How can a Christian vote for Obama??

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How can a Christian vote for Obama?


The answer to that question is “I don’t Know.” I am saddened that we have so many ignorant Christians. I’m talking about Christians who don’t really know what the political issues are, where the candidates REALLY stand on the issues, and what the Bible has to say about these issues.

Let me just say this plainly. Some Christians seem to be blinded and misguided and are voting for Obama. I really don’t get how a Christian can vote for Obama. Sorry, but I just don’t get it! Some of these ‘Christians’ ridicule conservatives because they think we vote based on one issue – abortion. First of all, abortion is a very important issue and one I can’t believe a real Christian would ignore, but second, it is only ONE of the issues that I look at when voting for a candidate.

But what I find really interesting and hypocritical about these people is that THEY seem to be voting for Obama based on one issue – his ‘compassion’. I had to put that word in quotes because I think the idea that Obama’s views are based on compassion is a bunch of BUNK!!!! One of his issues that liberal ‘Christians’ seem to like is his ‘share the wealth’ philosophy.  It’s an issue that makes them feel really good and compassionate. They THINK – wrongly, I might add – that it is the Christian thing to do. Their big issue is giving to those less fortunate. I agree that we should help those less fortunate, but it should be an individual thing done out of personal love and sacrifice, not a government-mandated thing. Christians should help those less fortunate, but the government should have nothing to do with it!!  Apparently these liberal ‘loving Christians’ couldn’t care less if babies are being murdered, but they get mightly upset if people who work hard don’t share their wealth with those who don’t work at all.

Another big issue which falls under the ‘compassion’ umbrella is their stand against the war. War is mean and they don’t like it, therefore Obama is their man. Wah, wah, wah… stop your crying you sissies. Why don’t you MAN UP and fight for right? Be like David, Moses, Joshua, and John the Baptist and fight evil. Again, these ‘Christians’ couldn’t care less about all the folks who are murdered by the terrorists and the dictators of some of these countries, but they just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the terrorists. They want to embrace the terrorists to show just what great Christians they are. They think if we just love the terrorists enough that they’ll come around and change their ways. I say go live with them in their countries, try out their theory and then let us know how it turns out

Recently, I had the misfortune of reading a ‘Christian’s’ website which said he’s voting for Obama for these very reasons.  He also said he’s tired of hearing McCain and Palin lash out at Obama because of his relationship with terrorists. He compared them to the Pharisees and said they were exhibiting ‘anti-Jesus’ behavior. What????? Is he serious????? He also said if we got to know more terrorists then perhaps they wouldn’t be terrorists anymore. Again I say WHAT?????? Are you out of your mind?

What topped the whole thing off was the fact that this person said he’s proud to be voting for the guy who loves terrorists – Obama. Well, first of all, thanks for proving our point that Obama sympathizes with terrorists, and second of all, this guy has a very twisted view which seems to come from ignorance and can be very dangerous.

Evil has to be dealt with, but these liberal Christians don’t see that. Yes, I agree that God loves everyone, even the terrorists, but God also expects us to stop evil and not be idiotic enough to turn the other way when innocent people are being killed by evildoers.

I’m sorry if this seems to be too blunt or brutal, but it seems that we have a lot of ignorant Christians walking around who will willingly put a socialist in the White House and by the time they realize their mistake it will be too late.

Unfortuanately we have a lot of pastors who don’t have the guts to inform their churches about issues that work AGAINST the cause of Christ and their silence is helping Obama. 

PLEASE,  we have to make sure Christians are not misguided and sidetracked by the ‘compassionate democrats’ label.  The conservatives are the ones who are really compassionate, but the media helps the democrats get their propaganda out, which means people hear it and believe it. John McCain is not perfect and he was not my first choice for President, but he is a much better choice than Barack Obama!!!

Christians, wake up and vote for McCain before Obama’s socialism ruins us!!!! 

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25 Responses to “How can a Christian vote for Obama??”

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I think that you’re ignoring a few things, or better put, you’re buying into the Republican party line.
Abortion has been legal for 30 years, and our Republican president hasn’t changed that.
On same-sex marriages, all candidates stand the same.
Bush has lied to us about war. Even Palin admits that the war was fought over oil…
First we invaded Afghanistan, because they supposedly had WMD’s. None found. So now we’re “spreading democracy.”
Let me criticize your “boo hoo” comment. That is not called real debating for one, my friend. Not only that, but you mention very often that you choose a candidate based on “many other issues.”
Convince me then. Tell me where McCain stands on these “other issues.” Tell me you watch the news everyday, listen to liberal and Christian radio alike. Tell me you watch Fox and CNN. I ask how one can be pro-life and pro-war at the same time. Especially a war over oil.
Don’t hear me say I support abortion. But I think it is OUR responsibility as Christians to march and be active against it, because our political leaders who promised to make a huge difference in that issue haven’t. I, for one, take part and support many pro-life movements. You vote. In a democracy, the people have the voice that matters. Make your voice heard and march against abortion. Don’t question my integrity. There are good people on both sides of this argument, but I believe that the Republican party has done nothing but set up a false dilemma that I, unfortunately, have bought into in the past.
My vote is for Obama this year.
And about talking with other nations, Christians aren’t people who wage war without speaking first.
And I have not attacked you personally as you have done to me. I would ask you to refrain from that in a Christ-like way. Thank you, and may God turn His wrath away from us for being so divisive over politics.

And, I would like to add, “Judge not lest you also be judged.” Don’t talk about “Christians” who are following their convictions. Even though we have differing viewpoints, we all want what’s best for this country. Even McCain admits that Obama will not be a bad president.

Francis, I’m sorry that you can’t see how dangerous an Obama presidency would be to this country, to other countries, and to the Christian way of life in general. As far as abortion goes, he has made it very clear that he will make it easier for abortion rights folks to get what they want and he stands in favor of some very extreme abortion issues.
As far as the war goes, I’m sick of the ridiculous “Bush lied” garbage. Any truly honest person admits that EVERYONE (even the libs and other world leaders) agreed that there were WMD”S and that Bush was going on the info he had. To say any different is dishonest. As far as oil goes, are you kidding me? That is so ridiculous. If we really wanted their oil, we’d get it. We’re strong and we’re smart and if we wanted to take it, we would. The “war for oil” line is lame and people fall back on it because they don’t know what else to say.
If you want to know how I stand on war and why I think it is sometimes necessary (and Biblical), then you can go read my past posts on that subject. I’m not going to rehash it right here.
And yes, I am a news junkie so I am well aware of where people stand on things and I’m constantly keeping up with it. The sad part is that a lot of folks ONLY listen to the mainstream media, which has been shown to be biased. Therefore you only hear what they want you to hear – all the good about Obama and all the bad about McCain.
One of my big problems with Obama is his socialist views. They are very dangerous! I have some Russian friends who tell me that we don’t even realize what we’re doing if elect Obama. They think that Americans are blind and that we don’t realize that our country can be ruined by socialism just like Russia was. Why would you support socialism?
Most Americans are so spoiled by living in this great free country that they don’t realize we could lose it, and I think electing Obama is a 1st step in that direction. His associations with some very fishy people (Farrakhan,Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, ACORN, some terrorists groups)should alarm people, but y’all are just ignoring it and I can’t understand why.
Sorry Francis, but we disagree on this one and I think Obama voters are making a very COSTLY mistake.

That is a much better and peaceful explanation than the blog post you’ve made, and I thnk perhaps that what you and I have both shown is that we have very different perceptions of truth and that we both think that the other is wrong. American foreign policy has suffered terribly the last eight years, and our reputation in the world has sunk. Just last night there was an American attack in Syria that killed eight civilians. Again, Palin said that this war has been over oil, and President Bush I will admit has been given a tough situation. However, I feel that he has not handled it well, and I fear that McCain would bring nothing more than what we’ve had the last eight years. Thank you for responding and elaborating, and, I will also thank you for not questioning my faith. I am praying for our country, and I believe that all you and I are doing is showing the true essence of democracy. Obama’s policies do lean more toward socialism than McCain’s, but that doesn’t mean that they ARE socialism. Germany, for instance, aligns itself a bit more socialist than we do. That doesn’t mean that they are socialists (trust me, I’ve lived there.)
Again, I listen to every facet of the news. I listen to Christian radio, I listen to NPR. I watch Fox and CNN. I believe I am making a well-informed decision, and I am showing that I vote for a quality candidate over my party, as I am registered Republican. If Obama messes up our country, I will be among the first to admit that I was wrong. I don’t see this as a possibility at the moment.
Something has to change in this country. I’m voting in a way that reflects that collective opinion.
And I hope that I have shown you that there are good, Christian people on both sides. The Bible says that you’ll know Christians by the love they have for each other. I’m not one to pick a fight, but I will defend other Christians who feel the way I do. And I would like to say kudos for rising to my challenge, but at this point, I would say there is little convincing that will happen with either of us. I’ve also had this conversation all weekend long, and at this point, I’m content to leave it. I google’d the phrase “Christians for Obama,” and I found this entry. Perhaps when I’ve had some time to get interested in it again I’ll argue with you some more:)

Neither of these guys deserve to be president. I’ve decided to vote based on supreme court judges and for the fact that I don’t want Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Dodd, Rangle and the like having a rubber stamp for their agenda. And it would be THEIR agenda.

I actually wish I never voted period. I have been ashamed these days to even say America is a Christian country because 95% who say “I am a Christian” is only because they go to church but do not have a relationship with Christ.

People say Obama goes to a racist church because it is all black and the Rev. J. Wright has some relationship problems himself between him and God.

If you voted for Bush the past 2 times, then don’t slam Obama over the abortion issues. Because Bush is also guilty over the abortion issues because he approved the abortion pill during his time as president.

I am sure GOD will guide the one elected as president.

There’s a reason why politics and religion don’t mix, idiot. Faith should not define who is running our country. Open your mind.

You VOTE people into office based on your beliefs and values. Where are you from? Do you understand the voting process? While you are calling other people idiots, you are only making yourself look bad…don’t be a hypocrite like the ones you supposedly talk about.

It’s very funny (also shows the beauty of the Church) that I CANNOT IMAGINE Christians voting for McCain/Palin! I completely agree with whoever said current Republicans=Pharisees. They care to death about banning abortion but dont give a penny after the baby is born. No care about prevention to not having to make that choice. Do the least to avoid wars even though it kills thousands of LIVE BORN BABIES and people. (For the note, abortion was way down during Clinton than Bush.) McCain/Palin LIE to the point FactCheck webs give them Pants On Fire all the way. Christian Republicans now are the shelters for Millionairs and Billionairs, complain about “spreading wealth” even though Lord Jesus said if one has two shirts give it to one who doesnt. They want to stone the adulterer, ignore the fallen Samarians, They Lie, they Steal from the poor, quick to war and jail, quick to judge, hypocrats with logs in their eyes (Palin’s daughter pregnant, McCain divorced his wife becaus she was paralyzed, Palin convicted for ethics violation, McCain quick tempered). If these dont resemble Pharisees, I dont know what will. Please check Matthew 25:31-46. That’s what current democrats are for and republicans are against – at least through their policies. That is the ultimate assignment we have aside from the great commission, and that’s why I’m voting for Obama because he will pave the way for me and the country to accomplish it.

Dave, please. I could site for you countless ways that Democrats (probably even yourself) are hypocritical and “Pharisee’s in their own right. Both political parties are right on issues and wrong on issues. And to throw phrases around like “Republican’s = Pharisee’s” is just plain stupid and sophomoric. Fact Pants On Fire? Good grief. Do some thinking on your own please. If you think for one second that either of these politicians are saying whatever they have to to get you to vote for them well then maybe you should stay home on election day because you’ve bought into one of them. The sad thing is, is that the ignorance does not surprise me anymore because all politicians cater to the least common denominator because they are the majority. Very sad.

Oh…and by the way. This is on Republican who’s family has been involved in foster care and adoption for the better part of my life so you can drop that wide paint brush thank you very much.

As a Christian and an independent, the “moral issue” for me is not as easy to decide on as most of my fellow Christian Americans would have it seem. Allow me to explain:

I see both parties as being completely EQUAL in standing for the something that is morally wrong with the Word of God.
Reason for justification: It’s pro-choice… Woman’s tight to choose etc.
Biblical stance: It’s murder of life. Killing of unborn babies.

Republican- WAR IN IRAQ (and the possibility of more wars coming in similar context)
Reason for justification: War on Terror…
Biblical stance: Lies and deception were used as grounds for going in and starting a war that has numerous questionable motives. But all of the political talking points aside– Using deception and lies does not go together in harmony with God’s Word. Therefore, it can be viewed as the same as above: Murder of life, causing the deaths of countless human beings. (soldiers as well as tens of thousands of men woman and children on the other side… Some say more than how many Saddam killed…?)

BOTTOM LINE: The moral issue is disqualified. They are both horrendous and result in the cost of human life… Therefore they are EQUAL in this category.
Obviously the talking points and debates could go back and forth when held under political light, but all a Christian has to do is hold it under the light of Gods Word, and both sides fall completely. And so ultimately– as a Christian this is what teeters me on the thin line between two parties declaring me as an “independent”.


So what’s left? If both men stand for something that is more political than moral, what becomes the deciding factor? For me it is very difficult.

But there is an approach that remains very Christian… and that is to “consider others as greater than” ourselves. As difficult as it is, try to see the affect of the plans that both candidates have on your fellow man… Look for strong indications that certain plans and policies will most likely be carried out by that candidate and consider how those will affect our brother… Our neighbor.. Our children.. And then, ultimately, the election becomes what WE are going to do for our country. Not them. WE become the ones who are actually enacting those changes that will hopefully affect our fellow man.

This line of thought is the very factor that has me as an undecided tilting in Obama’s favor… And it is the Word of God that I am using as a guide to follow in this direction. Let me demonstrate:

In the book of Acts, we have in the 2nd chapter, verse 44-45 it says, “And all that believed were together and had all things common; and sold their possessions and goods and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” Now lately we have heard that the “sharing of wealth is called SOCIALISM. Well, according to these verses from the Bible, the early Christians were practicing “socialism”.

And then, we have Jesus telling the man who had observed the Law of God and followed all of the commandments to go and sell what he has and give to the poor to obtain “treasures in heaven”… But the man went away sad because he had “great possessions” and could not part with them. And that is just one of many verses where Jesus upholds the poor over the wealthy.

And this takes me to the current Republican candidates’ stance regarding their problem with “spreading the wealth”. The whole idea that a Christian doesn’t want his/her hard earned wages “redistributed” to help others is completely out of sync with Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Yes, I have heard all of the “spin” about socialism, marxism, communism, etc. But again, those comments are not only exaggerations, but are also coming out of political reasoning– not Biblical reasoning. Being unbiased I have tried to apply both of the points of reasoning togther, but they just won’t work.

Somehow, though, the Christian majority has this “moral issue” about abortion and gay rights outweighing all of the above. But clearly, the scriptures demonstrate the contrary. And again, I reiterate that not only does a war based on a lie(s) have the same mortal loss of life outcome as abortion rights. But added to that are the notions that surround wealth and how it affects the less fortunate when it comes to disease and lack of care because of money. The results are similar.

It fascinates me what God has put before us… It’s almost like a test. You have these candidates up there standing for “this and that”, and we are looking at them as if THEY are the final voice of God… But it’s not about them. It’s about US. There is a more important poll that is going on right now– it is a poll that we will never see the numbers on in this life. It’s poll of our hearts… And God is looking at the percentage points of those polls. And one way or another, it will affect us as Christians and what our true motives are in what we stand for in this election and why we stand for it. And I believe that we have sincere brothers and sisters in Christ voting on both sides of the ticket who will be blessed for their vote, no matter who it is for. There are those who are so passionate to the point of tears who will vote McCain because of their absolute sincere belief in the abortion issue… They really care for those souls of the unborn. And at the same time I believe that they’re the same kind of people who see suffering of the people in terrible circumstances and suffering that believe with all of their hear that Obama will save those individuals.

But at the same time, I also fear the ones who are too caught up in worldly details and the motives in their heart stray more to selfish gain or political motivation. I fear that that some vote against abortion simply because they want to be viewed only as right with God…. That it is a self-righteous legalistic decision more than a heart-felt decision… (Same as when the Pharisees who saw themselves as “right with God” criticized Jesus for healing on the Sabbath because it was outside of the Law of God.) And also, I fear those who vote for Obama because they are simply liberal and seek to continue to capitalize on their freedom to promote Godless practices and living such as the selfish right to do anything– whether it’s gay marriage or blatant sexual immorality.

But ultimately in the end– I believe God is looking at those poll percentages of our hearts. And we will not know the outcome on election day, but rather what takes place from then on. Will he bless our country? Or will he do as the the book of Deuteronomy says in that as a man chastens his son, so Lord chastens us… Or when Hebrews says that “no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

Chastening is a very realistic possibility as we go through rough times.

But the last point I want to mention from the scriptures regarding this is election is the scriptures regarding the “fruits of the spirit”. They are; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance..” as well as the call for humility in the verse from Colossians that says: “As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Bear with one another and if anyone has a complaint against another, forgive each other; just as the Lord has forgiven you.”

And specifically noting “Humility”, in that I could be wrong… But either way, whoever feels that the other guy is wrong, we aim to have the qualities of the that the scripture states above in admonishing one another as Christians.

Having said that— and under humility- though I am leaning Obama– I am not an “Obama man”. I am just leaning for the qualities outlined in the above. And again– I could be wrong– and I should add that I welcome BEING wrong. I don’t want to be disappointed on election day, regardless of who wins. I want hope. I would love to be convinced that McCain would be great as well. As a politically unbiased voter who is Christian– I just want everyone and everything to be okay. 😉

And so, as Christians– we are all equal under God– no matter who you vote for.. And if we disagree, we admonish each other under the guidelines of Galatians 5:22. And by doing do, “..Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification.” -Romans 14:19

Chris Scalf

Quote from Obama’s Blue Print on Abortion: Obama has been a consistent champion of reproductive choice and will make preserving a women’s right to choose under Roe v. Wade a priority as president. Obama also supports expanded access to contraception, health information and preventive services to reduce unintended pregnancies.

My thoughts:
I am a Christian who understands that you can’t mix religion with politics.

As I recall, Obama says he is a Christian. My understanding is that in politics he has made the decision to leave it up to the rights of women and let God Judge(reference: Romans 14:4). To those that are non Christians, Women/teens need to be educated and know that protection exist.

In his final debate, he clearly said he does not believe in abortion as his personal view.

What would you do as a candidate and President of the US on this topic? The Church for one needs to be more proactive in the fight against teen pregnancies in the home as well as the community…

bridget, you really need to explore the concept of the seamless garment – which promotes a consistent life ethic. abortion should not be a standalone issue. life should be valued in all its forms. should christians be pro-life just when it comes to the unborn child – or should this be consistent over the life of a person?
i dare you to google it, read and possibly be informed.

The Republican Party encourages Pro-Life voters to blame the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on Democrats. The Republican Party never points out that five of the seven justices in the majority in Roe v. Wade were Republicans; of the two justices who dissented, one was a Republican, one a Democrat. Was Bush lying then, or is he lying now? When George Bush Jr. was campaigning for president in 2000, one of his promises was that, if elected, he would not seek to overturn Roe v. Wade. Does that sound Pro-Life? One should not lose sight of the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court that was willing to ignore the results at the ballot box and select George Bush Jr. to be president has a solid Republican majority. That majority was appointed by very conservative Republican presidents. This Republican court that was willing to steal the election for Bush has not taken one step toward overturning Roe v. Wade. Why? because future Republican electoral interests would likely be adversely affected. Without the promise to overturn Roe v. Wade as bait, why would Christians vote for a Republican?

How can a Christian vot for McdCain who cxheated on his wife, and left her, who favors a war we got into because of lies, and who picked as vp an inappropriate choice.

Carson, You are the uninformed one and you probably need to take a good look at Obama’s stances to see if his stand up to the ‘seamless garment’ test.
Ellie, I guess you’d rather have the one actually running for president be the inappropriate choice.
You liberals are so silly and ridiculous. When you don’t have a really good reason for being against a Republican candidate, you call them ‘dumb’ or ‘inappropriate.’ You just like to say that stuff over and over hoping it will stick even though there’s no evidence to prove it.
Obama is SO NOT QUALIFIED to be president, but y’all are voting for him, so how could you possibly say Palin is inappropriate.

Bridget, I made no reference to Obama’s stance on life ethic. As it stands, BOTH candidates don’t do too well in a “seamless garment” test.

The Bible is very clear on it’s stance on life. Thou shalt not kill, anyone? There are no asterisks with fine print stating…
* only applies in circumstances

History has borne witness to many humans who have taken the Bible and used parts of it to fulfill their own intents and purposes. Even the clearest Biblical messages can become grey and murky if you have a human (sinner=flawed) agenda.

Oh please! I’m a Christian and I so vote for Obama….What part of the hypocritical republican party makes them more righteous than Obama?

Why don’t you learn to pray for Obama? Instead of judging him. How could McCain have led this country in a better direction?

This is why more people aren’t getting saved because christians are too caught up in themselves! Learn to evangelize and not judge!!!

First of all, the term “christian” was not coined by Jesus. I call myself a believer. I have been a believer for 50+ years. I’ve learned a great deal over the years. One of those learned things, is not to judge others.When I was active in a fundamentalist church, I judged others a lot. They also judged me. Now that I know how wrong that is, I’ve decided to do what Jesus told me to do and that is to love one another. If you believe God has a plan, then you will have to accept President Elect Obama as our President. I have You made a statement that McCain is better than Obama, in terms of a choice. How? Because McCain is an adulterer, gambler, drinker and foul mouthed, tells rape jokes or calls his wife a c— in public. Which one makes him a better choice?

Linda, it’s nice to see that you don’t ‘judge’ people, especially Mr. McCain…

I agree with Francis – and let’s face it – one man, whether it would have been McCain or Obama isn’t going to turn this world around – it’s the Christians, PRAYING! And awaiting the return of the Lord, when things actually will be just and fair.

Some very good up and down discussions going on in here. I stumble on this link from a trickle affect from a YouTube VID about Black Repbulican’s. Bridget you seem like a very knowledgable person, but I must a agree with a lot of the things Franics said in his or her first and second comment.

The way you came off about Christain believers supporting Obama was not reader friendly. Maybe necessary in your eyes, but it came off as a strong judgemental view for the WHOLE democrat party. Both parties have done bad and both have tried to fix their mistakes some where down the line. All attempts were not successful though. These are regular people with labels over their names. Their not super humans by any means. Although a lot of the decisions can affect us tremedously.

We still have to pray regardless of who is in office. I do believe we are living in the last days, and voting for Obama doesn’t define my life or my faith in GOD because I felt he was a better candiate than Mccain. I also read your BLACK REPUBLICAN blog and found it very interesting. I will pray for our world in general, as we are all one brothers and sisters in the end.

Sleeper, I didn’t mean to offend with my strong words, but I really don’t understand how a Christian can square voting for Obama with the Bible. It seems they just ignore some big issues in order to vote for him.

You say – “I agree that we should help those less fortunate, but it should be an individual thing done out of personal love and sacrifice, not a government-mandated thing. Christians should help those less fortunate, but the government should have nothing to do with it!!”, but surely any money handed around to the poor is good?! Surely it just means that your government is trying to do good.
Also, why do you keep refering to ‘Christians’ – I am a Christian myself, but you are constantly ignoring other religions in the world.

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