Why the Polls Say Obama is Worse than Bush

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To all of those avid Obama followers, I hate to say “I told you so”, but…I told you! This president is leading us into ruin!! The only question is how far we will let it go until there’s a revolt and we take this country back!

Why The Polls Say Obama Is Worse Than Bush

Kevin McCullough
Sunday, March 15, 2009


There is much more to the fact that President Obama now polls lower than President Bush did at fifty days into his presidency than merely what bi-partisan pollsters Schoen and Rasmussen were able to point out this week. In nearly every category of performance, President Obama has adeptly demonstrated that he is in over his head, and sinking fast. “We the people” sense his inability to make sound decisions and thusly, the President has wiped out nearly all of the Republican support he enjoyed not long ago, and Independents are not far behind.

When you consider the sector of the Democratic base that thinks raising taxes on everyday working people is bad, you even begin to see a schism in his base not previously thought to be possible.

Seriously, in nearly every category of governance he has messed up royally, and is clueless, or wantonly stubborn to do the things that will fix any of the problems. At the end of the day something will change. President Obama will formulate new policies, or “We The People” will use a shepherd’s staff rather easily in 2012.

In my syndicated column and on my blog, I have been tracking the number of campaign promises that he has broken. Yet many of these don’t even rise to half the level of importance on the issues that “We The People” are growing increasingly concerned about.

On the economy, the unemployment numbers have skyrocketed in the opposite direction, escalating especially hard following the signing of his stimulus plan. The plan, according to leading ecconomists, that only dedicated roughly 3% of the total amount towards actual job creation. On this point Warren Buffet, one of President Obama’s strong supporters in the campaign, expressed grave reservation.


On national security Chavez has taunted him, North Korea has threatened him, Iran has burned him in effigy, and Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela are plotting ways to put Russian long range bombers in our hemisphere and directly off our coast.

On terrorism Iran, Al Qaeda, and bin Ladin are openly laughing at him. Maybe his giving Hamas — a terror group, on the international terror watch list — 90 (sic) million dollars, wasn’t quite the bold stroke of genius his cabinet told him it would be.

No doubt, however, that President Obama’s most pressing problem with the public is the fact that now 83% of the American people say they are worried that the steps he has taken to fix the economy will have the opposite effect and make things worse. 82% of the American people say they are worried about the monstrous rise in the national debt. 78% of the American people believe inflation will come quickly. And 69% do not have any confidence in the role of government mandated solutions to the economy. There is also now no sense in the American people that the stimulus will have any positive effect any time soon. Only 60% hold out hope that it will have any impact realized four years from now.

Most importantly by a margin of 12% the American people believe the stimulus will only help and unfairly benefit those who have already been irresponsible.

Every single one of the actions described and taken in this piece are actions connected directly to Obama. Remember, a clear majority of Americans thought any form of stimulus help should have come primarily through reducing the tax burden, not saddling it up for rides into the sunset.

We’ve heard the word “crisis” roll off the lips of the administration like syrup in recent days.
But now, President Obama has one of his own. His policies are failing in every direction. “We The People” are worried.
So for a man who campaigned on change, why not start practicing what you preach Mr. President?
LINK: http://townhall.com/columnists/KevinMcCullough/2009/03/15/why_the_polls_say_obama_is_worse_than_bush


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2 Responses to “Why the Polls Say Obama is Worse than Bush”

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You are so full of yourself…and so wrong just a puffed up bitter ole right wing Republican…like Cheney- overbearing and arrogant, and like Bush-ignorant and dangerous..You need to get your head of the sand and stop spreading this hateful
stuff. You put it out as gospel, and it “ain’t”.. Shame on you…you sound like Neo Natiz, who can do no wrong and take no responsiblity for any…when in fact, this whole world mess came from the last 8 yrs of Bush, his Daddy, and Regan! Critique
them.. take responsiblity for supporting the good old boy Republican policies that say if there’s a buck in it for business, then its’ ok…where’s the morality in that? that’s the mind set that got us into this mess…but you won’t admit it, take responsiblity for it
, or clean it up. You’d probably vote for it again, if you have money left…give me a break..you’ve voted your pocket book for so long, it serves you right that your own selfish politics got you in the butt!
It makes me sick to hear this garbage!

That could be the most ignorant response I’ve ever heard J.M.. But then again, it’s been ignorant people like you voting that got us into this mess in the first place. Thanks.

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