Charity Homes Built by Hollywood (and Habitat for Humanity) Start to Crumble

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This is SO typical of the liberals!! They do something halfway, but as long as they get the praise and the recognition for it, they’re fine with it!! Conservatives would have taken a little longer and done the thing right, but we would have been mocked for taking so long. This is a very good picture of how things work politically. The libs rush in,  do no real research to see if something is going to work, act like they are going to save the day, get all the praise, bad-mouth the conservatives because they didn’t do the same, and then in the end it turns out to be a slipshod job. Meanwhile the conservatives would have tried to come up with something that would actually work and be long-term. But the media wouldn’t care. They just want to make the libs look good. Let’s see if the MSM lets everyone know how this really turned out and let’s see if these same libs will go back in and fix what they messed up. They probably won’t because they’ve already got all the press they wanted out of it. They don’t really care about helping folks, they just want the glory!!

Charity homes built by Hollywood start to crumble
From The Sunday TimesJanuary 4, 2009
John Harlow in Los Angeles
(Excerpt)RESIDENTS of a model housing estate bankrolled by Hollywood celebrities and hand-built by Jimmy Carter, the former US president, are complaining that it is falling apart.

Fairway Oaks was built on northern Florida wasteland by 10,000 volunteers, including Carter, in a record 17-day “blitz” organised by the charity Habitat for Humanity.

Eight years later it is better known for cockroaches, mildew and mysterious skin rashes.

A forthcoming legal battle over Fairway Oaks threatens the reputation of a charity envied for the calibre of its celebrity supporters, who range from Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt to Colin Firth, Christian Bale and Helena Bonham Carter.

The case could challenge the bedrock philosophy behind Habitat for Humanity, claiming that using volunteers, rather than professional builders, is causing as many problems as it solves.

April Charney, a lawyer representing many of the 85 homeowners in Fairway Oaks, said she had no problems taking on Habitat for Humanity, despite its status as a “darling of liberal social activists”. She said the charity should have told people that part of the estate had been built on a rubbish dump.

One man pulled up his floorboards to find rubbish 5ft deep under his kitchen. Other complaints include cracking walls and rotting door frames that let in rats and ants. Many residents have complained of mildew and mysterious skin rashes.

One resident said her children were suffering from skin complaints. “The intentions are good, but when the politicians and big-shot stars have left we’re stuck with the consequences. This house looks pretty but inside it either stinks or sweats,” she said.

Judy Hall, the charity’s local development director, said recently that it had been dealing with about 30 complaints. She added that skilled work was carried out by professionals.

Some residents dismiss their neighbours’ worries. Diennal Fields, 51, said people did not know how to look after their homes: “It’s simple stuff: if there is mildew, don’t get a lawyer, get a bottle of bleach.”



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One Response to “Charity Homes Built by Hollywood (and Habitat for Humanity) Start to Crumble”

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Looks to me like this is people being irresponsible and whining about it, especting something for nothing.

Of course, these conditions sound a lot like the ones our Veterans had to deal with at Walter Reid under the conservatives watch. Maybe they’ve learned something since then and can teach these people how to clean up.

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