Bridget Vents about Obama: He is Ruining the US

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Bridget Vents About Obama

I am so disgusted I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t updated the blog in a few days because frankly I’m too irritated. Obama has screwed up so many things that I find it annoying to even read the news, much less post the articles on my blog.

So, I’ll just vent for a bit. What is wrong with this country that we are allowing a socialist to take over and make his own rules?? Is anyone listening and watching? Does anyone care that he is making HUGE changes that will affect us negatively for years to come, and he’s doing it all very quickly!!

Let me just give you my opinion of Obama in a nutshell.

• He is a socialist

• He is taking over the private sector in this country

• He cares more about the rest of the world than he does about this country

• He is naive

• He has no experience

• He is racist

• He wants to be liked more than he wants to do what’s right

• He’s not as intelligent as people make him out to be

• He makes America look bad to the rest of the world

• He’s full of himself

• Financially, he’s killing the US

• He is NO friend to Christians

• He’s been involved in more than one crooked deal

• He associates with crooks

• He couldn’t care less about the constitution and the rules the rest of us go by – He goes by his own rules and throws it in our faces

• He has selected a bunch of criminals for his top spots but he expects the rest of us to obey the law

• He is quickly moving towards a dictatorship and WE ARE LETTING HIM!

Obama may be the most egotistical person ever elected in this country, and that’s saying a lot when you consider we had Bill Clinton as president. He is ignoring all the rules and acting like he’s a king.

And what makes it worse is that we do NOT have a real media to hold him accountable. They are in his pocket and will never hold his feet to the fire when it’s needed. In fact, they are activley trying to make sure he succeeds in all of his endeavors. And that makes him a very dangerous president – one who is not held accountable. Therefore we have to be extra vigilant on our own.

I honestly believe we may finally be at a place where we either need a revolution to take back this country OR we need to divide into two countries. I know, I know. That sounds far-fetched. But most good ideas start out that way. When the first person mentioned leaving England to come to America I’m sure folks thought he was crazy, but just look at where we are now.

We’ve got to take back this country and that may mean taking some extraordinary measures – impeachment of Obama, a revolution, a civil war, or just splitting up into two countries, but something has got to happen before America is ruined.

If we do split in two, I want to be on the side with common sense, morals, values, common decency, guns, strong national defense, a free market, consequences for one’s actions, standing against evil, pro-constitution, and the government being as small as possible.

The pansy butts on the other side can march off with no guns, the gov’t taking care of them, no military to defend themselves, and no free market and let’s see how long they survive!!

I truly believe Obama is the worst thing ever to happen to this country and we need to stand up to him before it’s too late.

How many articles can we read about his radical agenda and his radical actions before we take action to stop him??

Wake up America!!



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3 Responses to “Bridget Vents about Obama: He is Ruining the US”

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There once was three E-ViLe kings.

Two from the past, and one still remains.

Shalamaneser kiNg of Assyria

Nebuchanezzar kiNg of Babylon

B.HUSSEIN ObuMer kiNg of America.

Shalamanser brought down the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Nebuchnezzar brought down the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

And B.HUSSEIN ObuMer may very well be here, to bring down America for the same reasons.

America appears to be reaping her just reward for murdering millions and millions of unborn babies, and for legalizing sodomite marriage, and thousands upon thousands of other evils that they do and have made legal under this corrupt system of government.

Isaiah the prophet’s words ring so loudly now, “Woe to those who speak of evil as good and good as evil, who make darkness into light and light into darkness.” Isaiah 5:20

And most of all, there are many who have turned their backs on The Most High God of the Holy Bible, and have made themselves gods.

Self Idolatry surely must be at the top of the list of charges.

I couldn’t agree with you more!!! It’s like everything you are saying is coming right out of my mouth. I’ve been saying for awhile now, it’s time to split this country into two separate countries and let the Liberals have their stupid socialism ways, their same sex marriages, their hatred of Christianity, their meek and lame military. And well do it the right way! Good sense!, good morals, integrity, accountability… Etc etc

I totally agree with everything you have said Bridget. Barry, is ruining this country, but he has the backing of George Soros. Barry didn’t just fall into this, he has been groomed and backed by Soros money. He is the chosen one by George. They have looked for years to find a candidate, and he is the one that they chose, because he was black, because he was young, and because he was a political advocate for the change that they wanted. He lied to the American people and some swallowed his
rhetoric hook, line and sinker. That is why he is where he is today. Give me the Obama “money,” seems to be the chant in our country now. He loves himself, that is true! He cannot take any kind of criticism, he will come back with a vengance to anyone that does criticize him, eg: Fox News.
He goes all over the world saying how bad America is, and how we are NOT a Christian nation, when he doesn’t even believe in going to church or belonging to one, except for Rev. Wright’s church which in 20 year’s he never heard anything bad. He is nothing but a liar.
His wife is also a liar. She said she was never so proud to be an American, as to when he was running? Give me a break. Try and find anything about her on the Internet and you will find that it no longer exists. Any radical statement that they both made are GONE! Imagine that?

He is not naive, he is very cunning, and knows what his agenda is, it has been handed down to him by Soror and big money.

In 10 months he has done so much damage to this country, can you image what he can do in 2-3 more years? Hold on folks
we’re in for a hard ride!
Please listen to the Tea Party people, I’m one of them, we MUST take back our country or die trying to do it!

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