Climate of Hate, World of Double Standards

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This is soooo true!! When a white man kills an abortion doctor, Obama and the MSM speak out against it. But when a black Muslim convert kills military recruiters they are strangely quiet and don’t want us to rush to judgment! The double standard DISGUSTS and SICKENS me.


Climate of Hate, World of Double Standards

by Michelle Malkin

When a right-wing Christian vigilante kills, millions of fingers pull the trigger. When a left-wing Muslim vigilante kills, he kills alone. These are the instantly ossifying narratives in the Sunday shooting death of late-term abortion provider George Tiller of Kansas versus the Monday shootings of two Arkansas military recruiters.

Tiller’s suspected murderer, Scott Roeder, is white, Christian, anti-government and anti-abortion. The gunman in the military recruitment center attack, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, is black, a Muslim convert, anti-military and anti-American.

Both crimes are despicable, cowardly acts of domestic terrorism. But the disparate treatment of the two brutal cases by both the White House and the media is striking.

President Obama issued a statement condemning “heinous acts of violence” within hours of Tiller’s death. The Justice Department issued its own statement and sent federal marshals to protect abortion clinics. News anchors and headline writers abandoned all qualms about labeling the gunman a terrorist. An almost gleeful excess of mainstream commentary poured forth on the climate of hate and fear created by conservative talk radio, blogs and Fox News in reporting Tiller’s activities.

By contrast, Obama was silent about the military recruiter attacks that left 24-year-old Pvt. William Long dead and 18-year-old Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula gravely wounded. On Tuesday afternoon — more than 24 hours after the attack on the military recruitment center in Little Rock, Ark. — Obama held a press conference to announce his pick for Army secretary. It would have been exactly the right moment to express condolences for the families of the targeted Army recruiters and to condemn heinous acts of violence against our troops.

But Obama said nothing. The Justice Department was mum. And so were the legions of finger-pointing pundits happily convicting the pro-life movement and every right-leaning writer on the planet of contributing to the murder of Tiller. Obama’s omission, it should be noted, comes just a few weeks after he failed to mention the Bronx jihadi plot to bomb synagogues and a National Guard airbase during his speech on homeland security.

Why the silence? Politically and religiously motivated violence, it seems, is only worth lamenting when it demonizes opponents. Which also helps explain why the phrase “lone shooter” is ubiquitous in media coverage of jihadi shooters gone wild — think convicted “Jeep Jihadist” Mohammed Taheri-Azar at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill or Israel-bashing gunman Naveed Haq, who targeted a Seattle Jewish charity or Los Angeles International Airport shooter Hesham Hedayet, who opened fire at the El Al Israeli airline ticket counter — but not in cases involving rare acts of anti-abortion violence.

Even Jeffrey Goldberg of the left-leaning Atlantic magazine noticed the double standards. He called attention to a National Public Radio report on the military recruiter attack that failed to mention the religion and anti-military animus of the suspect. Wrote Goldberg: “Why not tell people what is actually happening in the world? We saw this a couple of weeks ago, when the press only gingerly acknowledged that the malevolent though incompetent suspects in the synagogue bombing-conspiracy case in New York were converts to Islam. How is the public served by this kind of silence? The extremist Christian beliefs of George Tiller’s alleged murderer are certainly relevant to that case, and no one in my profession is hesitant to discuss them. Why the hesitancy to talk about the motivations of the man who allegedly killed Pvt. William Long?”

The truth is that the “climate of hate” doesn’t have just one hemisphere. But you won’t hear the Council on American-Islamic Relations acknowledging the national security risks of jihadi infiltrators who despise our military and have plotted against our troops from within the ranks — including convicted fragging killer Hasan Akbar and terror plotters Ali Mohamed, Jeffrey Battle and Semi Osman.

You won’t hear about the escalating war on military recruitment centers on the op-ed pages of The New York Times — from vandalism to obstruction to Molotov cocktail attacks on campus stations across the country; to the shutdown of a Pittsburgh military recruitment office by zealots holding signs that read “Recruiters are Child Predators”; to the prolonged harassment campaign against the Marine recruiting center in Berkeley, where Code Pink protesters called America soldiers assassins; to the bomb blast at the Times Square recruiting center last March.

And you’ll certainly hear little about the most recent left-wing calls to violence by a Playboy magazine writer who published a vulgar list of conservative female writers and commentators he said he’d like to rape (the obscene slang word he used is not printable). The list was hyped by the magazine’s publicity team and light-heartedly promoted by mainstream publications such as (founded by Washington Post reporters).

Is it too much to ask the media cartographers in charge of mapping the “climate of hate” to do their jobs with both eyes open? 



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2 Responses to “Climate of Hate, World of Double Standards”

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This entire situation really ticks me off. Sure, both murders were terrible, but being a soldier and seeing our own killed on American soil and then to hear the president whitewash the entire thing. I really do not like the man.

Obama didn’t hesitate to call Cambridge Police ‘stupid’ after the arrest of a black professor. Maureen O’Dowd didn’t hesitate to paint Joe Wilson as a racist cracker for shouting ‘You Lie’ during Obama’s sacred speechifying, by adding the imaginary word ‘Boy’ to the end of his statement. Quotes were fabricated out of whole cloth in order to portray Limbaugh as a bigot and prevent him from purchasing a football team. In each of these cases, no one in the media stepped forward and said ” we must be very cautious before we label anyone as a racist. We must wait until we gather all the evidence.” In all three cases evidence was either imagined or manufactured.

After the Oklohoma bombing, if you remember well, President Clinton took advantage of the podium in order to talk about ‘hate on the airwaves’ in an attempt to link Timothy McVeigh in a not so subtle fashion to Rush Limbaugh and advance his view of ‘right wing extremism’. The Media never hesitated to jump to conclusions. They took the ball and labeled McVeigh a terrorist right away.

Yet apparently as a member of the US military you can parade around off duty in full Islamic garb, make inflamatory anti-American statements, attempt to contact Al-Qaeda and terrorist affiliated imams, shout “ALLAH AQBAR” before shooting thirteen soldiers dead and wounding thirty others…..and have the entire media HESITATE TO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. (How can we be sure he was a terrorist? Won’t this heedless labeling upset other muslims?) Meanwhile, the public is sickened by the double standard.

Obama and the obamedia doesn’t want to acknowledge this as a terrorist attack because it makes them look bad, and it moves the focus away from health-care. Plain and simple.

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