Hypocrites: White House Press Corp Spent the 4th of July Hanging out with Obama, Off the Record

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Unbelievable! The mainstream media makes me sooooo sick!! They are such liars and hypocrites!!

Just last week they were angry that Obama was not being transparent and open with them because he was only answering pre-planned questions. They were indignant that he was keeping them out of the loop and was hand-picking some reporters to ask the questions that he wanted asked. They asked, “How dare he? He is a public servant and he works for us”.They were aghast that they only got the information he specifically wanted put out.

But they certainly don’t mind his secrecy when they themselves are in the loop, do they? He throws a BBQ and says they can come IF they don’t report on it. I’m sure they had a great time rubbing shoulders with the big guy. It probably felt so good to them and the whole time Obama knew he was wrapping them more and more tightly around his little finger.

I am disgusted by this because the very thing the MSM was angry about is what they do to us ALL THE TIME!!! They only give us the info they want us to hear. They filter it and sift through it and then spoon-feed us the parts that fit their agendas!

They were mad last week about Obama’s lack of transparency and this week they attend a party and agree not to report on it! It must be nice to be President and have the media in your pocket. Can you imagine if Bush had done this? They would have had it plastered all over the news the next day that Bush was trying to have a ‘secret’ party that he wanted the press to lie about and not report.

We have a bunch of liars running the MSM and they are the ones too STUPID not to realize that we see right through them. They have become a joke! Read below for more details…

 White House Press Corps Spent the 4th of July Hanging out with Obama, Off the Record

By John Cook


 Reporters from roughly 30 television networks, newspapers, magazines, and web sites celebrated the Fourth of July with Barack Obama at the White House last weekend. Why didn’t you know that? Because they were sworn to secrecy.

 We reported yesterday that Politico’s Mike Allen was spotted milling about as a guest at the White House’s “backyard bash” by the pool reporter, who was allowed into the event for 40 minutes and kept in a pen before being ushered out. When Allen quoted from the pool report in his Playbook column the next day, he deleted a reference to his own name and didn’t bother to tell his readers that he was actually at the party.

Well, he wasn’t alone. Gawker has learned that the White House gave tickets to virtually every major news organization that covers the president—the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, ABC News, NBC News, CNN, CBS News, and so on, about 30 in all. The reporters were invited to attend on the following condition:

“You are being invited to attend this event as a guest. Blogging, Twittering or otherwise reporting on this event is not permitted. If you feel that you cannot agree to abide by these ground rules, please don’t claim a ticket.”

That’s right: Much of the White House press corps spent the Fourth schmoozing with White House staffers, catching performances by the Foo Fighters and Jimmy Fallon, and watching the fireworks from the most exclusive vantage point in the D.C. metro area, all off the record—not to mention off-the-Facebook and off-the-Twitter. These are the same people who just a week ago were whining in the press briefing about Obama’s malicious and dastardly attempts to “control the press.” (Well, not the self-same people—we’re not sure if Chip Reid and Helen Thomas, the primary antagonists in that exchange, were in attendance.)

There is a cosmic irony at work here: The party was “closed press.” (Ha!) It was covered, under onerous restrictions, by a pool reporter—the Baltimore Sun’s Paul West. West was ushered in by White House staffers for a mere 40 minutes, so he could record the president’s remarks. He was kept in a pen so that he wouldn’t run amok and interview someone. He shouted questions at Obama as he worked the rope line, which the president ignored. Then he was taken away. West wrote up his blindered account of the party and then e-mailed it to the White House press corps, many of whom were actually at the party, outside of the pen, hanging out with all the other guests. And then, because they had temporarily signed away the right to do their jobs in exchange for facetime with staffers, a few cold Stoudt’s American Pale Ales, and some corn on the cob, their news organizations picked up that pool report and used it to tell their readers what happened at the party. This is how the press covers the White House.

The party was designated “closed press” because it was originally going to actually be closed to the press. But on Thursday of last week, a batch of last-minute tickets opened up, and White House staffers decided it would be nice to invite the press corps. They distributed them to the news organizations, who then decided who to give them to. (We are reliably told it was mostly White House correspondents who snapped them up.) But instead of just opening up the event to coverage, which would have meant spoiling a nice backyard bash with network cameras, radio correspondents, international press, and the vast machinery of live electronic media, the White House decided that it would be more fair to the news organizations who weren’t invited if they just kept it off the record. That way, the thinking went, no one’s getting special access. As absurd as that sounds when you’re talking about inviting a select group of reporters to a party with the president, it kind of makes sense if you have to deal with a host of news outlets jockeying for access. If it’s all off the record, a small regional paper can’t complain that not being invited seriously hurts their coverage.

LINK: http://gawker.com/5311055/white-house-pres…-off-the-record


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