Sad Day: America Elects a Liar, a Racist, and a Socialist

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Sad Day: America Elects a Liar, a Racist, and a Socialist

By Bridget

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”   ——Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940-1948

 Well, you did it, America. You elected a liar, a racist, and a socialist.  I was really hoping that enough people would not be duped by Obama, but I guess there are a lot more dupes out there than I thought.

I feel that I can honestly say the above things about Obama – liar, racist, socialist – because his own life and words have proven every point. I’m not throwing the words out there to be controversial, but because I REALLY BELIEVE  he is all three of those things.

The sad thing is some people voted for him KNOWING those three things about him and they just didn’t care about that as much as they did ‘sticking it’ to the conservatives.

The other sad thing is that some Christians did it and didn’t bother to think about the harm it would do to the cause of Christ in the future.

I will not spend this post proving why I believe Obama to be a liar, racist and socialist, as I have done that NUMEROUS times on this blog. If you would like the proof, then please look at some of my previous posts concerning those exact topics. There are a number of articles where the proof is laid out very clearly.

I don’t know how long it will be before some of those who voted for Obama say, “What have I done? I didn’t realize he was really so radical!”, but I really fear for what will happen to this country by that time.

I’m hoping that we will be able to keep some of his more radical agendas at bay and be able to defeat him in 4 more years. But there are some things he could do that will have negative consequences for years to come(such as Supreme Court nominees), that we probably won’t be able to stop.

I am very sad for America on this day and I’m sad that folks don’t see what they have voted for. Look at my post, ‘Letter from 2012’ to see where we are headed.

Unlike the liberal Bush haters of the last 8 years, we conservatives will probably be nicer to your candidate than you were to ours. We won’t wish him harm. We won’t wish him dead. We won’t say we ‘hate’ him every chance we get. We are, apparently, a nicer, classier lot than the liberals.

We will, however, speak against his ideas and beliefs and will fight to keep this country free. We will speak truth about him and point out when we think he is lying or leading this country in the wrong direction. But, disagreeing with someone is a very different thing than hatred. And the liberals thrived on their hatred. They loved to hate Bush and were brutal to him. We may dislike Obama’s ideas, but we don’t hate the man. I guess that’s something the liberals can’t quite understand.

I believe that Barack Obama is probably the worst candidate to ever run for president of the US and I think the harm he can cause is unbelievable. Therefore, I will spend the next 4 years trying to inform people of this, and hope we can get someone else elected in 2012. I’m not doing this out of hatred for Obama, but out of a love for this country and a desire to see it remain ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’.


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14 Responses to “Sad Day: America Elects a Liar, a Racist, and a Socialist”

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I am sad too. I wish I still had your energy but I’m so disheartened and burned out. Good for you though! Keep going, you couldn’t have said it better!

Now I am really worried…

Here is a man who came from nowhere and had very a questionable past. Any
journalist in the media worth their salt would have dissected that with
vigor. After all, anyone planning to be the President is probed within an
inch of their life. That includes going through their past, school records,
family, where they were born, their political leanings, who they associated
with and so on. These rules were not applied to Obama because the media
wanted him to win and used ‘socialist correctness’ to convince the public to
vote for him.

Now compare the treament the media gave Mitt Romney and you will see a media so smitten with Obama the choice of White House Spokeman will be very difficult for Barry to decide.

i would like to help you infrom america my email is i really belive
everything that you have stated and i support
yo. thank you and i share your pain

i totally agree with everything you said

Bridget, I feel very sad for you. Based on your words, I have to believe that you much prefer an adulterer, gambler, drinker, liar, dirty, foul jokes, and a man who calls his wife a filthy name in public. A man with a short fuse, and is ready to blow at any moment. A man who could likely be responsible for the deaths of 140 fellow shipmates, due to his stunt on an aircraft to “scare” a new navy pilot. McCain came out of that alive, the others didn’t. He was then transferred to another aircraft carrier. He violated the military code of ethics when he was captured in Vietnam. It has been strongly suggested he made propaganda tapes for the Russians. He was deeply involved in the Keating Five scandal, only to get a slap on the wrist. Why only that? One can only imagine. His adulteress wife, Cindy McCain, with her millions, and her father who had strong political connections was the icing on his cake. And, by the way, do you really believe McCain didn’t know his wife was addicted to pain pills? Well, you know, maybe he really didn’t, he was just too busy with his own addictions….gambling and booze.

So refreshing to read your post. I agree completely. I cannot believe this has happened to us. I don’t understand why people are so blind. I like the

Now is not the time to be sad. If reading Linda’s comments don’t make you want to fight for your beliefs, than those on the far Left will be allowed to run this country into the ground. This is but one battle, with many more to follow, so stay strong!

Since when have Democrats/liberals cared about adultry? I seem to recall an incident involving one Bill Clinton…but it’s okay if he does it…

“Unlike the liberal Bush haters of the last 8 years, we conservatives will probably be nicer to your candidate than you were to ours. We won’t wish him harm. We won’t wish him dead. We won’t say we ‘hate’ him every chance we get. We are, apparently, a nicer, classier lot than the liberals.”

Good points! Wish I would have found your blog earlier in the election cycle.

This election was about race, but only for the Democrats. We would love to support a black candidate, provided that he or she held views roughly the opposite of Obama’s. We supported Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, J.C. Watts, etc. long before Obama came along, and not because of their skin color.

As conservatives clearly showed, we aren’t anti-women at all, even though we are accused of that. Just look at the reaction to Sarah Palin. We aren’t anti-black either.

But for the Democrats, they have far to go to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream. It wasn’t about the content of Obama’s character (the media wouldn’t go near that!). It was all about the color of his skin.

I have a dream of a re-energized conservative movement.

Excellent wording, well said and done. We in the military are as equally as sad as you. The moral in the military is low because of this, and we feel our votes were not counted! Please do some investigating into that.

But for the Democrats, they have far to go to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream. It wasn’t about the content of Obama’s character (the media wouldn’t go near that!). It was all about the color of his skin.

Neil, Wait until a black neocon runs for president against a white person before you say that. That will be the real acid test.

With Bush having the lowest approval rating in record history at 23% and McCain agreeing with Bush 90% of the time, even if Elmer Fudd was running against the McPalin ticket, he would have won!

Sour grapes, people. Sour grapes!

virgomonkey: Let’s not forget the (record-breaking) *9%* approval rating Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-run congress have. And how much does Obama agree with them?

If my math is correct, 23% > 9%

Good point, Inane_Asylum (great name, by the way!). McCain was not a good debater. I can’t believe he never threw that back at Obama when he was doing his “you’re like Bush” routine.

Since this just happened to pop up at the end of one of my own posts I decided to read it, and boy, you were a little off. “Radical” is not how I would describe Obama’s presidency so far, not by a long shot, I realise you wrote this on election night so you get a pass for the apocolyptic tone, but man, what did you think he was going to do? It’s a democracy. And as for your “Land of the free”, how about that patriot act? Personally I’d be a lot happier for America as a whole if that little doozy was repealed

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