Video: Obama’s Muslim Roots – In His Own Words

Posted on November 12, 2009. Filed under: General, Muslim Invasion, Obama, Terrorism |

Check out this video. In his own words Obama admits he is a Muslim, defends Islam, talks about all the wonderful things Islam has done, says we will NEVER be at war with Islam and shows his loyalty to Islam over America! How can anyone think Obama will not choose Islam over us??

Video: Obama’s Muslim Roots – In His Own Words


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5 Responses to “Video: Obama’s Muslim Roots – In His Own Words”

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I don’t like Obama and I’ve got a low opinion of Islam. But, I see the Youtube clip as a patchwork hatchet job. I wouldn’t buy an expensive product based on that sales pitch.

Who put that together?

who really cares how it was put together? the words are still coming from his own lips…..he IS a muslim, siding with terrorists against the U.S. !! All during his campaign he said he was NOT muslim, lying the whole time. Where is our “wonderful” media now?? Still ignoring his traitorous ways !!!

Anyone who sees that pasted together bunch of words and believes that Obama favors terrorists over America, or Islam over America, is clearly ignorant. Anyone who has be read about world relgions, should know that Islam is indeed one of the great religions of the world, along with Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. All have contributed to our history, art, science and civilization. Obama said “Many other Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a majority Muslim country. I know because I am one of them.” He is not saying he is a Muslim. Even if he did, so what? The Muslim faith and Christianity have most of the same tenets and beliefs in God and that foster morality and provide guidance for living that will lead to a joining with God. Radicals, fundamentalist extremists and terrorists can be of any religion. We are at war with terrorism, not Islam. I believe he was speaking to an audience that he felt needed to understand that the US was not engaged in a religious war. Realize that some people claiming to be of the Christian faith can pervert their religion to justify to themselves and others who share their beliefs, horrible acts against humanity and claim they are doing the will of God. Thank God and all that is holy that America has at it’s foundation, separation of church and state so that our government will never become a theocracy or be engaged in a religious war–that is as long as we continue to be a nation governed by judicial law and not one based upon religious law.

When is the last time that you saw a Christian or a Jew strap on a crotch bomb or any other incendiary device ans blow up a Arabic or Persian airline?
to say that Islam is a great religion is to say that anything that comes along such as Mormonism’s Joseph Smith or worse yet David Coresh’s Waco Cult is equally valid to be called a prophet of God and that the latter will always supercede the previous. ridiculous at best. Religion is religion but God is not a religion. God is God and the ways of God are contained in the oldest surviving texts called the Torah. Mohammed only plagerized the true Holy Scriptures in the 600’s and changed the understanding by changing the names of the recipients of God’s blessings.
All through scriptures we see a battle of the brothers and the second born recieves the first born birth rites. Saying that Islam is equal to Bilbical Christianity and Judaism is only an error.

No doubt Melech nicely said. Pat why don’t you ask a American marine what they think of the Islam religion.

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