TV Show “V” Mirrors Obamamania

Posted on November 17, 2009. Filed under: Muslim Invasion, Obama, Terrorism |

TV Show “V” Mirrors Obamamania

By Bridget

Has anyone else noticed that the TV show “V” mirrors our current political situation and especially Obamamania? It’s a new show and I’ve watched every episode so far and it is UNBELIEVABLE how closely it resembles what is going on right now.

The show is about aliens (space aliens, not illegal immigrants) who come to earth and want to take over. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s actually done pretty well. What’s interesting is that these “Visitors” (hence the “V”) are running their overthrow agenda pretty much the same way as Obama and the Islamic terrorists. They are not so stupid as to take us by force; they realize they need to win us over, do things gradually, and take us from within.

On the surface they look exactly like us (so they won’t seem threatening), but underneath they are reptilian. They have been infiltrating for years and they have sleeper cells and undercover agents. When they arrive on earth they talk of hope and change (yes, they actually use those words) and about all the good things they are going to do for us. They tell us they are going to heal our diseases and make our lives better. Sound familiar?? They have ‘peace ambassadors’ to help convince us that they are trying to help us, yet behind the scenes they are actively trying to overthrow us. Their followers are identical to Obama followers in that they are fanatical and mesmerized by everything the “Visitors” tell them.

When I’m watching the show it really has been amazing to me how many times I sit there in awe over the similarities between what the “V’s” are trying to do and what Obama is trying to do.

Luckily on the show there is a group of people who know the real truth and who are trying to build  a resistance to fight the V’s, so I’m really hoping that we can do the same thing and can protect our country from being overthrown by Obama, the liberals, and Islamic extremists!!

Check out the show and let me know what you think.


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3 Responses to “TV Show “V” Mirrors Obamamania”

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I have to admit, most of the liberal “leaders” do resemble reptiles.

Maybe the govt. is beginning to wake up.
Anybody here read Muslim Mafia yet?

Things aren’t going so well for CAIR:

ridiculous idea – LOL!

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