The Evangelical Left’s Anti-Israel Slant

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I just don’t get this at all!! I have never cared for Brian McLaren and I care for him even less now!! His anti-Israel stand is very disturbing!

The evangelical left’s anti-Israel slant

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 2/1/2010

The head of a Protestant renewal organization is calling out a prominent member of the so-called “evangelical left” for leading a delegation on an anti-Israel pilgrimage.

Brian McLaren is the founding pastor of the Cedar Ridge Community Church in the Baltimore area, which is part of the “Emergent Church” movement. He recently led a delegation through Israel and the West Bank decrying alleged pro-Israel partiality.

Mark Tooley, president of The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), says McLaren’s positions are clearly anti-Israel. He says that according to McLaren, the Jewish nation is “a western imperialist power that is oppressing the Palestinians — who are, in contrast, an impoverished Third World victim…suffering because of American economic and military support for Israel.”

In addition, says Tooley, McLaren believes in a moral equivalency between Israel defending itself and Palestinians launching terrorist attacks.

“For example, Brian McLaren — like many on the evangelical left — gives a great deal of attention to Israel’s security fence, which of course has been largely successful in keeping suicide bombers from infiltrating Israel,” says the IRD president. “But as McLaren and others on the evangelical left portray it, it’s a tragic and terrible symbol that is inflicting untold suffering on the Palestinians.”

In a recent blog, McLaren described that security fence as a “segregation wall.”

Tooley says McLaren and his ilk do not favor a two-state solution, but rather a one-state solution that dissolves the Jewish state of Israel and replaces it with one where Muslims are in the majority.


Here are a couple of other sites where you can get more info on this:


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