Socialism Popular Because Younger Folks Don’t Know What It Is and Haven’t Learned from the Past

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This article is SPOT ON!!!!!!  He is exactly right that the alarming trend of younger folks to lean towards socialism is because they don’t know their history, don’t know what socialism is, and therefore have not learned from the past!!!!! We can thank our sorry left-leaning public schools and universities for not teaching them what it is!!! They have no clue of the harm it can do because no one has taught them the lessons of the past. We are raising up a bunch of ignorant lemmings who will be the death of this great country if we don’t  get the real truth out!!!

Return of the useful idiot
Bradley R. Gitz
Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009
As we approach the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new Rasmussen poll reports that an astounding 47 percent of Americans either favor socialism over capitalism or are undecided between them.

Let’s see now: apart from the dismal fate of the Soviet “experiment,” there’s capitalist South Korea vs. communist North Korea and capitalist West Germany vs. communist East Germany. Then there’s Communist China taking off only after its economy progressively ceased to be communist and India’s economy exploding only after it finally shed the socialist claptrap inherited from Gandhi and Nehru. Last but not least, the pathetic condition of the socialist museum 90 miles off the coast of Florida known as Castro’s Cuba.

None of that even figures in the moral element, defined as the estimated 100 million killed over the course of the 20th century by builders of “real, existing socialism” like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.

Capitalism over socialism would seem to be about as settled as opinion gets, ranking somewhere up there with the earth being round, penicillin being better than bleeding, and that Shakespeare fellow being rather talented.

Primary culprits in the survey were those under the age of 30, who gave the nod to capitalism over socialism by only a 37 percent to 33 percent margin, with a clueless remaining 30 percent “unsure.”

Several decades of politically correct leftist indoctrination in our high schools and colleges has apparently taken its toll, leaving a remarkable number of our young people in roughly the same status as the brainwashed masses of Soviet society circa 1970, with the exception that the Soviet masses only mouthed the propaganda without actually believing it.

Throw in the decline in reading and broader literacy and you have a generation that lacks the capacity to think about anything more complex than what can be squeezed into a text message, let alone distinguish between the consequences flowing from different economic systems.

The Rasmussen poll also provided some useful insight on the ongoing debate over whether and to what extent American “liberalism” has come to resemble socialism-whereas self-identified Republicans favored capitalism by a whopping 11-1 margin (no surprise there), a remarkable 61 percent percent of selfidentified Democrats in the survey either chose socialism or were undecided.

The claim has been made that President Obama is engaged, like FDR during the Great Depression, in an effort to “save” capitalism. If so, the Rasmussen poll suggests that there are lots of Democrats out there who hope he fails.

If 61 percent of Democrats either favor socialism or are unsure as to capitalism’s superiority over it, we can safely conclude, if nothing else, that the Democratic Party is no great fan of capitalism. Perhaps it would be a shrewd electoral hedge for Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln to start toting about copies of Das Kapital.

That the Democratic Party is now winning decisively among younger voters might also be explained by their understanding that it represents the socialist alternative they increasingly prefer.

Of course, there might be some extenuating circumstances that explain all of this, including the possibility that many of those who profess support for socialism might have in mind the more benign Tony Blair or Gerhard Schroeder version rather than the hard stuff of Vladimir Lenin or Mao Zedong, assuming they know the difference. And maybe capitalism is simply the wrong word to use. As the pollsters themselves reasonably suggested, “free market” or “free enterprise” conjure ups less pernicious imagery and might have provoked different results.

Finally, there’s the timing of it all, with people asked to assess something-capitalism-at a time when it doesn’t seem to be performing very well. It is worth remembering, along such lines, that the CPUSA reached the peak of its influence in the 1930s amidst the soup kitchens and street-corner apple carts of the Great Depression.

The only problem with this last explanation is that all those Americans, including a significant chunk of our intellectual elite, who embraced “the future that works” back in the 1930s didn’t yet know about such lovely things as the Gulag, China’s Cultural Revolution and the Khmer Rouge killing fields, so they couldn’t be blamed too much for succumbing to utopian visions amidst hardship and for failing to predict the future.

Young people and Democrats today seem to have a different problem. They can’t learn from the past; indeed, one suspects that, in their stunning ignorance, they aren’t even aware of it.



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