How Bristol Palin and Mark Sanford made Hypocrites of the Left

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Bravo!! I agree!

How Bristol Palin and Mark Sanford Made Hypocrites of the Left

Posted by Mr. Naron, Jun 25 2009,

 A hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does another, so that pretty much covers all of us in the general sense. There’s a gray area, however, where some of us speak sincerely of what we ought to do and what we all ought to do, yet cannot do it ourselves. Alcoholics Anonymous is full of people who know they shouldn’t drink, who talk about why they shouldn’t drink and despite it all, they continue to drink. At what point do they cease to be hypocrites and simply become poor, fallen creatures in need of sympathy? It seems to me that as soon as someone comes clean, that person is no longer being a hypocrite, and when they speak out against the behavior in which they engaged, they are not being hypocritical.

Why, then, is the Left so able to wield the charge of hypocrisy so effectively when it comes to the sexual misbehavior of those on the Right? With few exceptions, conservatives who get caught tend to come clean and have a seat on the bench. Liberals fight the “smears” until there’s DNA or a dead body and still refuse to fade into the background. If you need an example, consider the fact that Bill Clinton got to Argentina weeks before Mark Sanford and engaged in sexual behavior rarely described as romantic outside a trailer park. Yet, does anyone expect Bill to shut up?

Some will say that liberals cannot be hypocrites because they don’t stand for anything anyway. And in a pure, philosophical sense, that’s probably true. But they do pretend to have principles and morals in order to get support from a public not quite yet ready to abandon morality and principles. Therein lies their hypocrisy. When it came out that Bill Clinton had cheated with Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton went on about “the politics of personal destruction” and a “vast right wing conspiracy”. When it came out that Bill had lied about the affair under oath, there were no lasting ill-effects to Clinton’s popularity. The sex part wasn’t supposed to matter. So what did? Weren’t the liberals supposed to be more honest than the greedy fat cat conservatives who tell their underlings to be good little boys and girls while themselves philandering? Weren’t we to believe that if a liberal cheated on his or her spouse that it’s a private matter and nothing to be ashamed of? Weren’t we told that women deserve to be protected by the law against powerful members of the patriarchy? So when the legal system sought to get to the truth about Bill Clinton’s behavior towards Paula Jones, why would this good liberal paragon lie about something about which he should not be ashamed?

See the difference here?

When it came out that Bristol Palin was pregnant out of wedlock, the Left had ALREADY flung themselves headlong into a shameful conspiracy theory about Sarah Palin’s Down’s Syndrome child being Bristol’s. What speech or interview had Sarah Palin given that set her up to be a hypocrite on this issue? Had she gone on tour preaching the evils of single parenthood or pre-marital sex. The best I can recall is that Vice President Dan Quayle gave a speech on family values in which he pointed out that our perception of family had changed to the point where single-parenthood was viewed as a legitimate “life-style” choice”. And he’s still the butt of jokes for it.

Dan Quayle didn’t cheat.

And Sarah Palin didn’t cheat. Nor did she choose to be a single parent. So where is her hypocrisy when it comes to her daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy? On the other hand, you have the Left who screams about the “politics of personal destruction” and leaving people’s private lives private going after a young woman having a personal crisis. Her mom’s moral values aren’t even relevant as a political topic by any standard or according to anything resembling logic. So how were liberals able to make so much hay of it?

The bottom line is that the Left is the party of no rules but those that provide a means to an end. And even that end may change tomorrow. We conservatives have to stop having this argument with them. We can whine all day long about double standards, but it’s not going to change the fact that the Left is going to hold us to whatever standard that does them the most good while not allowing us to hold them to any standard, even if it happens to be the one to which they currently adhere.

Mark Sanford’s affair is just another reminder of the pitfalls of life and how the Left turns it into political hay, an action they find morally repugnant. Bristol Palin became the subject of hundreds of news articles and TV reports so that the Democrats could destroy Sarah Palin. This, too, is an action the Left finds morally repugnant. Therefore, the Left is hypocritical.

And for the Left, that’s the worst thing you can be.



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