More MSM Bias: MSNBC Turns Black Man with Gun at Obama Rally into White Man

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If this doesn’t prove MSM bias and the fact that the MSM wants to CREATE news rather than report it, and that they want to make race an issue, I don’t know what does!! A black man shows up with a gun at an Obama rally and MSNBC runs footage of it without showing the man’s race and says it’s a white man!!! If you don’t believe it then go to the link to see the picture. It’s made worse by the fact that the reporter discusses that ‘white people showing up with guns’  has ‘racial overtones’. WHAT??? I am sick of the state-run media feeding me lies!!!! When will we stop it?

I’m also disgusted by the fact that ABC refuses to run an anti-Obamacare commercial!!! They loved running anything that was anti-Bush, but now that their Messiah is in office, they won’t run anything that might hurt him. It’s sickening, and every person – liberal and conservative – should be concerned that the media is no longer doing its job. They are liars with an agenda!

MSNBC Turns Black Man with Gun at Obama Rally Into White Man

By Rory Cripps

The story is as follows: An African American man showed up at President Obama’s health care rally in Arizona (Aug. 17) carrying an AR 15 assault rifle and a pistol and MSNBC reporters edited footage and spun the story in order to make its viewers believe that the armed man was white as opposed to being black.

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer fretted over health care reform protesters legally carrying guns: “A man at a pro-health care reform rally…wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip….there are questions about whether this has racial overtones….white people showing up with guns.” Brewer failed to mention the man she described was black.

Following Brewer’s report, which occurred on the Morning Meeting program, host Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC pop culture analyst Toure discussed the supposed racism involved in the protests. Toure argued: “…there is tremendous anger in this country about government, the way government seems to be taking over the country, anger about a black person being president….we see these hate groups rising up and this is definitely part of that.” Ratigan agreed: “…then they get the variable of a black president on top of all these other things and that’s the move – the cherry on top, if you will, to the accumulated frustration for folks.”

Not only did Brewer, Ratigan, and Toure fail to point out the fact that the gun-toting protester that sparked the discussion was black, but the video footage shown of that protester was so edited, that it was impossible to see that he was black. The man appeared at a health care rally outside of President Obama’s speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Arizona Republic reported: “A man, who decided not to give his name, was walking around the pro-health care reform rally at Third and Washington streets, with a pistol on his hip and an AR-15 (a semi-automatic assault weapon) on a strap over his shoulder. ‘Because I can do it,’ he said when asked why he was armed. ‘In Arizona, I still have some freedoms.’” A picture accompanying the article showed the man was African-American.




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Never did like MSM. always thought there was something wrong and now I know, they tell lies!

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