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Bridget Skillman is Thankful: Minus One Breast, but Plus Many Blessings

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Bridget Skillman is Thankful
I’m Minus one Breast and Plus Many Blessings

2008 has been a challenging and scary year, but there are two main words that sum up my feelings: BLESSED AND THANKFUL.
Hard times are never fun, but those situations make the good times even sweeter, and that is exactly what has happened this year. I have a great life, but even when we have a great life we sometimes get too accustomed to it and we take it for granted. But God has a way of reminding us of our blessings.

This year I went through a very unusual and scary ordeal – I found out I had necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease). Due to the incredible ER doctor, Dr. Dave Walters, they found it early enough to save my life and to limit the damage it could cause. I did end up having to have a mastectomy and some tissue taken from my side and back, but that is a blessing considering I could have lost my arm or even died (if you want more details about my experience you can look at my previous posts on this topic).

During that process there was pain, fear, worry, and too many other emotions to name, but God was with me through it all and brought thankfulness out of fear. Reflecting back on that time I just want to name some of the things I’m thankful for and tell you why I feel so blessed.

I’m thankful for:
• God’s love, mercy and grace – I am amazed by it! He is always there for me and keeps heaping blessings on me even though I don’t deserve them.

• My wonderful husband – God gave me one of the greatest gifts when he gave me Tim. No one could have a better spouse than mine. Our 21 years of marriage have been the best years of my life and his caring and concern during my latest ordeal proved once again how AWESOME he is. He is a very strong man and the tough situations are where he really shows what he’s made of. I love him with all my heart!! He is my knight in shining armor.

• My incredible kids – What a joy they are to me. My 17 yr. old daughter Morgan is a smart, caring, loving, compassionate girl and I love hanging out with her. The even nicer part is that I think she actually loves hanging out with me too. Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have dreamed up a girl as wonderful as she is. My 13 yr. old son Logan is also a treasure. His loving, affectionate ways just melt my heart. He’s all boy, but he is not too proud to show his love for his mom and I am always so touched by that. The other day He sent me a song on my phone -“I Will Be Right Here Waiting for You” – and that is so typical of him. How fortunate am I to have two great kids who love their mom and are not ashamed of it?

• My mom, dad and sister – Wow, what a great family I have. They have always been my support and I have always felt safe and secure in their love for me. I can’t imagine having a family who isn’t close. It‘s so great to know that you are loved unconditionally, no matter what your quirks or issues.

• My in-laws – I couldn’t have picked better in-laws if I had tried. They are sweet, special people and I love spending time with them. The welcomed me into their family 21 years ago and we haven’t stopped having fun since.

• My wonderful life – God has blessed me with a tremendous life, but this is the best holiday season ever. I don’t think about what I’ve lost, but about what I’ve gained and how merciful and gracious God has been through all of this. My scar is a constant reminder of God’s goodness.

• Dr. Dave Walters (the ER doctor who diagnosed my necrotizing fasciitis) – He was INCREDIBLE. Not only did he diagnose something that is fairly rare, but he did it quickly enough to save my life. He also has an unbelievably warm, gentle, friendly bedside manner, which was much appreciated when I was in so much pain and so worried. He will always hold a special place in my heart and be a hero to me. He is the perfect example of what a doctor should be.

• Dr. Romel Velastegui (The vascular surgeon who rushed in to do the emergency surgery that saved my life) – I know it’s his job, but I am in awe of his knowledge, his expertise, and the fact that he can be woken up in the middle of the night and rush over to do a life-saving surgery. I am so thankful that we have doctors like this. I hope they realize how much we appreciate them.

• Dr. Peter Murphy (The Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases doctor who monitored my progress in the hospital) – What a warm, friendly, brilliant man. He took great care of me while I was in the hospital AND he did it with a sense of humor. I loved that about him.

• Dr. Jeffrey Sweat (the plastic surgeon who closed my wound and tried to make it look the best he could) – He is such a down-to-earth doctor who was always easy to talk to and who treated us like he’d known us forever. My necrotizing fasciitis wound was not an easy one to close due to all that they had to take, but he managed to change a nasty wound into a beautiful scar.

• My church family- They have been so supportive and loving and really helped me and my family through a difficult time.

Even without this ordeal I knew I had a great, blessed life. But through this I have been reminded even more. This Christmas is so much sweeter and I am thrilled beyond belief at what God has done for me.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and remember what is really important!!

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I’m Disgusted: Bridget’s Thoughts on a Few Current Issues

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I know it’s been several days since I’ve posted, but I think it’s because I’ve just been disgusted with a lot of things that are going on. There is so much corruption and media bias that it gets old and discouraging. But I’ve got to get back in the swing of things and not let them get me down. Therefore, here are a few current issues , the links to the articles, and my thoughts on them.

President Bush thinking of border agent pardons?
Families tearfully put hope in clemency during last days

My comments: He should definitely pardon them!! It’s long overdue!


Official: Emanuel fast-tracked immigrants to get votes
Ex-Clinton aide now promises to loosen rules as Obama chief of staff

My comments: Are we really surprised? Please! There is already so much corruption in this administration but all the libs and the MSM will just close their eyes to it. Sickening.


Supreme Court refuses 2nd challenge to eligibility
Case alleges dual citizenship disqualifies Obama for office

My comments: COWARDS! They’re just scared to make the liberals angry.


3 of 4 universities censor speech
‘Everyone who values the free exchange of ideas should be deeply disturbed’

My comments: NOT SURPRISING!!!  However, it continues to be disturbing.


Google cranks up the Consensus Engine

My comments: Google is run by a bunch of liberal idiots who censor and only put out what they want people to see.


Wikipedia lies, slander continue

My comments: Wikipedia is such a joke. People can just put whatever they want to on it.


Governor Paterson proposes ‘Obesity Tax,’ a tax on non-diet sodas

My comments: NANNY STATE ALERT!!! This is so infuriating. I don’t want people to get fat either, but it’s not the government’s responsibility to monitor that!! GOV’T SHOULD BUTT OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!!

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Stealth Jihad: How Islam is Infiltrating Your Neighborhood

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Excellent article. Once again people are ignoring the obvious signs. It’s very frustrating!

Stealth Jihad: How Islam is Infiltrating Your Neighborhood
by Doug Giles

What if Christians demanded the following:

1. If anyone around Christians at work or school eats pork then they would get fired or severely chastised because we believe that scarfing down pig really offends God (and of course his people). Yep, BLTs-according to our take on Christ’s commands-really ticks him off and therefore bacon should be banned. Not only that, but any food that has even trace amounts of Porky the Pig in it must be verboten and banished from our presence everywhere we go because we’re Christians, and Christians don’t dine on swine. This means Jell-O shots at Tu-Tu-Tango’s and Jell-O served to kids at school ceases to be because Jell-O, hello, contains a wee little bit of a wee little pig, and this pisseth the Lord our God off!

2. All public schools must have several regularly scheduled 15 minute breaks throughout the school day for Christians to roll out their TBN prayer rugs and pray for revival. If not, we will raise Cain and Abel.

3. Public schools must become sex-segregated so that we, the washed, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost and fire crowd won’t be sorely tempted to swap spit with the hot Daisy Mae looking chick in pottery class. Matter of fact, why don’t public schools just carve out for us Christians a special school within the school, lest we become sullied via association with the unwashed masses and other religious persuasions, which we utterly detest. Howzabout that, mamasita?

4. Any and all the stupid, violent or sexually weird stuff that misguided Christians have done and are doing is to be scrubbed from the historical record, and the only thing that gets reported and taught is that we are the most peaceful, perfect people to ever schlep this planet. Anyone who thinks or speaks to the contrary will get the stink eye and be called a hater. Indeed, all criticism of Christians should be banned, and those who bring up our foibles, draw unfavorable cartoons of us, and don’t parrot our squeaky-clean spin get branded as bigots or Christophobes and should be threatened with prison.

5. Footbaths are to be installed in whichever universities my brethren and I attend (at the public’s expense) because Jesus was into foot washing, so I want a footbath, dammit! And if this means tuition gets hiked up to provide this for all Christians on campus, well . . . tough. I don’t care. My feet must be ritually washed, or Jesus gets angry-and when he gets angry, people die.

6. Any video games that Sony or whoever puts out that might accidentally offend Christians must be 86’ed. However, if other religions get offended via video it’s okay, just as long as my flavor ain’t disssed, can you dig it?

7. We must receive exemptions from the IRS from paying interest on back taxes because that’s against Christianity.

8. When the Christian church accidentally yields up a violent vocal dillweed from our ranks who hates America and is on the State Department’s terrorist watch list, instead of throwing that loopy bastard in prison we demand that the U.S. Army make him a sergeant. Capice?

9. Encourage the Christian high school student who wants to assassinate our President by giving him the “Most Likely to Become a Martyr” award during graduation.

10. Make students in the public school system who don’t believe in Jesus memorize portions of the Gospel of John, adopt Christian names and shout in the classroom, “I love Jesus, yes I do. I love Jesus. How ‘bout you?!”

Would any of points 1- 10 tick you secularists, atheists and agnostics off?

If Christians ever attempted any of the above they would be righteously ridiculed, castigated and condemned by the MSM, school administrators, cartoonists, talk radio, the blogosphere, Rosie, the coven on the View, religious leaders, the ACLU, Alec Baldwin and president elect Barack Obama. All of the aforementioned people would land on our crotch firmly with both feet. Heck, Christians can’t even say “merry Christmas,” cheer on traditional marriage, or champion the life of an unborn baby without being called Hitler, haters of humanity and intolerant bigots of other people’s values.

But Islam can.

Yep, Islam is making outrageous demands upon American life and culture, and we’re bending over and taking it from them, though we would be insanely intolerant of any other religious group-especially Christians-who had such particular and peculiar demands.

In Stealth Jihad, Islam expert and New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer blows the whistle on a long-term plot by Islamic Jihadists to undermine the United States. According to Spencer, this effort aims not to bring America to its knees through attacks with guns or bombs, but to subvert the country from within-by gradually Islamizing America. The ultimate goal, the stealth jihadists themselves declare, is nothing less than the adoption of Islamic law in the United States, that’s all!

BTW . . . this is already happening, and Robert shows the reader in blistering detail how American liberties are having to bow and kiss the ring of Islamic rules and regulations. Indeed, the stealth jihadists are already warm and snuggly within the American political, educational and media landscapes.

My advice, boys and girls, is . . . buy Bob’s book, drink a red bull, wake the heck up and fight for your liberties not to be walked on by anyone anywhere.

One last ditty for the skeptics who don’t think “it” could happen here: I’m sure that’s what the Brits thought 20 years ago. Red Bull, anyone?

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Is It a ‘War on Christmas?” Or Is It A New, Acceptable Bigotry?

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Yes, it is now acceptable, and even commendable, to be bigoted against  Christians. And unfortunately most Christians aren’t paying enough attention to do anything about it. Hopefully we’ll wake up in time to stop this discrimination.

Is It A “War On Christmas?” Or Is It A New, Acceptable Bigotry?
by Austin Hill

Has the “war on Christmas” returned?

Some would say that, yes, to the extent that there ever was a “war” against the language and symbolism of Christmas, it most certainly has returned this holiday season, and it’s worse now than it has been in previous years.

But unfortunately, I think something even more troubling is emerging in our country- – an assault on the freedom of conscience, if you will – – and all Americans should be alarmed by this.

To be sure, this Christmas season has brought about some interesting incidents of religious expression , and not-so-religious expression, in the public square. For example, in the Washington, DC area, the American Humanist Association launched an ad campaign last month, purchasing billboard signage at Metro Rail stops, and on Metro buses, that read “Why believe in a god? Just be good, for goodness’ sake…”

Many D.C-area residents have taken offense to this. And yes, the message is intended to be ‘in your face.” And no, it‘s not an accident that this message has emerged during the Christmas season.

I, however, find the atheists’ message to be amusing and thought provoking, for at least a couple of reasons. For one, there is no religious tradition (not even Judaism or Christianity) that suggests that it is morally wrong for a person to “be good for goodness’ sake.”

Secondly, if God does not exist, then who is to say what is “good?” Determining what is “good” without first believing in an all-good God, quickly becomes a very subjective enterprise, and both religious and non-religious Americans should consider this.

And for these reasons (and others), the atheists’ billboard campaign has made for some engaging discussion on my radio talk show at Washington, DC’s 630 WMAL. Additionally, the atheists’ billboard campaign has spawned a counter-campaign from a Catholic non-profit group in Bethesda, MD. Soon we‘ll have billboards around town that read “Why believe? I created you and I love you, for goodness’ sake – – God.” As I see it, both Christians and atheists are exercising their rights to free speech in this situation , and that’s just fine with me.

What is not just fine with me, however, are the disgusting events that have emerged over last month’s passage of several statewide ballot initiatives regarding the re-definition of marriage (especially the passage of Proposition 8 in California). The outcome of these elections has given rise to a whole new level of bigotry among the cultural and political left, and the leaders of the left need to account for it.

Let’s first understand that the government sanctioning of homosexual marriage is an unpopular idea most everywhere in the U.S. – – even in states where liberal Democratic political sensibilities reign supreme. So it was no surprise that, while a majority of Californians voted to elect Barack Obama President, they also voted for Proposition 8 – – that is, they voted to amend their state’s constitution so as to define “marriage” as a relationship between one man and one woman.

And “majority” is an important part of the story. A majority of Black Californians voted in favor of Proposition 8. A majority of Hispanic Californians voted in favor of it. And a majority of Asian Californians, and, yes, a majority of California’s Democrats, voted in favor of it.

Yet, the left has singled-out a religious group – – the Mormons, to be specific – – for ridicule and harassment. After weeks of shouting and picketing in front of Mormon temples around the state, the California Fair Political Practices Commission has now launched a “probe” into “non-monetary” contributions that the Mormon church may or may not have made towards the passage of proposition 8.

The message here, is clear: Americans of faith, especially those Americans for whom their faith leads to a conservative worldview, simply should not have a say in America’s public policy.

The messages of Christmas and Hanukah can survive just fine, even with secular, irreligious messages placed along side them. But attempting to belittle and damage and ultimately silence a minority group – – which is what is happening to Mormons in California right now – – is a different matter altogether.

Americans who care about their freedom to think, and to believe, and to assemble, and to vote as they see fit, should stand in opposition to these attacks. The left is targeting Mormons today – – but tomorrow it could be you or me.

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Obama Asks Nation for Health-Care Reform Input

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I’ve got 2 suggestions:



The last thing we need is socialized medicine!! Competition is good. Let the doctors do their jobs and not have to keep worrying over some big-wig in a suit telling them how to do it! But from what Obama has said before, he is going to put gov’t in charge of healthcare. Lord, help us!!!!

Obama Asks Nation For Health-Care Reform Input

Tactic aims to circumvent special interests that quashed previous efforts

By Ceci Connolly
The Washington Post
updated 6:10 a.m. ET, Sat., Dec. 6, 2008


In between the tree trimming and gift-giving, President-elect Barack Obama is inviting Americans to spend part of the holiday season talking about health care – and report back to him.

As he gears up for major health reform legislation next year, Obama is encouraging average Americans to host informal gatherings to brainstorm about how to improve the U.S. system.

The sessions, which could take place at a party, over a Menorah-lighting or at the annual Christmas cookie bake-off, are to be held Dec. 15 to Dec. 31. Former senator Thomas A. Daschle, Obama’s point person on health, will attend at least one and prepare a detailed report, complete with video, to present to the next president.

“In order for us to reform our health care system, we must first begin reforming how government communicates with the American people,” Obama said in a statement yesterday. “These Health Care Community Discussions are a great way for the American people to have a direct say in our health reform efforts.”


‘We want your exact ideas’

With the transition team contemplating how to deliver on his campaign promise to expand health coverage and lower costs, “what we want to do now is to move to a discussion across the country,” Daschle said in a speech yesterday in Denver. “We want your exact ideas.”

In addition to the house parties, Obama’s transition Web site,, is collecting thousands of comments on health-care reform.

By seeking broad public input early in the process, the incoming administration hopes to avoid some of the mistakes of President Clinton’s failed initiative 15 years ago, said Daschle, who is also Obama’s choice for secretary of health and human services.

“Details kill,” he said, recounting that opponents picked apart Clinton’s thousand-page bill. “Once we get started, we have to stay focused. Let’s finish it, let’s not put it down.”



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Bridget Rants: Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies

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Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies

By Bridget

I refuse to be bullied by the liberals! Let me explain. For 8 years (Bush’s 2 terms) I have seen bumper sticker after bumper sticker that says hateful things about Bush, such as;

  • Impeach Bush
  • Try Bush for War Crimes
  • Bush Lied. People Died
  • W – Worst President Ever

And those are just a few of the more benign ones. I won’t write down those with bad words on them, but you can probably imagine what they say. Anyway, through these 8 years I never once yelled at these people, gave them the finger, keyed their car, threw rocks at them, or took any other action that would show them how much I disagreed with their bumper sticker. After all, we DO HAVE FREE SPEECH, don’t we?????

However, THE SAME CANNOT BE SAID  of the liberals. I have had almost all of those things done to me or my car because of my pro-Bush, pro-conservative bumper stickers. And today, once again, the ‘peace-loving, live and let live, tolerant” liberals just couldn’t put up with my free speech. My husband and son were out in the car today and some folks at a restaurant spit chewed-up food on the car because of the stickers. The 2 that are currently on my car say, “Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain” and the other says ” Obama is a Socialist”.

Why is it that the liberals keep saying they are the tolerant party when they aren’t at all? The liberals play very dirty and very hateful and I refuse to let them push me around. I know they’re hoping that conservatives will just bow under their pressure, but I will not do it!!!

My bumper stickers will stay on the car and every time libs do something mean because of it, they are proving my  point all over again.

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More Suspicious Associates: Obama Economic Adviser was Socialist Party Member

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Here we have another questionable associate of Obama!

Obama economic adviser was socialist party member?
North American Union supporter under consideration for top Labor post

Posted: December 03, 2008

By Aaron Klein
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Former Rep. David Bonior

The man recently appointed to President-elect Barack Obama’s economic transition team was a bona fide member of a major U.S. socialist organization, according to literature from the group.

Former Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich., reportedly being considered for the Labor secretary position in the incoming Obama administration, has had a longstanding close relationship with the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, an organization dedicated to transforming America into a socialist society.

Now WND has learned the DSA’s official newsletter in 2007 identified Bonior as a DSA member at the organization’s Boston branch. Neither the DSA in Boston nor Bonior returned repeated WND calls seeking comment. Obama’s transition team did not return a phone call or e-mail inquiry.

Earlier this month, the Detroit chapter of the DSA honored Bonior and his wife, Judy, at its annual dinner. Bonior has been honored at several DSA functions the past six years, including in 2003, when he was the keynote speaker at the U.S. socialist organization’s national convention in Detroit.

At the 2003 convention, Bonior laid out his plan for a North American Parliamentary Union, according to a DSA transcript of the event.

Bonior was a longtime critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, a trilateral trade bloc created by the U.S., Canadian and Mexican governments. But he argued that as long as NAFTA was in effect, a joint parliament should be formed to oversee the agreement.

“How do we democratize this globalization argument (NAFTA)?” Bonior stated at the DSA convention. “One of the ideas we came up with was forming a North American Parliamentary Union. A North America Parliament, with Mexico, Canada and the United States, with people – probably first appointed, but eventually elected like they are in the European Parliament – so we can begin to raise these issues of human rights, civil rights and labor rights and immigration, which never get talked about here.

“The proposed North American Parliamentary Union would be a democratic structure to enfranchise all citizens – farmers, laborers, small business, environmentalists, consumer advocates and others – in the NAFTA countries, as well as, hopefully, Central America,” he said.

Bonior added: “I think the chances of this happening in the short run are not very good, but in the long run … we have a chance of forming a North American parliament, and with that, I think, the dialogue on these issues that we all struggle with and are frustrated with will have a place in which they can surface, and hopefully we can move forward.”

Bonior has other ties to the DSA. The socialist group reportedly campaigned for him in 2002 after he left Congress and ran unsuccessfully for governor of Michigan.

The New Zeal blog discovered a 2002 DSA newsletter that reports the organization’s work “focused on Rep. David Bonior’s gubernatorial campaign.”

“The local endorsed Rep. Bonior almost 18 months ago. DSA helped with the early fundraising for his campaign, collecting signatures for his nominating petitions, distributing literature at Detroit churches, and walking door to door in Macomb County on his behalf on the weekend before the primary,” stated the DSA newsletter.

In 2006, the socialist group formed a political action committee to which only DSA members in good standing are allowed to contribute, according to FEC guidelines. The DSA states the committee, which seeks to support federal political candidates supported by the socialist group, is careful about who contributes to the fund.

“Because the law is so specific, all contributions are carefully screened to make sure that they are from (DSA) members,” states a 2006 DSA newsletter.

New Zeal found that on June 19, 2006, Bonior contributed $1,000 to the DSA’s committee.

First elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, Bonior served from 1991 to 2002 as Democratic whip, the second-ranking party position in the House. He was known as a supporter of labor unions, later chairing the board of the pro-union American Rights at Work, whose board members include the American Union Movement AFL-CIO’s president, John Sweeney, a DSA member.

Bonior was a champion of the Employee Free Choice Act. The measure seeks to make the creation of unions more lenient than current requirements, such as lowering the percentage of employees that must join. It would require an employer to begin bargaining with a new union 10 days after the union is certified as the exclusive bargaining representative. If the union and employer cannot agree upon the terms of a bargaining contract within 90 days, either party can request federal mediation, which could lead to binding arbitration.

The former congressman previously was the center of controversy when in September 2002 he visited Iraq – at the behest of Saddam Hussein, according to some reports. Bonior traveled to Iraq along with fellow congressmen Jim McDermott and Mike Thompson.

Prior to the trip, the three politicians issued a joint press release, posted on their respective congressional websites, explaining their visit was aimed at “gaining insight into the humanitarian challenges another war on Iraq would have on innocent Iraqis and the dangerous implications of a unilateral, preemptive strike on U.S. national security.”

After the trio’s trip generated criticism, with one magazine, the Weekly Standard, coining them the “Baghdad Democrats” and “Baghdad boys,” Bonior claimed to the U.S. media the visit was about ensuring freedom of access to Hussein’s suspected weapons facilities.

“We wanted to impress upon the Iraqi government and the people of Iraq how important it was for them to allow unconditional, unfettered, unrestricted access to the inspectors,” Bonior said.

But Bonior and the other congressmen didn’t seem bothered when, during their trip, the Iraqi state-run media painted their visit as a show of support for Hussein’s regime.

The Iraq Daily, published by Hussein’s Ministry of Information, reportedly printed daily updates of the trip, including in English. One Sept. 30 report stated, “the members of the U.S. Congress delegation have underlined that this visit aims to get acquainted with the truth of Iraq’s people sufferings due to ongoing embargo which caused shortage in food and medicine for all Iraqi people.”

The report was carried alongside another article boasting of Hussein’s support for Palestinian terror organizations.

The Weekly Standard highlighted how, upon touching down in Iraq on Sept. 27, Iraqi Satellite Channel Television reported the congressional visitors would be brought to Iraqi hospitals “to see the suffering caused by the unjust embargo and the shortage of medicines and medical supplies. Congressman Jim McDermott told reporters upon arrival at Saddam International Airport that the delegation members reject the policy of aggression dominating the U.S. administration.”

In 2002, WND reported former FBI officials charged that Bonior, while in Congress, had hampered efforts to investigate terrorist suspects in Detroit.


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Print, TV Ads Demand Citizenship Proof from Obama

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Well, we still don’t have real proof of Obama’s citizenship (even though the libs are taking his word for it) so let’s see what the Supreme Court decides to do about this. I’m not saying for sure that he’s NOT a citizen, but I am asking why he won’t prove it. And why do people think its such an outrageous thing that we want proof that the next President is an actual citizen. For those of you who are skeptical about this issue, I ask you to read the article below and go to the link to see the videos and copies of some of the documents. There is some real concern over his citizenship status and it needs to be settled before he takes office. I’m anxious to see if he thinks he is above the constituion and doesn’t have to prove anything AND if the Supreme Court Justices will do what’s right. You can believe if this were a Republican every mainstream newspaper and network would be SCREAMING for the proof, but alas, they are silent when it comes to their handpicked candidate.

Print, TV ads demand citizenship proof from Obama
Concerned Americans look to media to compel president-elect to release documents

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Concerned citizens have taken yet another step to compel Barack Obama to release documentation proving he is a natural-born citizen – by funding a full-page “Open letter to Obama” in tomorrow’s issue of the Chicago Tribune.

American donors have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the We the People Foundation to sponsor the advertisement. It appeared in the main news section of the newspaper and is scheduled to run again tomorrow morning.

The letter, signed by Chairman Robert L. Schulz, is a petition for redress of what the group claims is a violation of the natural-born citizen clause of the Constitution (Article II, Section 1):

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

“Dear Mr. Obama,” the letter begins. “Representing thousands of responsible American citizens who have also taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, I am duty bound to call on you to remedy an apparent violation of the Constitution. Compelling evidence supports the claim that you are barred from holding the Office of President by the ‘natural-born citizen’ clause of the U.S. Constitution.”

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. and thus a “natural born American” as required by Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution? If you still want to see it, sign WND’s petition demanding the release of his birth certificate.

Schulz lists the following reasons citizens are concerned about Obama’s status:

1. You have posted on the Internet an unsigned, forged and thoroughly discredited, computer-generated birth form created in 2007, a form that lacks vital information found on any original, hand signed Certificate of Live Birth, such as hospital address, signature of attending physician and age of mother.

2. Hawaii Dept of Health will not confirm your assertion that you were born in Hawaii.
3. Legal affidavits state you were born in Kenya.
4. U.S. Law in effect in 1961 denied U.S. citizenship to any child born in Kenya if the father was Kenyan and the mother was not yet 19 years of age.
5. In 1965, your mother legally relinquished whatever Kenyan or U.S. citizenship she and you had by marrying an Indonesian and becoming a naturalized Indonesian citizen.

We the People said it chose the Chicago Tribune because it is the principal newspaper in president-elect’s hometown with more than a half-million readers. Obama is said to be one of them.

The letter states Obama is “under a moral, legal and fiduciary duty to proffer such evidence” and that he may invite a “national crisis that would undermine in domestic peace and stability of the Nation” if he assumes office as a “usurper” without meeting natural-born citizenship requirements. It claims Obama would not be entitled to allegiance, obedience or support from U.S. citizens, the armed forces or civilians in the executive branch if he “usurps” the office – rendering legislation requiring his signature and his orders “legally void.”

We the People requests that Obama provide its team of forensic scientists with his original birth certificate on Dec. 5, 6 and 7. The foundation is currently raising $20,000 to cover the expenses of employing the forensic team in Hawaii. The letter also demands delivery of documentary evidence of Obama’s citizenship before the group’s scheduled press conference in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 8.

The petition concludes with a warning:

All state Electors are now on Notice that unless you provide documentary evidence before December 15, that conclusively establishes your eligibility, they cannot cast a vote for you without committing treason to the Constitution.

The Chicago Tribune letter is the second high-profile newspaper advertisement of its kind. Another ad challenging Obama’s natural-born citizen status appeared on Page 5 of the Nov. 17 edition of the Washington Times.

Pennsylvania attorney Philip J. Berg, a Democrat who is pursuing the issue by petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court, posted a full-page ad requesting donations and posing the following questions:

“Was Barack Obama born in Kenya?”
“Is he really a citizen of Indonesia?”
“Does the Constitution still matter?”

The ad states, “Obama says he’s qualified. But, Berg, multiple legal suits and a growing number of American citizens are saying: ‘Prove it.’ A basic, vital and Constitutional request.”

Now Illuminati Pictures, the same company that produced the video of expert Ron Polarik, has filmed its own 60-second television commercial regarding Obama’s citizenship.

WND columnist Janet Porter of Faith2Action, is working on funding the new ad for release on television. Her website is accepting contributions for the project until Dec. 15.

“These are the facts,” she wrote. “The Constitution requires the president to be a natural born citizen. Obama’s grandmother said she was there when Barack was born in Kenya. Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate. Instead of a birth certificate, Obama’s campaign posted a certification given to those born abroad. Experts have called even that document an ‘obvious forgery.'”

Porter said $12,000 buys a national 60-second ad on Fox News between 5 and 6 p.m.

“I say let’s buy a few of those and publicize it so the rest of the world finally hears about the constitutional crisis we’re in,” she wrote. “Then, the Bill O’Reillys, Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs may decide to cover the story of the century.”


NOTE: I was sent some GREAT information by Sue and I wanted to pass it on. Here are some links where you can sign petitions regarding Obama’s birth cert.

She also sent me some great sample letters to send to the Justices of the Supreme Court, but due to my being so busy the last couple of days I wasn’t able to post them in time. If you’d still like a copy of those, the evidence packet she sent, or more supporting articles, please let me know in the comment section, leave me your email address, and I’ll email you the info. Thanks Sue for all the info!!

Also, you can go here: and find out about fed-exing a letter to the Supreme Court Justices in time for their meeting Friday.

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