Man Who Murdered Pro-Life Protester Gets Life in Prison…Media Silent

Posted on May 2, 2010. Filed under: Abortion, General, Media Bias |

Interesting how the media doesn’t want to mention this, isn’t it? I guess it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Man Who Murdered Pro-Life Protester Gets Life in Prison… Media Silent

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, April 22, 2010

The man who murdered pro-life advocate James Pouillon because he didn’t like his signs was sentenced to life in prison today.

For some strange reason the state-run media was mostly AWOL on this one?

The man who shot pro-life advocate James Pouillon because he was upset with the graphic abortion signs he used when protesting abortion outside a local high school has been sentenced to life in prison. Harlan Drake killed Pouillon and a local businessman in a separate killing after a family feud.

A Shiawassee County jury convicted Drake on two counts of first-degree murder in the September 2009 shootings.

Today, Shiawassee County Circuit Judge Gerald Lostracco sentenced Drake to the life sentence without parole and Drake said he was sorry to have caused so much pain for the victim of the families.

At the same time, Drake appeared frustrated in court, according to an AP report, and told the judge to “get on with this.”



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One Response to “Man Who Murdered Pro-Life Protester Gets Life in Prison…Media Silent”

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So someone who was totally sick and tired of so called Pro-Life hypocrites threatening heath care providers, blowing up health clinics and KILLING kind compassionate caring doctors and others who provide a LEGAL and NEEDED service, decided to strike back.

I am surprised it has not happened many times before. I know if some so called Pro-life yoyo had killed one of my loved ones there would be less pro lifers around to kill any more of the MAJORITY of us who are PRO-Choice.

And Pro-life is a stupid term as NONE of them are MORE pro life than are those who are Pro Choice as we are FOR LIFE
during the actual period of life which is AFTER Birth and BEFORE Death.

So called pro lifers seems to be much more concerned with SUPPOSED life BEFORE Birth and AFTER Death than they are with the period of REAL life.

Next to edify you so called Pro-lifers

1. YOUR BIBLE says there is NO life until AFTER the FIRST breath is taken. As NO
Breath can be taken until AFTER birth,
NO “babes” can possibly be killed by abortion.

2. Not you, or anyone else can give me EVEN ONE non-religious, non-emotional, logical rational and intelligent reason why Abortion is wrong as there ARE NONE!

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