Obama to Overturn ‘Conscience’ Rule: Forces Doctors to Perform Abortions

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Well, here we go again – another reason why I’m BAFFLED that a Christian could have possibly voted for Obama. Now Obama is going to MAKE doctors perform abortions whether its against their religious beliefs (conscience) or not. Obama couldn’t care LESS about our faith and he proves it over and over again. Imagine what would happen if we forced PETA folks to kill animals for testing? How do you think that would fly? It wouldn’t!!! But the difference is that we would NEVER ask them to do that.

Obama is a socialist dictator and we are letting him get by with it. He is going to ruin this country even more than I originally thought!!

What’s also driving me nuts is that the mainstream media is complicit in trying to help him get these things done quietly and without a lot of fanfare. They know if more people heard about these things they’d be upset, therefore they just don’t mention them and let him quietly do his harm!!! I despise the MSM and their part in the ruining of this country!

‘Conscience’ rule on abortions may be overturned
The Obama administration wants to clarify a Bush policy that lets healthcare workers deny services because of moral beliefs.
By Noam N. Levey
February 27, 2009
LA Times

Reporting from Washington — Taking another step into the abortion debate, the Obama administration today will move to rescind a controversial rule that allows healthcare workers to deny abortion counseling or other family planning services if doing so would violate their moral beliefs, according to administration officials.

The rollback of the so-called conscience rule comes just two months after the Bush administration announced it late last year in one of its final policy initiatives.

The new administration’s action seems certain to stoke ideological battles between supporters and opponents of abortion rights over the responsibilities of doctors, nurses and other medical workers to their patients.

Seven states, including California, Illinois and Connecticut, and two family-planning groups have filed lawsuits challenging the Bush rule. They argue that it sacrifices the health of patients to the religious beliefs of medical providers.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has reported cases, such as that of a Virginia mother of two who became pregnant after she was denied emergency contraception. In Texas, according to the group, a rape victim had her prescription for emergency contraception rejected by a pharmacist.

Supporters of the rule say it protects doctors from being forced to prescribe treatments including birth control pills.
President Obama — a longtime supporter of abortion rights — has been expected to reverse a number of Bush-era policies restricting access to family planning services.

But the new president has also been sensitive to the explosiveness of the reproductive rights issue.

Last month without official ceremony, Obama overturned a controversial ban on U.S. funding for international aid groups that provide abortion services.

The move by the Department of Health and Human Services to throw out the conscience rule is being made equally quietly as most of Washington focuses on the president’s blockbuster budget plan.

LINK: http://www.latimes.com/news/science/la-na-conscience27-2009feb27,0,4299014.story?track=rss


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One Response to “Obama to Overturn ‘Conscience’ Rule: Forces Doctors to Perform Abortions”

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Choice is what it is. I fought tooth and nail, late 60’s, 70’s for Right to Choose. If this in any way would mean a Hill of Beans, yet under PRESIDENT Obama’s transparency rules this alone makes this article moot. He PROVIDES for those more in need, in education, health and tax relief. I can promise, kind sir. It is 12:53am EST, I have been awake for 64 hours, I will leaving in few for the Hill. I hardly had a sec to glance so I will make it my mission to get through much text. i will not yea or nay, let me read. great blog I will be back, I am a far left leaning commie pinko libbie as they used to call me albeit an honorably discharged USAF Vet, now a Veteran for Peace and a high supporter of Iraq Veterans Against War.
Peace and Thanks
R Veteran for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against War

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