Obama Right on Target with Communist Party’s Goals

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For those who keep saying we are alarmists or conspiracy theorists for thinking Obama is leading us into socialism or communism, here’s more proof. I really encourage you to check out the Communist Party website, look at its goals and see how many of them Obama is meeting!! Also check out one of my previous posts on the Communist Party’s goals – it’s very eye-opening and scary to see how successful they have been in quietly and subtly changing our country. Wake up, America!!!

Bingo! Call It Communism

Randall Hoven
March 03, 2009


I once wrote that we could play “Communist Manifesto Bingo”: once President Obama enacts or strengthens five planks from the Communist Manifesto, yell “bingo” and you win. One month into President Obama’s first term, BINGO!

I did change my own game rules just a tad. Instead of using the exact planks from Marx, which can be ambiguous for some people, I’m using a more detailed list from the current Communist Party USA. The CPUSA provides its platform on its website . Find “Election 2008” and go to “Click here to download PDF.” I saved you the trouble, though, and listed the CPUSA’s platform in a nice outline, below.

(Just for you anti-conspiracy buffs, note that I am not dredging up Marx himself, or something written by an anti-communist decades ago.  I am citing the exact words of the Communist Party of the USA itself, as it exists right now.  I encourage you to visit the CPUSA’s web site.  Obama’s presidency is animating for them; the excitement vibrates through almost every article.  The National Chair calls it a “new era.”   I’m not making this up.)


1. Immediate Relief

1.1 A moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

1.2 Reset mortgages so payments are affordable.

1.3 No bailouts for banks.

1.4 Extend unemployment compensation, increase payments and eligibility.

1.5 Increase food stamps, WIC, children’s health ins., low income energy assistance.

1.6 Assist state and local governments.

1.7 Fund “ready-to-go” infrastructure projects.
2. A Peacetime, Green Jobs Economy for All

2.1 Enact massive public works.

2.2 Make existing buildings energy efficient.

2.3 Construct new schools, affordable housing, mass transit and bridges.

2.4 Major clean, affordable energy dvpt project for solar, wind, and biomass.

2.5 Program to cut greenhouse gas emissions, environmental cleanup.

2.6 Restore energy regulation and public ownership of utilities.

2.7 Enact the Employee Free Choice Act.

2.8 Enact HR 676, US National Health Insurance Act, single payer.

2.9 Fund public education, pre-school through higher and technical.

2.10 No privatization of Social Security or Medicare.

2.11 Expand and improve SS & Medicare benefits.
3. Restore Civil Rights, Bill of Rights, Separation of Powers

3.1 Restore Civil Rights Act enforcement, affirmative action.

3.2 Outlaw hate crimes.

3.3 Preserve Roe v Wade.

3.4 Immigration reform with path to citizenship, no militarization of borders.

3.5 No exploitative guest worker programs.

3.6 No human being is illegal.

3.7 Repeal the Patriot Act.

3.8 Investigate and prosecute Bush administration violations.

3.9 Expand voting rights.

3.10 Enact publicly financed elections.

3.11 Same-day registration.

3.12 Voting rights for ex-felons.

3.13 Restore Fairness Doctrine in media.
4. Strength through Peace

4.1 Withdraw US troops from Iraq with no bases or US corporations left behind.

4.2 Full care for returning veterans.

4.3 No war on Iran.

4.4 No expansion of troops in Afghanistan.

4.5 Assistance to Iraq to rebuild Iraq.

4.6 New foreign policy of diplomacy, respect for all nations.

4.7 Renew commitment to UN.

4.8 End trade policies that enrich corporations and destroy jobs.

4.9 Ratify Kyoto Treaty and other climate change agreements.

4.10 Enforce nuclear non-proliferation.

4.11 Work to abolish nuclear weapons.

4.12 Cut Pentagon spending in half.

4.13 Close down US bases around the world.

Just seeing this list should open your eyes.  It is exactly what is happening.  Much of it is like reading a description of Obama’s stimulus package.  Name three things on that list that any Democratic Senator would not applaud. 

So what’s the score? Of 44 items on the CPUSA’s list,

* 22 are already enacted.
* 21 are in work.
* 1 is being violated.

Halfway there gets me my Bingo. Pretty good for being in office just one month. Heck, at this pace, the CPUSA will have to come up with another list by summer.

Only one item out of 44 is being violated: Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan. He’s adding 17,000 on top of the 30,000 already there .

LINK: http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/03/bingo_call_it_communism_1.html


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