Obama’s Kindness to the Cruel

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Obama is kind to the cruel and cruel to the kind!! Enough said!! Is that what we want for a president??? NOT ME!

Obama’s Kindness to the Cruel

By Victor Sharpe

April 28, 2009

 There is an ancient saying best summarized as: “Those who are kind to the cruel in the end will be cruel to the kind.”

We saw this warning vividly and sorrowfully cast aside at the Summit of All Americas as President Obama smiled and warmly embraced the thug, Hugo Chavez, who sits astride Venezuela while its frail democracy dies by a “thousand cuts” under his growing dictatorship.

 Obama greeted Hugo Chavez 24 hours after the Venezuelan ruler said, “The United States Empire is on its way down and will be finished in the near future, inshallah!” The Arabic word Chavez uttered loosely means, “Allah wills it.”

 No doubt, Chavez has now morphed into an Islamist after his love fest with the Iranian racist and bigot of the day, Mahmoud Ahmedinijad. Indeed Iran has found a willing ally in Chavez.

 We have seen the ancient wisdom flouted as our president held hands with the Castro brothers while their political prisoners watched in mute torment from their Cuban jails. And even after Obama’s naïve outreach, Fidel Castro called President Obama, “superficial.”

We have seen this misplaced kindness in the endless prattle that President Obama dispenses to all and sundry as he preaches that America is no longer a super power imbued with an innate decency and morality: it is merely the equal of all other nations.

 Mr. President, is America now the equivalent of the Iranian theocracy, the Sudanese, Syrian and Saudi Arabian autocracies, the North Korean dictatorship, the basket cases of Zimbabwe and Somalia?

 According to President Obama, the United States of America has much to apologize to the world for; a theme he obsessively returns to on his foreign jaunts.

 While in Europe he shrugged off the pleas of French President Sarkozy to visit the WW II graves of some 12,500 American soldiers who died on the Normandy beaches because, “it might offend the Germans.”

 Perhaps he is not moved by the graves of American soldiers who died in their thousands to liberate Europe during two world wars and which dot that blood stained Continent’s landscape.

In the Obama vision, America is now merely the equal of every tin pot tyranny, dictatorship, oligarchy and Islamic theocracy in the world.

We can call this the new President’s twilight zone vision of America, or the Obama Moral Equivalency Nation, OMEN for short. And what a frightful and dire omen it portends for our future.

We have seen what the President does with our natural enemies; those who practice the worst human rights violations. He reaches out to them oblivious of the fact that these hard hearted monsters will play him like a skilled angler that has just reeled in a freshly caught fish.


His kindness to the assorted international thugs and gangsters from Iran to Cuba and from Syria to Venezuela may well kill the greatness that is America.

The memory of the American President bowing obsequiously to the Saudi King or listening in silence for nearly an hour while Daniel Ortega lectured him on all the perceived ills of the United States is one that is beyond demeaning. This is especially so when Obama not once stood up for America during the impudent harangue.

What are we to make of Obama’s attitude towards Iran when he makes humiliating overtures to the evil Ahmedinijad who plumbed new depths of squalor in his anti-Semitic ravings at the so-called UN Racism Conference in Geneva. Iran’s reply to Obama’s olive branch was to put an American woman journalist, Roxana Saberi, in jail on trumped up charges of espionage. This poor woman may well endure real torture and it remains to be seen if her plight moves our new president as much as his concern for the Islamist monsters in Guantanamo.

 The President has proven by his inactions that America under his leadership is humiliated and ridiculed, North Korea launches a missile while ignoring with contempt the empty warnings of President Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

As President Barak Obama nears his hundred days in office, much has already changed in America as the President promised, but it is not for the good. Despite his Amen Chorus in the mainstream media, which sees no evil and hears no evil, the country is slowly awakening.

 There is an unease, which is becoming palpable. Tea Parties are a manifestation of this grassroots fear, which became evident in the streets of America. All this occurring while a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party continues apace in the Congress and the White House.

 Let us hope that cruelty, which always follows misplaced kindness, will not yet be meted out to the kind.

 And who are the kind?


LINK: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-goldberg28-2009apr28,0,5623626.column


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