Sacramento City Council Goes Against Voters and Votes to Join Anti-Prop 8 Resolution

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Well, well, well…Thanks a lot you idiots in the Sac City Council. The voters have voted TWICE in favor of Prop 8 and then you have the audacity to ‘speak for’ Sacramento and support this Anti-Prop 8 Resolution???? The vote was NO. What part of that don’t you understand and why do you think you should overrule what the people want? It’s infuriating and Kevin Johnson will not get my vote next time. Thank you Robbie Waters for being the lone sane voice. We should contact these city council members (including the mayor) and let them know how we feel about this!!!

Sacramento joins other cities in fighting voter-approved Prop. 8, calling it unconstitutional
By Ryan Lillis

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 03, 2009

The Sacramento City Council voted Tuesday afternoon to join other California cities in supporting the position that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

Prop. 8, passed by voters in November, amended the state constitution to declare that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid in California.

Councilman Kevin McCarty requested last month that the council hear the issue of whether the city should join as “amicus curiae” – or friends of the court – in legal challenges against Prop. 8. The California Supreme Court said Tuesday it would begin hearing oral arguments on the challenge to Prop. 8 on March 5.

The council voted 8-1 to join the other cities as amicus curiae; Councilman Robbie Waters voted against the move, saying “the voters have voted on this matter twice.”

San Francisco, Berkeley, Cloverdale, Davis, Fairfax, Long Beach, Palm Springs and West Hollywood, as well as Santa Clara, Humboldt and Sonoma counties have already filed amicus curiae briefs supporting the position that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional.


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