When Did We Start Accepting the Unacceptable in our Culture?

Posted on August 10, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants, Culture |

When Did We Start Accepting the Unacceptable in our Culture?

By Bridget

When did we start putting up with RIDICULOUS things? When did we start acting like stupid, outrageous stuff wasn’t stupid and outrageous? When did we start accepting unacceptable things??

I look around and I’m just sick of what we have come to accept. How about we start calling it like it is?

Let me tell you a few things that I’m just fed up with – things that are either stupid, harmful, wrong, dangerous or ridiculous, yet we act like they’re normal.

Here we go. The things that bug me are:

• Guys who wear their pants around their knees.
I say, “Pull your pants up, droopy drawers! We don’t want to watch you walk that awkward walk and wonder if your pants are about to drop. It’s not cool, it’s just stupid!!!”

• People who walk around with curse words or dirty images on their t-shirts
I say, “Listen Mr./Ms. Classless, I don’t want my kids seeing your nasty words or pictures. Some of us actually raise our kids with some standards. If you can’t come out in public with decent clothing, then how about you stay home!”

• Girls showing their thongs
I say, “Hey Slutty Slutterson, I don’t want to see your underwear and I’d prefer my husband and son not have to walk around with their eyes covered because people like you don’t know how to dress appropriately. You don’t look pretty, you look cheap. You’re advertising exactly what kind of girl you are!!”

• Tattoos all over the body
I say, “Come on! You know it looks ridiculous. And don’t blame the rest of us when you can’t get certain types of jobs because of how you look. Also, when you’re 80 you’re going to look kind of silly.”

• People making out in public
I say, “Get a room! Or better yet, get some class.”

• Babies born out of wedlock
I say, “It’s not ok, no matter how much our going-down-the-toilet culture says it is.”

• Kids and teenagers who have NO respect for authority
I say, ” Don’t look at me with that disrespectful look and that ‘dare’ in your eyes. And don’t tell me to F- off. What you deserve is a slap in the face when you do that. You’re a young punk who knows nothing and you’re trying to challenge me? You probably can’t even take care of yourself, so back off!”

Religion (Christianity) being taken out of the public square while Islam is being forced down our throats ( examples: foot washing basins at Minnesota airport, prayer rooms at schools, Muslim presentations in schools, etc)
I say, “We are idiots if we don’t realize that they are destroying us from within! They will win if we continue to let them use our own systems against us!”

• Politicians who cheat on their spouses (or anyone who cheats on their spouses)
I say, “Yes, character does matter, even though you try to tell us it doesn’t”

• Hollywood – prevalence of drugs, easy acceptance of infidelity, outrageous lifestyles, acceptance of bad behavior because they’re stars
I say, “Hollywood is filled with immoral freaks, narcissists, egomaniacs, gangsters, and white trash. We would never let people like this inside our homes yet everyone treats these fools like they are royalty. They are druggies, drunkards, and criminals and they should be called what they are!!”

• Media bias/media lies
I say, “Hey mainstream media, do you think we’re idiots?? Your bias is showing and we all know it. So don’t pee on our legs and try to tell us it’s raining.”

• Colleges indoctrinating our youth with liberal views
I say, “On college campuses free speech is ONLY for liberals. Otherwise you get shot down.”

• Anti-Americanism
I say, “If you don’t like it here, then leave!!!

• Loud gangster music blaring from cars
I say, “Shut up!!!! We don’t want to hear your crappy music! Are you deaf or just rude?”

Feel free to tell me some of the things you are fed up with!!!


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When Did We Start Accepting the Unacceptable in our Culture? I love it, I love it, I love it! This is one of those articles that needs to go viral through e mail posts. you how, those pass it on don’t break the chain emails we get. I always break the chain …But this one is for real!
Great Job!

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