Top Ten Questions for Barack Obama: As Asked by Bernard Goldberg

Posted on January 31, 2009. Filed under: Media Bias, Obama, Politics |

These are excellent questions that need to be asked of our President, but that the mainstream media will not ask. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually get the answers to these questions??

Ten Questions for Barack Obama

By Bernard Goldberg

From his book,  A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media

1. How do you define “post-partisan politics” – because it seems to me that what you really mean is “folks on the right, come over to the left?”

2. Name two or three conservative ideas you find useful and would be central to your “post-partisan” political philosophy?

3. Is it fair to say if Jeremiah Wright’s sermons had not been made public you would still be worshipping at his church?

4. What did your wife really mean when she said, referring to your candidacy, that it ws the first time she was proud to be an American?

5. Some people believe that the reason so many young black people are behind the eight-ball in this country is NOT because of old-fashioned racism, but because of dysfunctional behavior: fifteen-year-ol girls having babies, teenagers dropping out of high school for example. You spok forcefully and eloquently on Father’s Day about this kind of behavior. But then you dropped the subject. As someone who enjoys tremendous support in the black community, you might have had some positive impact on the lives of these kdis if you had made ita recurring theme of your campaign. Why didn’t you?

6. Regardless of your age at the time of Bill Ayers’ bombing, why would you have anything – anything – to do with a man like Ayers, who not only planted bombs at the Pentagon and the Capitol, but who said his only regret was that he didn’t do more to stop the war in Vietnam?

7. According to news reports, you have a half brother living in a hut in Kenya. Is that true? Have you ever sent him money? If not, why not – since you’ve professed compassion for the poor?

8. You won’t release your college records. That makes me wonder why not. Was it something you wrote while in college that you don’t want voters to know about? Was it your grades? I’m puzzled, help me out.

9. How willing are you to disappoint liberals?

10. As you know, some critics have suggested the media went easy on you. Agree or disagree? What do you say to those who believe that journalists wanted to help shape history by doing what thye could to get the first African-American elected president of the United States?


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2 Responses to “Top Ten Questions for Barack Obama: As Asked by Bernard Goldberg”

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I have been trying to find out the educational background of Mr. Goldberg. I think it is interesting to understnad a view point to understand a person’s educational background and professional background and now asume from the lack of any reference to same in “biographies,” that college was not for him. The issues facing our country deserve serious discussion from thoughtful perspectives. In reviewing Mr. Goldberg’s work, I am getting only the kind of superficial bickering that we already get from right wing opportunist screamers like Mr. Hannity, Mr. Limbaugh and their ilk. It is easy to hate and take potshots and apparently a good business model. It is much harder to engage in intelligent debate (and to get a college or graduate degree). Counting all three, how many college degrees among Messrs. Hannity, Limbaugh and Goldberg?

Mike, there is a huge difference between knowledge and wisdom. All degree’s do is give you knowledge. Wisdom comes from discussion, experience and a wealth of other factors. If you put all of your faith in those with college educations you will be missing out on a great many “wise” people. You see, if you had wisdom you would see that your very comment is…how did you say it? A “pot shot” at those you see as inferior to you simply because they may or may not have gone to college. By the way, I can think of several of my very college professors I would consider myself “wiser” than.

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