the problems, some just don’t understand what they’re seeing, some are misled, and some are cowards. All of those things result in people doing NOTHING.

I’ve always had a warrior-type personality so I really don’t get the passive personality. If I believe in something, I fight for it. If I feel that someone has been wronged, I will stand up for them. If I feel that an injustice has been done, I will shout for it to be undone. If I’m your friend, then you can’t have a more loyal friend in your corner. I believe in shining the light on things, not sweeping things under the rug, and it drives me crazy when passive, appeasing people just sit back and do nothing because they don’t like conflict.

Well, guess what? No one likes conflict! But sometimes you have to do the hard thing and stand up for what is right. Is anything worth fighting for? I guess a lot of people don’t think so, which is why I feel so disheartened and discouraged. The majority of people don’t stand up for what they believe in anymore. They’re not loyal. They are not fighters. They don’t fight for their country, they don’t fight bullies, and they don’t fight for their friends, and it’s just making me tired.

And yes, I know that God is in control. None of this discouragement comes from my doubting God, because I don’t. I’m not lashing out at God right now, I’m lashing out at weak people. I do doubt people, which is always a hard thing to fully realize. To think that you can’t trust people to do the right thing is actually quite a blow. I know that a lot of people will want to respond to this with all the things that I already know – God is the only One you can depend on, God is allowing these things to happen, God doesn’t give us more than we can bear, etc, . and I truly do know and believe all of that, but God also gave us common sense and expects His people to act when it’s time. So why isn’t that happening? Don’t use God as an excuse to let evil flourish and thrive. Don’t use God to make yourself feel better about not speaking up when it’s the proper time.

If someone is sick, we don’t just sit back and say, “Well, God is in control. He’ll heal them if He wants to.” He expects us to use our common sense and take them to the Dr. We have to do our part, then He will do His part. So why aren’t people doing their part?

Our country is in crisis because people did not stand up when they needed to. We have a president who is dragging us towards socialism, trying to take away our religious freedom, our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and who bullies anyone who doesn’t agree with him. We have a media who is in bed with him and won’t report the truth. We have liberals who are destroying the values this country was founded on, but people sit by and do NOTHING!!

Where are our heroes? Where are the warriors? Where are the people who won’t be run over? Where are the people who are willing to risk being called radical or troublemakers in order to do the right thing? I’m sure those who left England to come to America for religious freedom were seen as radical too, but they did what had to be done.

As a Christian I hate to say this, but Christians are at the top of my frustration list. They are notorious for being passive because they think it’s a ‘Christian’ or “Christ-like’ trait. They give themselves permission to do nothing and then say it’s the loving thing to do. There are times when you should sit back and wait, but there are other times when it’s time to fight, and Christians have missed the call to action.

It’s much easier NOT to fight. It’s much easier to ‘go along to get along’. It’s much easier to sit back so you won’t ‘offend’ someone, and it’s much easier to ‘ride it out.’ Unfortunately that’s what folks thought before the Holocaust, and look where it got them. They ‘rode it out’ until they were being killed in concentration camps!

I don’t trust or respect people who won’t stand up for right, but unfortunately I am surrounded by more and more of those people, and they are winning the day – not just on the national gov’t stage but also in our day to day lives. I’m starting to believe that the ‘wussification’ of America is now complete. No men, no spines, no guts, no one willing to stand up for others, no courage.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have SOME warriors left, but not as many as we used to. And in order for those warriors to succeed, the rest of us need to step up to the plate. We need to back them up, not back down.

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Bridget Vents about Obama: He is Ruining the US

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Bridget Vents About Obama

I am so disgusted I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t updated the blog in a few days because frankly I’m too irritated. Obama has screwed up so many things that I find it annoying to even read the news, much less post the articles on my blog.

So, I’ll just vent for a bit. What is wrong with this country that we are allowing a socialist to take over and make his own rules?? Is anyone listening and watching? Does anyone care that he is making HUGE changes that will affect us negatively for years to come, and he’s doing it all very quickly!!

Let me just give you my opinion of Obama in a nutshell.

• He is a socialist

• He is taking over the private sector in this country

• He cares more about the rest of the world than he does about this country

• He is naive

• He has no experience

• He is racist

• He wants to be liked more than he wants to do what’s right

• He’s not as intelligent as people make him out to be

• He makes America look bad to the rest of the world

• He’s full of himself

• Financially, he’s killing the US

• He is NO friend to Christians

• He’s been involved in more than one crooked deal

• He associates with crooks

• He couldn’t care less about the constitution and the rules the rest of us go by – He goes by his own rules and throws it in our faces

• He has selected a bunch of criminals for his top spots but he expects the rest of us to obey the law

• He is quickly moving towards a dictatorship and WE ARE LETTING HIM!

Obama may be the most egotistical person ever elected in this country, and that’s saying a lot when you consider we had Bill Clinton as president. He is ignoring all the rules and acting like he’s a king.

And what makes it worse is that we do NOT have a real media to hold him accountable. They are in his pocket and will never hold his feet to the fire when it’s needed. In fact, they are activley trying to make sure he succeeds in all of his endeavors. And that makes him a very dangerous president – one who is not held accountable. Therefore we have to be extra vigilant on our own.

I honestly believe we may finally be at a place where we either need a revolution to take back this country OR we need to divide into two countries. I know, I know. That sounds far-fetched. But most good ideas start out that way. When the first person mentioned leaving England to come to America I’m sure folks thought he was crazy, but just look at where we are now.

We’ve got to take back this country and that may mean taking some extraordinary measures – impeachment of Obama, a revolution, a civil war, or just splitting up into two countries, but something has got to happen before America is ruined.

If we do split in two, I want to be on the side with common sense, morals, values, common decency, guns, strong national defense, a free market, consequences for one’s actions, standing against evil, pro-constitution, and the government being as small as possible.

The pansy butts on the other side can march off with no guns, the gov’t taking care of them, no military to defend themselves, and no free market and let’s see how long they survive!!

I truly believe Obama is the worst thing ever to happen to this country and we need to stand up to him before it’s too late.

How many articles can we read about his radical agenda and his radical actions before we take action to stop him??

Wake up America!!


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Bridget Rants: Why Would I Want Obama’s Bad Policies to Succeed?

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Bridget Rants: Why Would I Want Obama’s Bad Policies to Succeed???

By Bridget

You know I’m getting a little sick of hearing people say, “Well, no matter what your political party, it’s a good thing that Obama was elected,” or “It says a lot about our country that we elected a black president,” or “Boy, even though I didn’t vote for him, I hope he succeeds.” Well guess what, THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!  

Apparently, this really WAS about race for a lot of people, and it’s not the people you think. It wasn’t about race for conservatives, it was about race for liberals and those who want to be politically correct and make themselves look good for electing a black man.

First of all, don’t we want the best person for the job NO MATTER what color he is?

Second, why would I want him to succeed if his policies are bad for America, bad for Christians, and against what the Bible teaches?  That’s just stupid!

And why would I celebrate JUST because he’s black, especially if I honestly think his policies are wrong?

What is wrong with people? They like the idea of CHANGE just for the sake of change, not because it’s a good change. Frankly, I’m getting tired of people, especially Christians, who overlook the harm Obama can do JUST because he’s black.

  • Hey Christians who voted for Obama, how does it make you feel that more babies will be aborted because of Obama and we will be helping to fund it around the world?
  • How will it make you feel that he wants to defeat all state and federal constitutional efforts to defend the millennia-old definition of natural marriage
  • How does it make you feel that he wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) signed by Bill Clinton-the only line of defense keeping all 50 states from being forced to recognize so-called “same-sex marriages” from extremely liberal states like Massachusetts and Connecticut;
  • How does it make you feel that your parental rights may be completely taken away by the gov’t if Obama helps ratify the treaty before the UN? This means if they don’t like how you are parenting your children they can step in and stop it – from church attendance to what school they attend to how you discipline them.
  • How does it make you feel that Christian institutions will be discriminated against even more, or that religious groups may not be able to use public school facilities anymore due to a provision in the stimulus bill?
  • How does it make you feel that you probably made it easier for pastors to be tried for hate speech if they preach against homosexuality?
  • How will you feel when your pastor has to marry gays or be in violation of the law?
  • How will it make you feel when your church has to hire gays or be in violation of  the law?
  • How does it make you feel that Obama wants to increase gay adoptions?
  • How does it make you feel that we are headed straight towards socialism which is in direct contradiction to the Bible?

How will you feel after all of that? Will you be glad you voted for him or rooted for his success ? Will you be proud that you voted for a ‘change’?

  • What about the fact that he put a person in charge of the treasury who didn’t pay his taxes?? Is that the change you wanted?
  • What about the fact that he also appointed several others who had ethical’ problems?
  • What about the fact that he went to a church for 20 years that was led by a racist, divisive pastor?
  • What about the fact that he has been associated with some very shady people – Rezko, Bill Ayers, anti-semites? Do you just overlook that because he’s black?
  • What about the fact that he spoke out against lobbyists yet he has appointed so many of them to top spots?

What is it about this man that has you so enraptured and so blind to his faults? You certainly weren’t blind to Bush’s faults, even if they were minor ones. Every thing Bush said or did was ridiculed, mocked,and overblown. Yet you calmly overlook major problems with Obama.

I just don’t get it.

I hope the ‘good feeling’ it gave you was worth it.

I hope the pats on the back you got from your liberal friends was worth it.

I hope the feeling of superiority it gives you was worth it.

I hope the ‘feeling of unity with the other side’ was worth it.

But for me, if it means sacrificing America, giving up freedom, going against Christian principals, and helping evil win, it is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT!!!

All you Obama worshippers and misguided Christians who got all warm and fuzzy by voting for him need to GET A GRIP!

I’m sick of all this garbage!! And I’m sick of the fact that nobody wants to say anything about if for fear of being politically incorrect or being called a racist.  Hey, I don’t agree with the guy’s  policies and I couldn’t care less what color he is, so don’t talk to me about race unless it’s an issue for you!

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Reverend Lowery’s Racist Prayer at Inauguration

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Reverend Lowery’s Racist Prayer at Inauguration

Imagine if Mitt Romney (or any other white Republican) were being sworn into office and he had a white pastor pray a prayer that ended with:

“Help us work for the day when whites will not be asked to give back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead man, and when blacks will embrace what is right”

Can you imagine the outrage? Can you imagine how many times that prayer would be played on Olberman, Chris Matthews, and every network news show? Can you imagine how the “just-sworn in President” (as well as the pastor who uttered the words) would be labeled a racist? Can you imagine how anyone who voted for him would be labeled a racist?

Think also of the riots it would cause. Blacks would be filling the streets, screaming, burning, looting, and demanding that action be taken. Hollywood stars would be speaking out against such blatant racism. The President would be falling all over himself to apologize, distance himself from the pastor, make amends, and promise blacks whatever he could so that they would forgive him and wouldn’t make his life miserable for the next 4 years. In fact, impeachment would probably be mentioned, as people would say that there is no way such a racist person can fairly run this country.

So imagine my surprise when the following was actually said in a prayer by Reverend Joseph Lowery at Obama’s inauguration:

“Help us work for that day when black will not be asked to give back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right.”


This reverend said we need to work for a day when all these poor groups are treated well and the white man will finally do what’s right? The white man is not doing right now? I could not believe what I was hearing and was offended and infuriated!

Why is it okay for blacks to be racist against whites? Why is it that they can say racially divisive things and get by with it? The only ones who made this election about race are the blacks, and frankly, I’m sick of it!! The standard should be the same for everyone, and no one should get a free pass.

I couldn’t care less what color the President is, as long as I agree with his values and platform. I don’t care if he’s black, brown, red, yellow, or white, if I think he’s the best man/woman for the job, I will vote for him. So why aren’t others that way? I am against any racism and I will speak out if I see it, so why won’t everyone else?

I think we have passed way beyond the discrimination of the past and entered into a new acceptable racism – racism against whites.

· No longer are blacks the ones who are discriminated against.

· No longer are they group who stays quiet for fear that they will be beaten down.

· No longer are they shouted down

· No longer are they threatened with physical harm if they speak up or out of turn

· No longer are they intimidated into “going along to get along”

Yet they still act as if those things are going on, and as if it gives them the right to be racist against others.

And don’t get me wrong. They shouldn’t be treated that way and I’m glad it has changed. But let’s not forget that IT HAS CHANGED. So why is it now acceptable for them to be racist against whites?

I just don’t get it, and I think it should concern folks that our latest President had such a racist remark at his inauguration.

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Bridget Rants: Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies

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Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies

By Bridget

I refuse to be bullied by the liberals! Let me explain. For 8 years (Bush’s 2 terms) I have seen bumper sticker after bumper sticker that says hateful things about Bush, such as;

  • Impeach Bush
  • Try Bush for War Crimes
  • Bush Lied. People Died
  • W – Worst President Ever

And those are just a few of the more benign ones. I won’t write down those with bad words on them, but you can probably imagine what they say. Anyway, through these 8 years I never once yelled at these people, gave them the finger, keyed their car, threw rocks at them, or took any other action that would show them how much I disagreed with their bumper sticker. After all, we DO HAVE FREE SPEECH, don’t we?????

However, THE SAME CANNOT BE SAID  of the liberals. I have had almost all of those things done to me or my car because of my pro-Bush, pro-conservative bumper stickers. And today, once again, the ‘peace-loving, live and let live, tolerant” liberals just couldn’t put up with my free speech. My husband and son were out in the car today and some folks at a restaurant spit chewed-up food on the car because of the stickers. The 2 that are currently on my car say, “Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain” and the other says ” Obama is a Socialist”.

Why is it that the liberals keep saying they are the tolerant party when they aren’t at all? The liberals play very dirty and very hateful and I refuse to let them push me around. I know they’re hoping that conservatives will just bow under their pressure, but I will not do it!!!

My bumper stickers will stay on the car and every time libs do something mean because of it, they are proving my  point all over again.

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Why Do Most Black Americans Vote Democrat when Democrats are Actually the Racist Party? Learn the Facts!

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 Why Do Most Black Americans vote Democrat when Democrats are Actually the Racist Party? Learn the Facts!

You know what? I’m getting pretty tired of people saying that the Democratic party is the party of the African-American. I’m tired of Democrats taking the credit for being the ‘civil rights party’ when the exact opposite is true! I’m tired of African-Americans falling for this garbage without even checking it out. Why have they fallen for this, and why do they continue to believe whatever the Democrats tell them? I’m not really sure of the answer, but I thought it was time to set the record straight.

It’s time we stop being bullied by the Democratic party and stop letting them use the race card. We need to stand up and let black Americans know that WE are the party for them and that we have proven that through the years.

Don’t be taken in by what the Democratic party and the mainstream media WANT us to believe. Let’s look at the facts!

I know some of you may find this hard to believe, (especially those of you who were ‘educated’ in a public school where they don’t really teach truth, but would rather indoctrinate you), but Democrats are actually the racist party. Yes, that’s right. Democrats are NOT really the friends of the black American, the Republicans are! The Republican party is the one who fought for civil rights and defended them through the years.

I bet a lot of folks don’t even realize that Martin Luther King, Jr was a Republican (once again we see where the public school has failed). In that era, almost all black Americans were Republicans. Why? From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. And as one pundit so succinctly stated, the Democrat Party is as it always has been, the party of the four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation and now Socialism.

If you don’t believe this, then TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING THINGS:

“To stop the Democrats’ pro-slavery agenda, anti-slavery activists founded the Republican party, starting with a few dozen men and women in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854,” the calendar notes. “Democratic opposition to Republican efforts to protect the civil rights of all Americans lasted not only throughout Reconstruction, but well into the 20th century.”

May 22, 1856: Two years after the Grand Old party’s birth, U.S. Senator Charles Sumner (R., Mass.) rose to decry pro-slavery Democrats. Congressman Preston Brooks (D., S.C.) responded by grabbing a stick and beating Sumner unconscious in the Senate chamber. Disabled, Sumner could not resume his duties for three years.

Abe Lincoln, a Republican President, led the North to victory in the Civil War and freed the slaves while the Democrats did everything in their power to keep black Americans down.

In 1865, Congressional Republicans unanimously backed the 13th Amendment, which made slavery unconstitutional. Among Democrats, 63 percent of senators and 78 percent of House members voted: “No.”

In 1866, 94 percent of GOP senators and 96 percent of GOP House members approved the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing all Americans equal protection of the law. Every congressional Democrat voted: “No.”

July 30, 1866: New Orleans’s Democratic government ordered police to raid an integrated GOP meeting, killing 40 people and injuring 150.

September 28, 1868: Democrats in Opelousas, Louisiana killed nearly 300 blacks who tried to foil an assault on a Republican newspaper editor.

October 7, 1868: Republicans criticized Democrats’ national slogan: “This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule.”

February 28, 1871: The GOP Congress passed the Enforcement Act, giving black voters federal protection.

The Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan to lynch and terrorize blacks

April 20, 1871: The GOP Congress adopted the Ku Klux Klan Act, banning the pro-Democrat domestic terrorist group.

September 14, 1874: Racist white Democrats stormed Louisiana’s statehouse to oust GOP Governor William Kellogg’s racially integrated administration; 27 are killed.

February 8, 1894: Democratic President Grover Cleveland and a Democratic Congress repealed the GOP’s Enforcement Act, denying black voters federal protection.

In 1898: Wilmington, N.C., Democrats murdered black Republicans so they could stage, “the nation’s only recorded coup d’etat.”

January 26, 1922: The U.S. House adopted Rep. Leonidas Dyer’s (R., Mo.) bill making lynching a federal crime. Filibustering Senate Democrats killed the measure.

May 6, 1960: Eisenhower signs the GOP’s 1960 Civil Rights Act after it survived a five-day, five-hour filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats.

A Democrat, George “segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever” Wallace stood in the door of an Alabama schoolhouse to keep black children from being able to go to school with whites.

A Democrat, Bull Connor turned water hoses and dogs on civil rights protestors.

Until 1935, every black federal legislator was Republican.

Democrat President John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act while he was a senator.

While President, Democrat John F. Kennedy was opposed to the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King that was organized by A. Phillip Randolph who was a black Republican.

Democrat President Kennedy, through his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI on suspicion of being a Communist in order to undermine Dr. King.

Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, who ran for president against Democrat President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, wanted to force the Democrats in the South to stop passing discriminatory laws and thus end the need to continuously enact federal civil rights legislation.

Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, showing his anger with Dr. King’s protest against the Viet Nam War, referred to Dr. King as “that Nigger preacher.”

In March of 1968, while referring to Dr. King’s leaving Memphis, Tennessee after riots broke out where a teenager was killed, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, called Dr. King a “trouble-maker” who starts trouble, but runs like a coward after trouble is ignited.

America’s first black U.S. Representative, South Carolina’s Joseph Rainey, and our first black senator, Mississippi’s Hiram Revels, both reached Capitol Hill in 1870.

On December 9, 1872, Louisiana Republican Pinckney Benton Stewart “P.B.S.” Pinchback became America’s first black governor.

America’s first black Collector of Internal Revenue was former U.S. Rep. James Rapier (R., Ala.).

Republicans started the NAACP and affirmative action with Republican President Richard Nixon‘s 1969 Philadelphia Plan (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation‘s first goals and timetables. Although affirmative action now has been turned by the Democrats into an unfair quota system, affirmative action was begun by Nixon to counter the harm caused to blacks when Democrat President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 kicked all of the blacks out of federal government jobs.

GOP presidents Gerald Ford in 1975 and Ronald Reagan in 1982 promoted Daniel James and Roscoe Robinson to become, respectively, the Air Force’s and Army’s first black four-star generals.

November 2, 1983: President Reagan established Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday as a national holiday, the first such honor for a black American.

President Reagan named Colin Powell America’s first black national-security adviser while GOP President George W. Bush appointed him our first black secretary of state.

President G.W. Bush named Condoleezza Rice America’s first black female NSC chief, then our second (consecutive) black secretary of State. Condoleeza Rice said, “The first Republican I knew was my father, and he is still the Republican I most admire. He joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did. My father has never forgotten that day, and neither have I.”

Republicans founded the Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the only black American currently on the Supreme Court, was appointed by Republican George W. Bush.

Condi Rice was selected as the most desired 2008 nominee by the right side of the blogosphere in 2006.
Conservative bloggers selected Janice Rogers Brown, a black American, as the most desired nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor when she retired.

The Democratic party embraced the Civil Rights movement, not out of compassion or tolorence of blacks, but because they saw the writing on the wall.They knew that passage of the Civil Rights Act was inevitable and they realized that there was going to be a new and powerful voting block.

They knew that most blacks from that time were uneducated, uninformed and naive so they changed tactics. In an effort to win over this new and powerful voting block the Democrats started embracing the cause.

They started pointing to “this” bill or “that” legislation” that they voted on in order to show they were with blacks all along. Ignoring the fact that in the beginning of the Civil Rights era, most bills before Congress were Republican sponsored.

In a media and propaganda blitz they stole the Republican thunder, but the facts are there. History doesn`t lie despite attempts to alter the facts.

Democrats throw oreo cookies at Maryland’s black US Senate candidate Michael Steele and black Republicans are called “Uncle Toms” and compared to “Aunt Jemima”, but the Republicans are called the racists?? Sounds odd to me!

There was a study done by a professor at Stanford — of how much government largesse Democrats and Republicans believe people deserved to be given after Katrina — and, surprise, surprise: Democrats behaved in a racist fashion while Republicans didn’t:

“But for Democrats, race mattered — and in a disturbing way. Overall, Democrats were willing to give whites about $1,500 more than they chose to give to a black or other minority….” Republicans are likely to be more stringent, both in terms of money and time, Iyengar said. “However, their position is ‘principled’ in the sense that it stems from a strong belief in individualism (as opposed to handouts). Thus their responses to the assistance questions are relatively invariant across the different media conditions. Independents and Democrats, on the other hand, are more likely to be affected by racial cues.”

Francis Rice, Chairman of the National Black Republican Association said:

Today, Democrats, in pursuit of their socialist agenda, are fighting to keep blacks poor, angry and voting for Democrats. Examples of how egregiously Democrats act to keep blacks in poverty are numerous. 

Democrats have been running our inner-cities for the past 30-40 years, and blacks are still complaining about the same problems. Over $7 trillion dollars have been spent on poverty programs since President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty with little, if any, impact on poverty. Diabolically, every election cycle, Democrats blame Republicans for the deplorable conditions in the inner-cities, then incite blacks to cast a protest vote against Republicans.

In order to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote and free black Americans from the Democrat Party’s economic plantation, we must shed the light of truth on the Democrats. We must demonstrate that the Democrat Party policies of socialism and dependency on government handouts offer the pathway to poverty, while Republican Party principles of hard work, personal responsibility, getting a good education and ownership of homes and small businesses offer the pathway to prosperity


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Sad Day: America Elects a Liar, a Racist, and a Socialist

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Sad Day: America Elects a Liar, a Racist, and a Socialist

By Bridget

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”   ——Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940-1948

 Well, you did it, America. You elected a liar, a racist, and a socialist.  I was really hoping that enough people would not be duped by Obama, but I guess there are a lot more dupes out there than I thought.

I feel that I can honestly say the above things about Obama – liar, racist, socialist – because his own life and words have proven every point. I’m not throwing the words out there to be controversial, but because I REALLY BELIEVE  he is all three of those things.

The sad thing is some people voted for him KNOWING those three things about him and they just didn’t care about that as much as they did ‘sticking it’ to the conservatives.

The other sad thing is that some Christians did it and didn’t bother to think about the harm it would do to the cause of Christ in the future.

I will not spend this post proving why I believe Obama to be a liar, racist and socialist, as I have done that NUMEROUS times on this blog. If you would like the proof, then please look at some of my previous posts concerning those exact topics. There are a number of articles where the proof is laid out very clearly.

I don’t know how long it will be before some of those who voted for Obama say, “What have I done? I didn’t realize he was really so radical!”, but I really fear for what will happen to this country by that time.

I’m hoping that we will be able to keep some of his more radical agendas at bay and be able to defeat him in 4 more years. But there are some things he could do that will have negative consequences for years to come(such as Supreme Court nominees), that we probably won’t be able to stop.

I am very sad for America on this day and I’m sad that folks don’t see what they have voted for. Look at my post, ‘Letter from 2012’ to see where we are headed.

Unlike the liberal Bush haters of the last 8 years, we conservatives will probably be nicer to your candidate than you were to ours. We won’t wish him harm. We won’t wish him dead. We won’t say we ‘hate’ him every chance we get. We are, apparently, a nicer, classier lot than the liberals.

We will, however, speak against his ideas and beliefs and will fight to keep this country free. We will speak truth about him and point out when we think he is lying or leading this country in the wrong direction. But, disagreeing with someone is a very different thing than hatred. And the liberals thrived on their hatred. They loved to hate Bush and were brutal to him. We may dislike Obama’s ideas, but we don’t hate the man. I guess that’s something the liberals can’t quite understand.

I believe that Barack Obama is probably the worst candidate to ever run for president of the US and I think the harm he can cause is unbelievable. Therefore, I will spend the next 4 years trying to inform people of this, and hope we can get someone else elected in 2012. I’m not doing this out of hatred for Obama, but out of a love for this country and a desire to see it remain ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’.

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How can a Christian vote for Obama??

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How can a Christian vote for Obama?


The answer to that question is “I don’t Know.” I am saddened that we have so many ignorant Christians. I’m talking about Christians who don’t really know what the political issues are, where the candidates REALLY stand on the issues, and what the Bible has to say about these issues.

Let me just say this plainly. Some Christians seem to be blinded and misguided and are voting for Obama. I really don’t get how a Christian can vote for Obama. Sorry, but I just don’t get it! Some of these ‘Christians’ ridicule conservatives because they think we vote based on one issue – abortion. First of all, abortion is a very important issue and one I can’t believe a real Christian would ignore, but second, it is only ONE of the issues that I look at when voting for a candidate.

But what I find really interesting and hypocritical about these people is that THEY seem to be voting for Obama based on one issue – his ‘compassion’. I had to put that word in quotes because I think the idea that Obama’s views are based on compassion is a bunch of BUNK!!!! One of his issues that liberal ‘Christians’ seem to like is his ‘share the wealth’ philosophy.  It’s an issue that makes them feel really good and compassionate. They THINK – wrongly, I might add – that it is the Christian thing to do. Their big issue is giving to those less fortunate. I agree that we should help those less fortunate, but it should be an individual thing done out of personal love and sacrifice, not a government-mandated thing. Christians should help those less fortunate, but the government should have nothing to do with it!!  Apparently these liberal ‘loving Christians’ couldn’t care less if babies are being murdered, but they get mightly upset if people who work hard don’t share their wealth with those who don’t work at all.

Another big issue which falls under the ‘compassion’ umbrella is their stand against the war. War is mean and they don’t like it, therefore Obama is their man. Wah, wah, wah… stop your crying you sissies. Why don’t you MAN UP and fight for right? Be like David, Moses, Joshua, and John the Baptist and fight evil. Again, these ‘Christians’ couldn’t care less about all the folks who are murdered by the terrorists and the dictators of some of these countries, but they just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the terrorists. They want to embrace the terrorists to show just what great Christians they are. They think if we just love the terrorists enough that they’ll come around and change their ways. I say go live with them in their countries, try out their theory and then let us know how it turns out

Recently, I had the misfortune of reading a ‘Christian’s’ website which said he’s voting for Obama for these very reasons.  He also said he’s tired of hearing McCain and Palin lash out at Obama because of his relationship with terrorists. He compared them to the Pharisees and said they were exhibiting ‘anti-Jesus’ behavior. What????? Is he serious????? He also said if we got to know more terrorists then perhaps they wouldn’t be terrorists anymore. Again I say WHAT?????? Are you out of your mind?

What topped the whole thing off was the fact that this person said he’s proud to be voting for the guy who loves terrorists – Obama. Well, first of all, thanks for proving our point that Obama sympathizes with terrorists, and second of all, this guy has a very twisted view which seems to come from ignorance and can be very dangerous.

Evil has to be dealt with, but these liberal Christians don’t see that. Yes, I agree that God loves everyone, even the terrorists, but God also expects us to stop evil and not be idiotic enough to turn the other way when innocent people are being killed by evildoers.

I’m sorry if this seems to be too blunt or brutal, but it seems that we have a lot of ignorant Christians walking around who will willingly put a socialist in the White House and by the time they realize their mistake it will be too late.

Unfortuanately we have a lot of pastors who don’t have the guts to inform their churches about issues that work AGAINST the cause of Christ and their silence is helping Obama. 

PLEASE,  we have to make sure Christians are not misguided and sidetracked by the ‘compassionate democrats’ label.  The conservatives are the ones who are really compassionate, but the media helps the democrats get their propaganda out, which means people hear it and believe it. John McCain is not perfect and he was not my first choice for President, but he is a much better choice than Barack Obama!!!

Christians, wake up and vote for McCain before Obama’s socialism ruins us!!!! 

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When Did We Start Accepting the Unacceptable in our Culture?

Posted on August 10, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants, Culture |

When Did We Start Accepting the Unacceptable in our Culture?

By Bridget

When did we start putting up with RIDICULOUS things? When did we start acting like stupid, outrageous stuff wasn’t stupid and outrageous? When did we start accepting unacceptable things??

I look around and I’m just sick of what we have come to accept. How about we start calling it like it is?

Let me tell you a few things that I’m just fed up with – things that are either stupid, harmful, wrong, dangerous or ridiculous, yet we act like they’re normal.

Here we go. The things that bug me are:

• Guys who wear their pants around their knees.
I say, “Pull your pants up, droopy drawers! We don’t want to watch you walk that awkward walk and wonder if your pants are about to drop. It’s not cool, it’s just stupid!!!”

• People who walk around with curse words or dirty images on their t-shirts
I say, “Listen Mr./Ms. Classless, I don’t want my kids seeing your nasty words or pictures. Some of us actually raise our kids with some standards. If you can’t come out in public with decent clothing, then how about you stay home!”

• Girls showing their thongs
I say, “Hey Slutty Slutterson, I don’t want to see your underwear and I’d prefer my husband and son not have to walk around with their eyes covered because people like you don’t know how to dress appropriately. You don’t look pretty, you look cheap. You’re advertising exactly what kind of girl you are!!”

• Tattoos all over the body
I say, “Come on! You know it looks ridiculous. And don’t blame the rest of us when you can’t get certain types of jobs because of how you look. Also, when you’re 80 you’re going to look kind of silly.”

• People making out in public
I say, “Get a room! Or better yet, get some class.”

• Babies born out of wedlock
I say, “It’s not ok, no matter how much our going-down-the-toilet culture says it is.”

• Kids and teenagers who have NO respect for authority
I say, ” Don’t look at me with that disrespectful look and that ‘dare’ in your eyes. And don’t tell me to F- off. What you deserve is a slap in the face when you do that. You’re a young punk who knows nothing and you’re trying to challenge me? You probably can’t even take care of yourself, so back off!”

Religion (Christianity) being taken out of the public square while Islam is being forced down our throats ( examples: foot washing basins at Minnesota airport, prayer rooms at schools, Muslim presentations in schools, etc)
I say, “We are idiots if we don’t realize that they are destroying us from within! They will win if we continue to let them use our own systems against us!”

• Politicians who cheat on their spouses (or anyone who cheats on their spouses)
I say, “Yes, character does matter, even though you try to tell us it doesn’t”

• Hollywood – prevalence of drugs, easy acceptance of infidelity, outrageous lifestyles, acceptance of bad behavior because they’re stars
I say, “Hollywood is filled with immoral freaks, narcissists, egomaniacs, gangsters, and white trash. We would never let people like this inside our homes yet everyone treats these fools like they are royalty. They are druggies, drunkards, and criminals and they should be called what they are!!”

• Media bias/media lies
I say, “Hey mainstream media, do you think we’re idiots?? Your bias is showing and we all know it. So don’t pee on our legs and try to tell us it’s raining.”

• Colleges indoctrinating our youth with liberal views
I say, “On college campuses free speech is ONLY for liberals. Otherwise you get shot down.”

• Anti-Americanism
I say, “If you don’t like it here, then leave!!!

• Loud gangster music blaring from cars
I say, “Shut up!!!! We don’t want to hear your crappy music! Are you deaf or just rude?”

Feel free to tell me some of the things you are fed up with!!!

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The Waning Patriotism of Some Christians

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The Waning Patriotism of Some Christians

By Bridget

I’m very concerned about something I’ve been hearing over the last couple of years. It’s regarding Christians and their patriotism. I’m seeing more and more that some Christians don’t want to pledge allegiance to the flag or they don’t want to honor our country and the military at church on patriotic holidays (July 4, Memorial day). It’s usually younger Christians or those who have gotten caught up in the new ‘progressive’ Christian movement. I myself have been bothered that even in my own church they have barely acknowledged these occasions. When asked about it, most will say that they won’t pledge to the flag because our only allegiance should be to God. They also say that church is a place where we should only be thinking about God, not our loyalty to anything or anyone else.

Another reason they seem to be drifting away from anything patriotic is because they are anti-war, which to them translates into anti-military and anti-America. First of all I totally disagree with the premise that Christianity is anti-war. War is a terrible thing, but sometimes it is necessary in order to fight evil. Secondly, honoring those who would willingly give their lives to protect you and defend your freedom seems an appropriate thing to do. How can you be against that? Doesn’t that make you ungrateful?

I just really don’t get why this has changed. Christians used to be grateful for a free nation. They used to be grateful for our military who so selflessly serves. They used to honor these things. What happened??

I think it shows how spoiled these people are. They’ve taken all that they have in this country for granted. They can’t even take the time to show their appreciation.

On these patriotic holidays we are not saying that we pledge allegiance to the flag and to the country ahead of or instead of God. In fact in the pledge it specifically mentions our country being ‘under God’. These holidays are set aside so that we can be thankful and grateful for what God has blessed us with in this country and to HONOR those who so willingly serve and protect us.

To ignore these days and to purposefully refuse to honor those who so willingly serve and protect us is very offensive to me, and is basically spitting in the faces of our military. Not acknowledging what we have been blessed with in America is ungrateful.

Loyalty, being grateful, and honoring people are not anti-Christian views, in fact I would say they are definitely Christian views.

I just don’t get it and frankly it makes me angry. I guess it’s the ‘in’ thing now, but if that’s ‘in’, then count me OUT!

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