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TV Show “V” Mirrors Obamamania

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TV Show “V” Mirrors Obamamania

By Bridget

Has anyone else noticed that the TV show “V” mirrors our current political situation and especially Obamamania? It’s a new show and I’ve watched every episode so far and it is UNBELIEVABLE how closely it resembles what is going on right now.

The show is about aliens (space aliens, not illegal immigrants) who come to earth and want to take over. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s actually done pretty well. What’s interesting is that these “Visitors” (hence the “V”) are running their overthrow agenda pretty much the same way as Obama and the Islamic terrorists. They are not so stupid as to take us by force; they realize they need to win us over, do things gradually, and take us from within.

On the surface they look exactly like us (so they won’t seem threatening), but underneath they are reptilian. They have been infiltrating for years and they have sleeper cells and undercover agents. When they arrive on earth they talk of hope and change (yes, they actually use those words) and about all the good things they are going to do for us. They tell us they are going to heal our diseases and make our lives better. Sound familiar?? They have ‘peace ambassadors’ to help convince us that they are trying to help us, yet behind the scenes they are actively trying to overthrow us. Their followers are identical to Obama followers in that they are fanatical and mesmerized by everything the “Visitors” tell them.

When I’m watching the show it really has been amazing to me how many times I sit there in awe over the similarities between what the “V’s” are trying to do and what Obama is trying to do.

Luckily on the show there is a group of people who know the real truth and who are trying to build  a resistance to fight the V’s, so I’m really hoping that we can do the same thing and can protect our country from being overthrown by Obama, the liberals, and Islamic extremists!!

Check out the show and let me know what you think.

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Sick of Political Correctness: Stop Worrying About Backlash against Muslims

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I am so sick of people being blind to the fact that the Fort Hood killings were done by a Muslim and could have been prevented if we had not been politically correct!!!! Hasan was a Muslim and there were a lot of signs pointing to the fact that he was anti-American and needed to be booted out ot the military. These IDIOTS who don’t want to acknowledge that and who keep warning us about ‘backlash against Muslims’ make me want to puke!!! The bigwigs in the military, the MSM, Obama’s administration – they are all covering this up and trying to be politically correct and it’s disgusting!!

P.C. Can Kill

by Rich Tucker

Cynthia Hall tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen.

Hall, as you may recall, was a 51-year-old Fulton County sheriff’s deputy assigned to escort alleged rapist Brian Nichols to court in 2005. Alone. He was a strapping six foot, 200-plus pounds. She stood five feet, maybe around 100 pounds; it would be impolite to ask a woman how much she weighs. It was also impolite, apparently, to ask whether she could handle her prisoner without help. Oh, and Nichols was unshackled, so jurors wouldn’t jump to conclusions about him.

The story is tragic, if predictable. Nichols overpowered Hall, almost killing her in the process. He shot and killed four more people before he surrendered to police. They were all victims, it seems, of a political correctness that insists we ignore physical differences and pretend deputies such as Hall can handle desperate prisoners such as Nichols.

But we’re good at ignoring unpleasant truths in polite society. Truths such as the fact that Army Maj. Nidal Hasan was anti-American and shouldn’t have been in the military.

Hasan, of course, is the 39-year-old army psychiatrist who allegedly killed 13 people and wounding 42 more at Ft. Hood in Texas last week. How can we know he was anti-American? Because he said so.

“It’s getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims,” Hasan told fellow doctors during a PowerPoint presentation at Walter Reed Medical Center two years ago. He was supposed to be giving a lecture about a medical procedure of his choosing. Instead, he gave a jeremiad about “The Koranic World View As It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military.”

Hasan concluded that the “Department of Defense should allow Muslims [sic] Soldiers the option of being released as ‘Conscientious objectors’ to increase troop morale and decrease adverse events.” But, apparently blinded by political correctness, nobody at that presentation insisted that Hasan be drummed out of the service. So, he allegedly went ahead and created his own “adverse events.”

We hear a lot of talk about “connecting the dots,” but that’s impossible to do without offending political correctness. For example, imagine that, on Sept. 11, 2001, airport security had stopped and arrested all the men who ended up hijacking the four planes that day. There would have been no tragedy, but there certainly would have been a backlash — against the security forces.

The New York Times would have editorialized that the men were victims of “flying while Muslim.” The government would have been pressured to change its security procedures to make sure Muslims received no scrutiny when they tried to board planes. Instead of talking about “connecting the dots” the mainstream media would have tried to avoid reporting on the existence of dots. (Why were so many Muslim young men trying to board the same plane? Why did they have utility knives? Why so many one-way tickets?) Continued…

There will always be those who aim to ignore the obvious. “Could the alleged crime spree have been prevented if he had been escorted by a male deputy?” Annie Chiappetta at wondered about the Nichols case in 2005. “Law enforcement experts and Nichols’ own lawyer think not.” Uh, right.

In a similar vein, many today are eager to ignore Hasan’s religious outbursts. “As great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey told CNN. “I’m concerned that this increased speculation could cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers.”

There’s no backlash, of course. And there never has been. Not after the 1998 embassy bombings in Africa. Not after the 2000 attack on the USS Cole. Not after the September 11 attacks. Not after Ft. Hood. And there won’t be after the next attack by Islamist extremists, either.

Our military has, for years, been colorblind. People got ahead based on the “content of their character” rather than the color of their skin or their gender. Sadly, even the military has started embracing political correctness. Hasan is a big example of that.

As a smaller example, the Navy changed the composition of the color guard it sent to Yankee Stadium for a World Series game last month. “Midshipman 2nd Class Hannah Allaire was selected because her presence would make the service academy look more diverse before a national audience,” The Washington Post explained on Veteran’s Day. Maybe the Navy’s new campaign should be “celebrate diversity, fraudulently.”

As a nation, we need to worry about the threat of Islamic extremists and political correctness, not the threat of a backlash. Political correctness kills. If we don’t drop our insistence on it, we’ll find ourselves mourning more victims.


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Obama Advisor: Illegals Could Be Legal As Quickly as Next Year

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I don’t even know what to say. Obama keeps pushing his crap through as quickly as he can!

Illegals could be legal as quickly as next year

‘They have to pay a fine and a penalty and have to meet certain requirements’November 15, 2009

By Drew Zahn

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

David Axelrod

Obama’s senior advisor said today that a plan to grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is in the works and could be made law as early as next year.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” with John King, the White House’s David Axelrod dodged a question asking him to commit to pushing immigration reform regardless of the political climate, but nonetheless confirmed earlier hints by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano that Democrats and Republicans are working behind the scenes to pass major new legislation.

“I think some good work is being done on both sides of the aisle to achieve that,” Axelrod said, “and Secretary Napolitano is getting that done.”

Axelrod added, “If we can get a group together to give it the momentum to pass in Congress, then we’re going to push forward with it.”

But while some attempt at addressing immigration law is widely anticipated, Axelrod went further, tipping the White House’s hand on the more contentious question surrounding immigration reform: if and how the estimated millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. today can become American citizens.

“We have to hold accountable and responsible the 12 million people who are here illegally,” Axelrod explained. “And they have to pay a fine and a penalty and have to meet certain requirements in order to get in the line to earn citizenship. And if they don’t want to do that, they need to leave.”

Axelrod also affirmed, “We want a system that holds everybody responsible and everyone accountable. We have to have better security at our borders and we are developing that, thanks to Secretary Napolitano. We have to have better enforcement on employers who abuse the system by hiring undocumented workers in order to undercut the labor market.”


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Video: Obama’s Muslim Roots – In His Own Words

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Check out this video. In his own words Obama admits he is a Muslim, defends Islam, talks about all the wonderful things Islam has done, says we will NEVER be at war with Islam and shows his loyalty to Islam over America! How can anyone think Obama will not choose Islam over us??

Video: Obama’s Muslim Roots – In His Own Words

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Islamic Center in Carmichael (Sacramento) May Have Ties to Terrorism

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Don’t you find it amazing that so many bad things can be done in the name of Islam (like the shootings at Fort Hood), yet we keep being politically correct so as not to offend Muslims. Here we have another Islamic center seized by the Feds but I’m sure people will keep warning us that there should be no backlash against Muslims. I’m sick of hearing it!! We need to be very wary of Muslims and we need to keep a close eye on them, their mosques, and their ‘charitable’organizations! We are stupid if we don’t!

Islamic Center In Carmichael May Have Ties To Terrorism

Matthew Keys FOX40 News |

November 12, 2009

 SACRAMENTO – FOX40 News has learned an Islamic non-profit located in Carmichael is one of four buildings targeted by federal agents for allegedly funneling money to the government of Iran.

The non-profit organization, located at 4836 Marconi Avenue, is being seized by federal agents who believe the organization may be in complete control by the government of Iran.

According to the Qoba Foundation’s website, the center provides services for Islamic burials, marriages and family consultation and mediation.

A civil complaint filed in federal court by the New York District Attorney’s Office in New York asked for the “rights, titles and interests” to property located in Houston, New York, Carmichael and Virginia. The complaint also requested the seizure of funds from eight bank accounts associated with the Alavi Foundation, a non-profit Islamic organization based out of New York.

The complaint was filed after federal agents suspected the Alavi Foundation and related organizations were funneling money in Iran, possibly in support of terrorist training and activities. Executive Order 12957, issued by President Clinton in 1995, bans the export of any American supply, including currency, to Iran.

“The actions and policies of the Government of Iran constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States,” Clinton’s Executive Order reads.

In 2005, Executive Order 13382, issued by President George W. Bush, clarified the Clinton order to include the blockage of American goods and services to Iran that could “provide financial, material, technological or other support for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

The civil complaint, filed in federal court early this year, accuses the Alavi Foundation of being under the direct control of the “Islamic Republic of Iran, and has been providing numerous services to the Iranian Government.” The complaint accuses the Alavi Foundation of “running a charitable organization for the Iranian Government” and transferring funds between the Alavi Foundation’s headquarters in New York and financial organization Bank Melli, which is controlled by the government of Iran.

The Alavi Foundation’s website reveals the charitable organization was founded in 1973. The website also says they do not make charitable donations outside of the United States, with the exception of occasional donations to Canadian organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service. It’s unclear if any Canadian organizations are currently being watched by government officials domestically or internationally for money transfers to Iran.

Generally, the federal government will not seize religious organizations, citing First Amendment rights to worship freely.


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What’s Wrong With Socialism?

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I’ve been saying for ages that the reason Obama and his socialist agenda are winning the day is because people under a certain age don’t really even know what socilialism is!!! We need to make sure people know the truth! Good article!

What’s Wrong With Socialism?

By Joe Herring

I recall a conversation I had with a young coworker in the latter weeks of Obama’s campaign for president. Joe the plumber had just exposed the redistributionist bent of the candidate, and I expressed my assessment of Mr. Obama as a not-so-closeted socialist. My coworker then quite earnestly asked, “What’s so wrong with socialism?”

I initially assumed he must be joking, although his face gave no indication. I stared at him dumbfounded, only later realizing I must have looked like a palsied old man — my mouth working wordlessly, the incomprehension as evident on my face as the sincerity on his. It eventually dawned on me that he really didn’t know what was wrong with socialism. I began reciting the litany of horrors: the crimes of the Holocaust, the purges of the Soviets, the thuggery and inhuman brutality of the statist regimes of the last century. The Nazis, for crissake! How could he not know about the evil of the Nazis? He listened to all of this, nodding his understanding as he recognized some of the events I described, but I could still see a question behind his eyes. While he had been taught of the existence of these atrocities, he had not been clued into the one commonality they shared. They were all perpetrated by the adherents of various forms of socialism. Indeed, such crimes were the only outcome possible.

In the late 1930s, the noted economist Friedrich Von Hayek wrote his landmark pamphlet “Road to Serfdom,” laying bare the diseased skeleton of socialist/utopian thought that had permeated academia and the salons of his day. With an economy of words that showcased the significance of his conclusion, he pointed out the Achilles heel of collectivist dogma: for a planned economy to succeed, there must be central planners, who by necessity will insist on universal commitment to their plan.

How do you attain total commitment to a goal from a free people? Well, you don’t. Some percentage will always disagree, even if only for the sake of being contrary or out of a desire to be left alone. When considering a program as comprehensive as a government-planned economy, there are undoubtedly countless points of contention, such as how we will choose the planners, how we will order our priorities when assigning them importance within the plan, how we will allocate resources when competing interests have legitimate claims, who will make these decisions, and perhaps more pertinent to our discussion, how those decisions will be enforced. A rift forming on even one of these issues is enough to bring the gears of this progressive endeavor grinding to a halt. This fatal flaw in the collectivist design cannot be reengineered. It is an error so critical that the entire ideology must be scrapped.

Von Hayek accurately foretold the fate that would befall dissenters from the plan. They simply could not be allowed to get in the way. Opposition would soon be treated as subversion, with debate shriveling to non-existence under the glare of the state. Those who refused compliance would first be marginalized, then dehumanized, and finally (failing re-education) eliminated. Collectivism and individualism cannot long share the same bed. They are political oil and water, and neither can compromise its position without eventually succumbing to the other. The history of the twentieth century is littered with the remains of those who became “enemies of the state” for merely drawing attention to this flaw. As Von Hayek predicted, the socialist vision would not be achieved without bloodshed.

So this is the challenge we face. My young coworker had no frame of reference by which to judge the events unfolding around him. He had been presented with only the intentions of socialism, not the inevitable results. He had been given the whitewashed fantasy of the Left, who never saw a failure that couldn’t be rationalized — or better yet, blamed on others. Our job, then, is to teach the lessons of history to those who fail to see the danger. We have to provide that all-important perspective to a generation that has been denied it. We have to do this one at a time, conversation by conversation. Tell your friends the truth; don’t assume they know it. Become the person your friends and family consult when the subject turns to politics.

I successfully informed my coworker of the irreparable crack in the foundation of socialist thinking, and he is now aware of the need to burrow beneath the surface of politics to find the roots from which the tree springs. We can’t wait until the tree bears fruit to determine its worth. Fruit bears seeds, and seeds scatter. Better to tear it out as a single sapling now than to hew down an entire forest of diseased wood after it has poisoned the ground.

The Left will not willingly lay claim to the true legacy of socialism, so we will have to hang it around their necks. They have grown accustomed to shedding responsibility for the damage they have done, and are adept at shifting the blame. Traditional means of holding them to account are failing. Fellow travelers in the academy and media will not challenge even their most egregious lies, so howling about bias will gain us nothing.

If you doubt the effectiveness of the Left’s methods, ask any ten people under the age of forty whether Hitler and the Nazis were a product of left-wing or right-wing ideology. The obstacle we face will become painfully clear. It is not enough that you know the truth. You alone are not likely to singlehandedly shape the outcome of an election. Everyone has to know the truth. We have to reclaim our younger generations from the wolf in sheep’s clothing, or it won’t be long before the wolf no longer needs the disguise.


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Muslim Radicals Call Hasan ‘Officer and a Gentleman’

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When will we stop being fools and believe it when Muslims say they want us dead? Our political correctness is going to kill us!!  This man had been acting weird and saying weird things but no one did anything about it. They were probably afraid that Muslims would be offended or that they’d be called racist. So instead, this killer murders 13 people and then the MSM try to cover up the fact that he’s a Muslim and that it’s terrorism. Then on top of that, radical muslim groups think he’s a hero!! Is anybody listening????

Look at these other articles that talk about Hasan’s problems:

Shooter advised Obama transition
Fort Hood triggerman aided team on Homeland Security task force

 Fort Hood shooting: Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists

Major Nidal Malik Hasan worshipped at a mosque led by a radical imam said to be a “spiritual adviser” to three of the hijackers who attacked America on Sept 11, 2001.



Muslim radicals call Hasan ‘Officer and a Gentleman’

13 deaths were ‘pre-emptive attack;’ ‘We do NOT denounce his actions’

Posted: November 06, 2009

By Bob Unruh

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A website run by radical Muslims today honored Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the man accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas, as an “Officer and a Gentleman,” saying his actions should not be denounced.

The massacre yesterday, which also left more than two dozen injured, was called a “pre-emptive attack” by supporters of the Revolution Muslim website.

Hasan, a Muslim psychiatrist who reportedly had been disciplined for pushing Islam on his patients at one point in his career, had given away his furniture and handed out Qurans before going to the military base and firing on soldiers at a processing center where soldiers prepared to deploy.

There were multiple reports he had objected to being placed in the position of possibly having to fight fellow Muslims by his scheduled deployment to the Middle East. “Get Well Soon Major Nidal We Love You,” said the website run by radicals who follow an imam once jailed in Britain. “Major Nidal Hasan M.D. An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a pre-emptive attack.”

The website lists as its imam Sheik Abdullah el-Faisal, who in February 2003 was sentenced to nine years in jail, reduced to seven on appeal, after being convicted of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred in England.

According to reports in the London Guardian at the time, hundreds attended his lectures, possibly including James Ujaama, a U.S. citizen accused of trying to help the Taliban in Afghanistan; Richard Reid, who attempted to detonate a bomb in his shoe while crossing the Atlantic in a jetliner; and Zacharias Moussaoui, jailed for the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the U.S.

The reports said el-Faisal, who later was released and returned to his home in Jamaica, suggested Muslims attend training camps to gain the skills to wage jihad on the West.

He was recorded praising Osama bin Laden and saying, “You have to learn how to shoot and fly planes and drive tanks.”

El-Faisal also said chemical weapons should be utilized to “exterminate non-believers” and said Muslim mothers should buy toy guns for their children to providing training opportunities.

“We do NOT denounce this officer’s actions, we do however apologize for the following acts committed by our country,” the U.S.-based website’s supporters said. They listed: “Bay of Tonkin, The East Timor Massacre by USA Supported Suharto, 1902 Samar Massacre in the Philippines by the USMC, 1,000,000 Dead Iraqis, Afghani & Pakistanis Killed by the USA, Starvation of Africa & Rape of it’s (sic) Resources by the USA, Support of the Brutal ‘Israeli’ Occupation Entity, Etc. Etc.”

“Every day is Fort Hood for the world community due to USA policies and their tyrant totalitarian puppet regimes,” the activists proclaimed. “Rest assure (sic) the slain terrorists at Fort Hood are in the eternal hellfire and it is not to (sic) late for YOU to change your policies,” they said.

The website’s mission statement states, “Revolution Muslim is a message and movement grounded in the sayings, deeds, actions and understanding of Ahlus Sunnah wal jama’ah (The collective body of those Muslims that adhere to the ways of the Prophet (SAWS) and the first four generations of Muslims).”

It continues, “We pray that we may witness the dismantlement of western, secular dominance across the world as we hold it to be pagan and idolatrous in the majority of its presumptions. We seek a resurrection of the just example set forth by centuries of Islamic rule throughout the ages and we hold it to be self evident for the objective soul and mind that Allah is One and that Muhammad ibn Abdullah is His Prophet and that the religion offers the solution to all of the world’s ills and afflictions.”

The base commander said soldiers reported they heard Hasan shout “Allahu Akbar,” or “Allah is the greatest,” while he was shooting.

The site is disdainful of other Islamic organizations, citing a condemnation from the Islamic Society of North America regarding the shootings.

“ISNA – The house dog, barks once more to please its kafir Masters,” Revolution Muslim wrote.

Hasan was born and raised in Virginia, but has family outside of Jerusalem. He enlisted and obtained his education from the military. He spent most of his career at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington until he was sent to Fort Hood this year, from where he apparently was to be deployed.


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My Faith in People is Waning – I’m Surrounded by Wimps

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My Faith in People is Waning

By Bridget

I have never had less faith in people. I have never felt more hopeless about people’s ability to do the right thing. I have never felt like giving up the fight like I do right now. People are selfish and they will betray you in a heartbeat. Whether it be the leadership in our country or the leadership in our churches, schools, cities and workplaces, everything seems to be going down the drain and no one cares.

Apathy and passivity will be the end of us and the abundance of both is wearing me down!

 I’m sure there are several reasons for apathy, and none of them are good. Some folks just aren’t paying attention, some are paying attention but they just can’t be bothered to do anything about the problems, some just don’t understand what they’re seeing, some are misled, and some are cowards. All of those things result in people doing NOTHING.

I’ve always had a warrior-type personality so I really don’t get the passive personality. If I believe in something, I fight for it. If I feel that someone has been wronged, I will stand up for them. If I feel that an injustice has been done, I will shout for it to be undone. If I’m your friend, then you can’t have a more loyal friend in your corner. I believe in shining the light on things, not sweeping things under the rug, and it drives me crazy when passive, appeasing people just sit back and do nothing because they don’t like conflict.

Well, guess what? No one likes conflict! But sometimes you have to do the hard thing and stand up for what is right. Is anything worth fighting for? I guess a lot of people don’t think so, which is why I feel so disheartened and discouraged. The majority of people don’t stand up for what they believe in anymore. They’re not loyal. They are not fighters. They don’t fight for their country, they don’t fight bullies, and they don’t fight for their friends, and it’s just making me tired.

And yes, I know that God is in control. None of this discouragement comes from my doubting God, because I don’t. I’m not lashing out at God right now, I’m lashing out at weak people. I do doubt people, which is always a hard thing to fully realize. To think that you can’t trust people to do the right thing is actually quite a blow. I know that a lot of people will want to respond to this with all the things that I already know – God is the only One you can depend on, God is allowing these things to happen, God doesn’t give us more than we can bear, etc, . and I truly do know and believe all of that, but God also gave us common sense and expects His people to act when it’s time. So why isn’t that happening? Don’t use God as an excuse to let evil flourish and thrive. Don’t use God to make yourself feel better about not speaking up when it’s the proper time.

If someone is sick, we don’t just sit back and say, “Well, God is in control. He’ll heal them if He wants to.” He expects us to use our common sense and take them to the Dr. We have to do our part, then He will do His part. So why aren’t people doing their part?

Our country is in crisis because people did not stand up when they needed to. We have a president who is dragging us towards socialism, trying to take away our religious freedom, our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and who bullies anyone who doesn’t agree with him. We have a media who is in bed with him and won’t report the truth. We have liberals who are destroying the values this country was founded on, but people sit by and do NOTHING!!

Where are our heroes? Where are the warriors? Where are the people who won’t be run over? Where are the people who are willing to risk being called radical or troublemakers in order to do the right thing? I’m sure those who left England to come to America for religious freedom were seen as radical too, but they did what had to be done.

As a Christian I hate to say this, but Christians are at the top of my frustration list. They are notorious for being passive because they think it’s a ‘Christian’ or “Christ-like’ trait. They give themselves permission to do nothing and then say it’s the loving thing to do. There are times when you should sit back and wait, but there are other times when it’s time to fight, and Christians have missed the call to action.

It’s much easier NOT to fight. It’s much easier to ‘go along to get along’. It’s much easier to sit back so you won’t ‘offend’ someone, and it’s much easier to ‘ride it out.’ Unfortunately that’s what folks thought before the Holocaust, and look where it got them. They ‘rode it out’ until they were being killed in concentration camps!

I don’t trust or respect people who won’t stand up for right, but unfortunately I am surrounded by more and more of those people, and they are winning the day – not just on the national gov’t stage but also in our day to day lives. I’m starting to believe that the ‘wussification’ of America is now complete. No men, no spines, no guts, no one willing to stand up for others, no courage.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have SOME warriors left, but not as many as we used to. And in order for those warriors to succeed, the rest of us need to step up to the plate. We need to back them up, not back down.

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WAKE UP AMERICA!! The Public Option is NOT an Option: Obama Keeps Lying!

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Once again Obama shows just what a LIAR he is!!! He tells us that we can keep our insurance if we like it, but on page 94 of this latest healthcare bill it clearly states that private insurance would be banned by 2013!!! I wish people would just realize that Obama lies as easily as he breathes. He figures that by the time people realize he lied, he’ll have already pushed through what he wants and it will be too late! There are other problems with this healthcare bill so please check it out!!!

The Public Option is Not an Option

By David Limbaugh

Can you imagine the brazenness of President Barack Obama and his cohorts in going so far as to ridicule opponents of Obamacare for rightly pointing out that its ultimate goal is single-payer socialized medicine?

These people are propaganda virtuosos of the highest order. You might expect grand artists of deception just to silently dismiss such claims from critics or, at most, to summarily deny them. But they go further and mock the critics, trying to reduce them to acutely paranoid, tinfoil-hat-wearing, black-helicopter-hallucinating Cuckoo’s Nest inpatients.

What better way to distract attention from what is right in front of our faces? It’s brilliant reverse jujitsu: using the outrageousness of your own plan to discredit as preposterous the allegations of your opponents about your truly outrageous plan. Shameless!

Obama and his minions are indeed conspiring to foist socialized medicine on this nation through whatever means necessary — including outright deception over the nature and purpose of the so-called public option. But before presenting proof of that, let me pose a few questions bearing on the likelihood Obama would be involved in such a deception in pursuit of this goal.

Didn’t Obama repeatedly threaten to “spread the wealth”? Isn’t he deliberately indebting us through government expenditures of borrowed funds not remotely designed to appreciably increase employment? This “stimulus” monstrosity is a massive redistributive scheme not only in its direct transfer payments but also in the confiscatory tax increases it will necessitate to retire the debt it is generating.

Obama is hellbent on passing economically crippling cap-and-tax legislation on the dubious pretense that man-made global warming is leading to an apocalypse. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis estimates that this legislation would make the United States some $9.4 trillion poorer by 2035 while moderating temperatures by only hundredths of a degree in 40 years. Obama’s former colleague Sen. John Kerry, adding insult to injury, has the audacity to sell this plan as one that would enhance our national security — security that depends on our economic viability.

Based on those two examples alone, the inescapable conclusion is Obama believes that America’s resources have been unfairly allocated under its free enterprise system and that he must preside over an unprecedented correction of this “injustice” through institutional changes disguised as benign measures necessary to stop phantom demons.

But if you’re not sufficiently convinced of Obama’s Marxist bent to understand he is determined to implement socialized medicine as a means to establishing government control over all aspects of our lives, how about considering direct evidence of the administration’s deception concerning the true purpose of the public option?

First, we have Obama’s pre-presidential words (in a 2003 speech) on a single-payer system. “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care program. … We may not get there immediately.”

Bloggers at Verum Serum have further exposed this “transparent deception” with a video montage of Obama and other leftists — including politicians, professors and journalists — speaking candidly about the relationship between a “public option” and a single-payer system.

The videos show Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., telling her audience that an insurance company spokesman claimed that a public option would put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to a single-payer system. “My single-payer friends,” said Schakowsky, “he was right. … This is not a principled fight. This is a fight about strategy for getting there, and I believe we will.” Professor Jacob Hacker smugly boasts: “Someone once said to me this is a Trojan horse for single-payer. Well, it’s not a Trojan horse, right? It’s just right there.” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius confesses: “I’m all for a single-payer system, eventually. … What we have to do, though, is work with what we’ve got to close the gap.” Rep. Barney Frank says a public option “is the best way to reach single-payer.” New York Times columnist Paul Krugman believes that a public option would, “in the end, kill the private plan.” Presidential adviser Rahm Emanuel, in explaining Obama’s apparent flip-flop on the public option, said, “The objective is what’s important; it’s not the means.”

If you need more proof, you can read a short history of the public option on “Tapped,” The American Prospect’s leftist blog, which traces the genesis of the public option idea as a means to get to single-payer. Because single-payer wasn’t politically feasible if directly proposed, the public option was crafted as a compromise that would eventually lead to single-payer. “Ideally, it would someday magically turn into single-payer.”

Apart from Obama’s statist ideology and the evidence of his true aims, our common sense tells us that a “public option” backed by a government-stacked deck against private insurance companies — which Obama hasn’t demonized for nothing — will eventually bury private health insurance companies.

Let’s wake up!


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Republicans Are Offering Better Solutions to Lower Health Care Costs

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Here are some of the solutions the Republicans have for lowering healthcare costs, but we won’t ever hear about them because the MSM is in Obama’s pocket and they won’t give us this information! We cannot let Obamacare pass!!!

Republicans Are Offering Better Solutions to Lower Health Care Costs

by John Boehner

Time after time, Republicans have reached out to President Obama and congressional Democrats to work together on common-sense solutions to lower health care costs for families and small businesses. President Obama promised the American people a bipartisan process.  Unfortunately, Democrats have chosen a partisan, go-it-alone approach.  It’s yet another broken promise, and it defies the will of the American people.

Through the month of August, the American people let Members of Congress from both parties know that they didn’t want a government takeover of health care. But instead of listening to Americans’ concerns, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democratic leaders ignored them and wrote a bill behind closed doors designed to appease the liberal special interests.

 Next week, Speaker Pelosi will attempt to ram through her 1,990-page government takeover of health care through the House of Representatives. This bill will raise the cost of Americans’ health insurance premiums and add to our already skyrocketing debt; it will kill jobs with tax hikes and new mandates; and it will cut seniors’ Medicare benefits.

For the sake of struggling middle-class families, small businesses, and seniors, Republicans are going to do everything we can to fight this monstrosity. We will stand on principle in opposing this bill, and we will offer a better solution to lower costs for families and small businesses.

In the national Republican address today, I am outlining Republicans’ plan for common-sense health care reform our nation can afford, emphasizing four common-sense reforms that will lower health care costs and expand access to quality care without a government takeover of our nation’s health care system that kills jobs, raises taxes on small businesses, or cuts Medicare for seniors.

Here are four smart, fiscally-responsible reforms that we can implement today to lower costs and expand access to quality care:

· Number one: let individuals and families buy health insurance across state lines.

· Number two: allow individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to pool together and acquire health insurance at lower prices, the same way large corporations and labor unions do.

· Number three: give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs.

· Number four: end junk lawsuits that contribute to higher health care costs by increasing the number of tests and procedures that physicians sometimes order not because they think it’s good medicine, but because they are afraid of being sued.

You can learn more about these and all the health care initiatives Republicans have supported by visiting and you can watch the video of the address HERE.


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