Church of Euthanasia: A Disgusting, Perverted Website

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I stumbled on to this website when I saw an article about people who are trying to promote suicide in teens, and honestly could NOT believe what I was seeing. For those who don’t believe that our culture and society are headed in the wrong direction, you only need to glance at this website. It’s very disturbing and disgusting.

It’s called the Church of Euthanasia

Just a few things on their site:

Slogan: Save the Planet. Kill yourself.

Four pillars of the Church: Suicide,  Abortion,  Cannibalism,  Sodomy

List of Resources:

Sister Organizations:
• Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT). Founder Les U. Knight’s slogan is “May we live long and die out.”
• Gaia Liberation Front (GLF) makes VHEMT look moderate: the Humans must be completely exterminated, ASAP.
• Globally Responsible Birthing (GRB). GRB’s founder Richard M. Bowers wants births less than deaths by 2003. Amen.
• Unabomber Political Action Committee (UNAPACK) runs the elusive luddite’s presidential write-in campaign.
Church-approved links:
• Emergency Contraception is only a phone call away: 1-800-584-9911. Why wait until the damn thing gets bigger when you can snuff it now? You’ve got 72 hours!
• Deathnet An incredible euthanasia resource in Canada, from “Final Exit” author Derek Humphrey and friends.
• has the most definitive reference on snuffing it we’ve seen yet. Also see Ask Chrissy. For further assistance, try the Euthanasia World Directory.
• KZPG broadcasts population-related information. Check out their nifty world curve and population milestones.
• Hopi Sinom hold the key to saving the planet; their pages reveal the simple truth that Earth is sacred.
• Population Action International. Dirty air and dirty water, dirty the minds of men.
• That Old Krampustyle Understanding of Satanism (TOKUS) is the eclectic home of our Satanic Outreach Coordinator, Boboroshi.
• DESIP (CoE member Ronald Bleier’s Demographic Environmental and Security Issues Project) catalogs wars and other forms of environmental destruction.
• $t @ndrew’s OGYR Network and Miskatonic University: his excellence himself, in own words. Also see e-sermon #4.
• Envirolink (our former host) has environmental resources galore, plus an ultra-PC Green marketplace.
• The CIA is surprisingly well-informed about overpopulation and its effect on the environment.
• Population Index from the Office of Population Research. Every population study that’s ever been done.
• AIDS heretics are chipping away at the HIV-AIDS hypothesis, and the Feds are getting desperate. See Peter Duesberg’s site for a hypothesis that actually fits the facts for a change.

• Reverend Chris Korda founded the CoE, in 1992, with Pastor Kim, and continues to lead it, spreading the gospel of non-procreation and anti-humanism throughout the world. The Reverend also creates electronic music, and writes music software. (photo)
• Pastor Kim co-founded the CoE, contributes tirelessly to the planning and execution of CoE actions, and electrified six million viewers with a crucified rubber chicken on the Jerry Springer show. A true renaissance man, he excels at mathematics and painting. (photo)
• Cardinal Paley is a gifted cartoonist and animator, creator of anti-human films including The Stork, and a member of VHEMT. She joined the CoE in 1996, and was elevated in 1997, after her single-handed defense of cannibalism on the Jerry Springer show. (photo)
• Cardinal Spaink is a writer and newspaper columnist. She joined the CoE in 1997, and was elevated after she promoted the CoE in the Dutch national media, including a televison news appearance during which she made a christian politician sweat visibly. (photo)
• Vermin Supreme is a media activist, bad-tempered clown, dental hygiene advocate, perennial presidential hopeful, and all-around celebrity. He joined the CoE in 1997, and has been known to squirt christians in the face with a penis-shaped water pistol. (photo)

• Saint Kevorkian AKA Dr. Jack Kevorkian is the world’s best-known advocate of euthanasia, and has personally assisted more than 100 suicides. In 1998, CBS’s “60 Minutes” aired a videotape showing him giving a lethal injection to Thomas Youk, who suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Kevorkian is currently serving 10-25 years in prison. 

There are lots of other things I did not include such as a sick song that celebrates 9/11, their “family album”, and video of the planes crashing on 9/11 so you can “enjoy it” over and over again.



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6 Responses to “Church of Euthanasia: A Disgusting, Perverted Website”

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Omg, I’m doing a project on ancient civilizations, I had to research what some civilizations ate, and I stumbled upon the word “long pig”. I googled it. This site turned up, and it’s about how to… ugh… ew… how to… to… butcher and prepare a… human… carcass… ew ew ew ew… this site is for the people mentally disturbed.

You need to get a grip on reality! Abortion is as lovely as a brick in a cop’s face.

I found out where the GLO’s office was and i just so happened to live near it. so i have been harrasing those sick SOB’s for awhile now, i sometimes get the urge to commit murder against them, they truely are sick individuals.

seriously fuck the COE and all there friends. i say we stop bombing terrorists and start slaughtering these guys, they are the real terrorists of this world.

If they are so worried about overpopulation, why haven’t these assholes killed themselves yet? They could also leave a prerecorded message on the internet, after all, the internet never ends. Sounds to me like this guy is probably a pedophile, and anyone who supports this website, or it’s disgusting opinions…should be murdered.

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