Bridget Rants: Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies

Posted on December 6, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants, Conservatives, Liberal Idiots, Obama, Politics |

Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies

By Bridget

I refuse to be bullied by the liberals! Let me explain. For 8 years (Bush’s 2 terms) I have seen bumper sticker after bumper sticker that says hateful things about Bush, such as;

  • Impeach Bush
  • Try Bush for War Crimes
  • Bush Lied. People Died
  • W – Worst President Ever

And those are just a few of the more benign ones. I won’t write down those with bad words on them, but you can probably imagine what they say. Anyway, through these 8 years I never once yelled at these people, gave them the finger, keyed their car, threw rocks at them, or took any other action that would show them how much I disagreed with their bumper sticker. After all, we DO HAVE FREE SPEECH, don’t we?????

However, THE SAME CANNOT BE SAID  of the liberals. I have had almost all of those things done to me or my car because of my pro-Bush, pro-conservative bumper stickers. And today, once again, the ‘peace-loving, live and let live, tolerant” liberals just couldn’t put up with my free speech. My husband and son were out in the car today and some folks at a restaurant spit chewed-up food on the car because of the stickers. The 2 that are currently on my car say, “Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain” and the other says ” Obama is a Socialist”.

Why is it that the liberals keep saying they are the tolerant party when they aren’t at all? The liberals play very dirty and very hateful and I refuse to let them push me around. I know they’re hoping that conservatives will just bow under their pressure, but I will not do it!!!

My bumper stickers will stay on the car and every time libs do something mean because of it, they are proving my  point all over again.


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2 Responses to “Bridget Rants: Liberals are Hypocritical Bullies”

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scary hu…

but HAVE to know that peace-loving, live and let live, tolerant liberals are anything (and everything) BUT that…

and i bet it would be long before we see any criticism of obama labled as “hate speech”…

Liberal idiots can blabber all they want about tolerence but they sure dont ever practice it just look at those hooligans at these universities trying to prevent conservatives from speaking they next time some bunch of liberal hooligans charge the podium where some conservative is giving a speech spray their liberals with skunk oil and rotten eggs still they stink to hign heaven

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