Hate and Violence From the Left; It’s Not Right

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Excellent article!!! Very well said!

Β Hate and Violence From the Left; It’s Not Right

David Limbaugh


How much longer can the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and other leftists successfully maintain the ruse that intolerance, hatred and the propensity for violence mainly come from the right in this country? The lie is getting old.

The left’s ideas continue to fail in the real world, and the majority of the people reject them, which is why their proponents so often disguise their true intentions. Partially because they can’t prevail on a level playing field, they use whatever means they can to advance their agenda. One of those means is to pre-emptively strike their political opponents by falsely condemning them for behavior that they — leftists — actually engage in. It’s called “projection.”

Thus, intolerant, dogmatic leftists paint the right as reality-challenged and science-averse, when leftists are the ones who refuse to allow any contradictory evidence to penetrate their blinders about alleged catastrophic man-made global warming. They insist on continuing to deficit spend our nation into bankruptcy on the rationale that such reckless spending is the only recipe for stimulating an economy, despite dispositive historical and recent evidence proving otherwise.

Instead of joining Republicans in good faith to radically curb this spending, they accuse Republicans of “Draconian” cuts. Fully aware that runaway entitlement spending is guaranteed to bankrupt us eventually — even if we do get a handle on discretionary expenditures — they refuse seriously to address entitlement reform. They choose to exploit the issue as a political weapon to scare seniors and other entitlement beneficiaries.

But one of the worst examples of leftists’ projection is their depiction of conservatives as hateful, violent Neanderthals whose mere participation in the marketplace of ideas and the democratic process is inherently dangerous.

If I’m overstating the case, it’s not by much. Consider that Bill Clinton, with no basis in reality, slandered and scapegoated conservative talk radio for the Oklahoma City bombing; that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security issued a report suggesting that tea party protesters are potential domestic terrorists; that the left uniformly rushed to judgment in indicting conservatives, including Sarah Palin, for the Arizona shootings and persisted with the charge even after it was abundantly clear that it was factually erroneous; and that the left continues to equate conservative talk with hate speech that will lead to violence and advocates selectively suppressing conservative speech through such insidious means as the Fairness Doctrine.

President Obama himself characterized small-town Midwesterners (read: conservatives) as bitter clingers who hold on to their guns, religion and antipathy for people who aren’t like them. There was no mistaking his implication that mostly white Christians from small Midwestern towns who embrace the Second Amendment are angry, bitter, violent, backward and racist. It is surprising that he was careless enough, even in an unscripted moment, to reveal those dark thoughts, but it was hardly surprising that he in fact has those thoughts. For leftists habitually portray conservatives as angry, mean-spirited, close-minded and violent.

Most Americans realize just how wickedly inaccurate these smears are. Tea party protesters, to be sure, are righteously indignant about the government’s abuse of powers, its defiance of the rule of law, its trampling on the Constitution and, most of all, its reckless spending. But they are invariably peaceful, reasonable and restrained in their decorum. Unlike many leftist protesters, they even clean up after themselves. They are not racists and do not engage in violent behavior. The only racism or violence that surfaces at tea party rallies is that fabricated or fomented by opportunistic leftists.

Those same leftists, meanwhile, often do engage in the very type of behavior they condemn. We are seeing that in spades in the Wisconsin union protests. Talk about hate — and violence!

Where are the leftist media to call out the thugs who assaulted Fox News national reporter Mike Tobin in Madison on Saturday night? Where are their reports about the alleged involvement of international socialists in similar protests, such as the rallies to “save the American dream”? Why didn’t they report on the calls by union thugs for blood in the streets? And where are their fair and balanced reports that even after Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed cuts, the Wisconsin state workers would do much better than private-sector and even federal workers?

The political left has increasingly shown its ugly face since Democrats won both political branches of the federal government in 2008, and they show no signs of pulling back, despite growing popular resistance from the American people. Their arrogance, extremism and brutality should be their undoing.



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3 Responses to “Hate and Violence From the Left; It’s Not Right”

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Conservative Atheist and Former Liberal Tammy Bruce



Conservative Atheist and Former Liberal Burt Prelutsky who wrote “Liberals: America’s Termites”




Conservative Atheist Jillian Becker



An Atheist Friend and a Conservative genius, Eugene Volokh is one of America TOP legal minds.


(Eugene is not a “Former Liberal” as he is far too intelligent to have ever been a Liberal in the first place.)

His blog gets over 25,000 hits a day!




Peter Forsythe “The Battle of Tours”


I took his Liberal / Conserative test and got a 53


Neo Neocon is one of many religious people who is a former Liberal. She is an extremely bright and very well educated lady.


A Few of the Many Former Liberals who have became Conservatives and posted in her blog



The Rants of a Former Liberals
Written by former liberals.



I thank you for your time. And, May We All, “Live Long and Prosper! Please, Take Care!

Neil C. Reinhardt

“A 76 year old Pro Iraq War Agnostic Atheist Activist, 101st Airborne Vet & Iconoclastic, Philosophizing, Beach Volley Ball Playing Grumpy Old Son Of A Beach!”

After I had sent an email asking the 400 some friends I send emails to asking them to “BUY AMERICAN”, A fellow Tea Party Supporter (and also, very sadly, another Programmed Religious Robot) wrote:

“I don*t mind paying a little extra to get something made in America – as long as it*s not made with Union labor. I refuse to buy union-made products because the forced union dues of the union members go towards supporting the Democrat Party.

It*s the reason I drive a Toyota rather than something made by tthe U.A.W.

I am with Thomas Sowell on American- made products. In his book “Basic Economics”, Sowell makes the case that, even with higher labor rates, goods can be made more cheaply in America on a per unit basis because our transportation and communications infrastructure is superior to our competitors overseas and our workforce is better educated and trained.

Most manufacturing in this country has been driven offshore by high taxes and over-regulation – especially environmental regulation. California, with its high taxes and extreme environmental rules prove the case as businesses have been leaving the State at an alarming rate while no new businesses will move in.

I had a chance to see those city, county & state employees close up and personal twice last week when our Tea Party group staged some counter-protests against the S.E.I.U and MoveOn.org people who were supporting the thugs in Wisconsin.

These people don*t seem to care much for the idea of free speech when it doesn*t bear the union label. I got to the rallies early and met with the police to set the ground rules for our group*s location and they put us across the street to provide a buffer between the two groups.

Needless to say, we followed the rules – and the union people did not.

(NCR Sez: NO suprise there!)

In addition to the usual coarse and vulgar language & the inevitable digital displays, we had several instances of union thugs coming into our group and attempting to start fights. We had one union scumbag who got in the face of a 5*-0″ tall, 72-year- old grandmother, cursing her and calling her names.

Real great Americans, these state worker union guys.

On Saturday, here in Sacramento, at the MoveOn-sponsored rally, they marched en masse right through our group in two attempts to intimidate us and to start violence. When the second attempt failed, one of the union organizers charged one of our ladies who was using a bullhorn to counter their chants.

One of our guys stepped between them and it*s when the shoving incident you may have seen on national TV started. While our man, Rodney Stanhope, got violently shoved twice and took a blow to the throat, he kept his cool and merely stood his ground – without returning the violence.

The police later arrested the union guy and charged him with assault. Since then, Rodney*s been getting intimidating e-mails from the union.

This is what you have in this country if you dare to oppose the left and their thugs. While we knew this was what we*d face, I*m glad we did it anyway.

(While NCR would like Counter Protest, it is best i not do so as my temper would get me in all kinds of trouble.)

Needless to say, I*m not a big fan of unions – and that goes double for public employee unions.



Very nice article, though I believe common decency and respect is lacking in both camps. Extremists on both sides ruin any chance of reasonable debate. Framing either side as all having the same ideas and opinions, as satisfying and easy as that would be, is not right. The politicizing and oversimplification of the issues being poorly fed to 400million+ busy American minds by mass media outlets has turned the liberal/conservative debate into a war that is destroying our country. More than likely any real solutions will be found in the middle and both extremes of the spectrum will be crying foul.

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