My Faith in People is Waning – I’m Surrounded by Wimps

Posted on November 4, 2009. Filed under: Bridget's rants |

My Faith in People is Waning

By Bridget

I have never had less faith in people. I have never felt more hopeless about people’s ability to do the right thing. I have never felt like giving up the fight like I do right now. People are selfish and they will betray you in a heartbeat. Whether it be the leadership in our country or the leadership in our churches, schools, cities and workplaces, everything seems to be going down the drain and no one cares.

Apathy and passivity will be the end of us and the abundance of both is wearing me down!

 I’m sure there are several reasons for apathy, and none of them are good. Some folks just aren’t paying attention, some are paying attention but they just can’t be bothered to do anything about the problems, some just don’t understand what they’re seeing, some are misled, and some are cowards. All of those things result in people doing NOTHING.

I’ve always had a warrior-type personality so I really don’t get the passive personality. If I believe in something, I fight for it. If I feel that someone has been wronged, I will stand up for them. If I feel that an injustice has been done, I will shout for it to be undone. If I’m your friend, then you can’t have a more loyal friend in your corner. I believe in shining the light on things, not sweeping things under the rug, and it drives me crazy when passive, appeasing people just sit back and do nothing because they don’t like conflict.

Well, guess what? No one likes conflict! But sometimes you have to do the hard thing and stand up for what is right. Is anything worth fighting for? I guess a lot of people don’t think so, which is why I feel so disheartened and discouraged. The majority of people don’t stand up for what they believe in anymore. They’re not loyal. They are not fighters. They don’t fight for their country, they don’t fight bullies, and they don’t fight for their friends, and it’s just making me tired.

And yes, I know that God is in control. None of this discouragement comes from my doubting God, because I don’t. I’m not lashing out at God right now, I’m lashing out at weak people. I do doubt people, which is always a hard thing to fully realize. To think that you can’t trust people to do the right thing is actually quite a blow. I know that a lot of people will want to respond to this with all the things that I already know – God is the only One you can depend on, God is allowing these things to happen, God doesn’t give us more than we can bear, etc, . and I truly do know and believe all of that, but God also gave us common sense and expects His people to act when it’s time. So why isn’t that happening? Don’t use God as an excuse to let evil flourish and thrive. Don’t use God to make yourself feel better about not speaking up when it’s the proper time.

If someone is sick, we don’t just sit back and say, “Well, God is in control. He’ll heal them if He wants to.” He expects us to use our common sense and take them to the Dr. We have to do our part, then He will do His part. So why aren’t people doing their part?

Our country is in crisis because people did not stand up when they needed to. We have a president who is dragging us towards socialism, trying to take away our religious freedom, our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and who bullies anyone who doesn’t agree with him. We have a media who is in bed with him and won’t report the truth. We have liberals who are destroying the values this country was founded on, but people sit by and do NOTHING!!

Where are our heroes? Where are the warriors? Where are the people who won’t be run over? Where are the people who are willing to risk being called radical or troublemakers in order to do the right thing? I’m sure those who left England to come to America for religious freedom were seen as radical too, but they did what had to be done.

As a Christian I hate to say this, but Christians are at the top of my frustration list. They are notorious for being passive because they think it’s a ‘Christian’ or “Christ-like’ trait. They give themselves permission to do nothing and then say it’s the loving thing to do. There are times when you should sit back and wait, but there are other times when it’s time to fight, and Christians have missed the call to action.

It’s much easier NOT to fight. It’s much easier to ‘go along to get along’. It’s much easier to sit back so you won’t ‘offend’ someone, and it’s much easier to ‘ride it out.’ Unfortunately that’s what folks thought before the Holocaust, and look where it got them. They ‘rode it out’ until they were being killed in concentration camps!

I don’t trust or respect people who won’t stand up for right, but unfortunately I am surrounded by more and more of those people, and they are winning the day – not just on the national gov’t stage but also in our day to day lives. I’m starting to believe that the ‘wussification’ of America is now complete. No men, no spines, no guts, no one willing to stand up for others, no courage.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have SOME warriors left, but not as many as we used to. And in order for those warriors to succeed, the rest of us need to step up to the plate. We need to back them up, not back down.


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4 Responses to “My Faith in People is Waning – I’m Surrounded by Wimps”

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You always echo my feelings so precisely.
And, I think a lot of people are reading your rants, even if they’re not commenting.

As for apathy reining supreme, look at the races in NY, NJ and VA.

I think they show real promise. The Obama folks stayed home ’cause they didn’t have a minority to vote for. The conservatives went to the polls and threw two bums out. And, they almost succeeded in NY District 23, against overwhelming odds.

I still want to see that sunofabitch’s birth certificate. I’d like to see a transcript of his grades and I’d like to know how his tuition got paid.

I’d like to see that whole Chicago gang thrown out of there and into jail, where they belong.

If you keep ranting, so will I.

Hi Bridget.
I am going to stand up for something I firmly believe in right now that has been festering for a couple of months. It’s very hard because I also firmly believe we each have different feelings and I don’t feel we should come down on anyone just because they have a different perspective. This is one of the hardest comments I have ever had to make and I have only commented on something that God has clearly shown me strongly needs to be said and I have only done so with people I dearly love. I am basing this comment on the biblical verse “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on YOUR UNDERSTANDING, in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your path straight.DO NOT BE WISE IN YOUR OWN EYES..Proverbs 3:5-7 Your above rant is condeming people for what you refer to as not standing up for what is right, not using God as an excuse for standing up to evil. I won’t quote any more. Your hurt is understandable but you’re way out of line in making unjustified rants that we are not standing up for what YOU believe. NOT EVERYONE SEES THINGS AS EVIL AS YOU FEEL THEY ARE. Bridget, our love for you and your family will never ever leave our hearts. But I was very hurt by this rant and felt it was extremely disrespectful.

Patti, I’m sorry you were offended by my rant; I really didn’t mean for that to happen. As you know all too well I am only human and I have a tendency to say what I think. My feelings on this subject have always been very strong and as I see our country getting worse and worse and Christians not stepping up to the plate, it just frustrates me. I guess I just had to vent. Sorry I came on too strong.

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