Prop 8 Support Causes Sacramento Theater Leader to Lose Job

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UNBELIEVABLE!! As I’ve said before, the liberals ONLY want FREE SPEECH for their point of view!! This man should not have resigned. He has a right to give his own persoanl money to whatever cause he wants and it is discrimination for him to be forced out because of it. His employers should NOT have accepted his resignation. If they were truly ethical and believed in free speech, they would have refused his resignation and said that he cannot be discriminated against just because of his personal views.

The hypocrisy of the left is mind-blowing. They are hateful and are the epitome of what it means to be discriminatory. The activist gays have shown their true colors since the election. They are not the nice, peace-loving people they profess to be. They are radical and extreme.

Wonder what would have happened if a supporter of NO on 8 was asked to resign because he donated his own personal money to that campaign?? It would be all over the news and we would be called discriminatory. This man should get his job back!!!

Prop 8 gift gets Theater’s Leader in a Ruckus

By Marcus Crowder
Published: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008

Gay and lesbian artists called Monday for an artistic and audience boycott of California Musical Theatre after learning that its artistic director donated $1,000 to a campaign that backed banning gay marriage in California.

Scott Eckern was not available for comment Monday as the revelation has gained stunning momentum on the blogosphere. The California Musical Theatre produces the Music Circus, presents Broadway Sacramento, and recently opened “Forever Plaid” at the capital’s newest performing venue, the Cosmopolitan Cabaret.

Richard Lewis, the organization’s executive producer, said the board of directors will conduct an emergency meeting on the matter this afternoon. He said it was too early to tell how this would affect Eckern’s 25-year employment with California Musical Theatre.

In a statement released Monday, Lewis said: “Any political action or the opinion of Scott Eckern is not shared by California Musical Theatre. We have a long history of appreciation for the LGBT community and are truly grateful for their longstanding support.”

Links to Eckern’s official donation information began appearing Thursday on sites such as the gay political activism site and the more informal conversational forum http://www.datalounge. The measure was Proposition 8 on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Local openly gay composer Gregg Coffin, who has written nationally produced musicals “Convenience” and “Five Course Love,” found it initially difficult to express his feelings about the situation.

“I feel so sad that someone from within my field and someone from within my community, who actually knows me, would contribute to an initiative that reduces me to second-class citizenship,” Coffin said.

“I feel so sorry that he chose to support divisiveness and hatred rather than equality and inclusion; especially a man of the theater who works with gay actors, dancers, directors, designers and staff at CMT. The duplicity of it makes me so incredibly sad.”

California Musical Theatre is the capital’s oldest professional performing arts organization and California’s largest nonprofit musical theater company. It has 32 full-time employees and its budget for 2007 was $16.5 million.

Eckern was named CMT’s artistic director in July 2002 after longtime producing director Leland Ball stepped down. Eckern also holds the post of chief operating officer.

“Hairspray” composer Marc Shaiman called Eckern Thursday to discuss his donation. “Hairspray” closed this summer’s Music Circus season.

In a post on one Web site, Shaiman relayed what he told Eckern: “The idea that your donation came from a salary that for a short amount of time was drawn from profits from a show I wrote upsets me terribly and I would never allow anything I write to play there and will encourage my colleagues to consider doing the same.”

Shaiman has contacted colleagues in the theater, including Jeff Whitty, whose show “Avenue Q” comes to Broadway Sacramento next spring. Whitty’s Web site,, details a telephone conversation he had with Eckern on Friday.

“There’s a great degree of hue and cry over getting Mr. Eckern fired,” Whitty wrote. “I’ve searched my soul about this. I’m instinctively not comfortable with the idea of his dismissal, though my activist side still whispers, ‘Punish!’

“I fear for what Mr. Eckern’s dismissal would say about theater: that there’s only room for the pro-gay crowd. In a way, if we only allow people we agree with, if we only allow people who share a broad sympathy for the human condition, then we become one of those dreaded fantasy ‘elites.’ ”

Others were much more vitriolic in their condemnation of Eckern on online message boards.

The theater site has picked up the story, and the political has published Eckern’s name and professional affiliation along with those of others who made contributions.





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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008 |

The California Musical Theatre found itaself caught in a dramatic conflict between free speech and civil rights, a situation that ultimately led to today’s resignation of artistic director Scott Eckern.

Eckern quit this morning. He became the target of strong criticism after it was learned he donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign to ban gay marriage.


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2 Responses to “Prop 8 Support Causes Sacramento Theater Leader to Lose Job”

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Dear ?,
A civil right granted by the Supreme Court of California has been stripped away by a proposition based solely on lies and misinformation.
People have been hurt deeply and are reacting with anger.
Mr. Eckern chose to resign. I wish he hadn’t.
No one has forced any beliefs on Scott Eckern. They have rejected his choice to force his beliefs on others. He has no need to accept anything contrary to his beliefs. Most in the theatre are very upset Scott resigned. That need not have happened. But people will no longer sit back and allow discrimination. Of course intimidation and Black-listing are wrong. Just as wrong as when the churches strong-armed members to donate and vote for this bigoted proposition. People are hurt and angry. And for what? A proposition based on lies and fear-mongering.
No one is threatening marriage or children, no one is attacking churches. It is the churches actively struggling to deny a group of Americans their civil and human rights. The churches are the aggressors here. (But can we pause for a moment to imagine what the “churches'” millions of dollars could have done for the poor in our country. What it could have meant to sick and hungry children living in poverty – if only their efforts followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and not the bigotries of shallow leaders. But they chose instead to promote hate and fear of an enemy that doesn’t exist.)
Please don’t tell me “the people have spoken.” If women’s rights had been put up for men to vote on they would still be “property.”
If civil rights for African-Americans had been put on a ballot they would have advanced nowhere. Civil rights are not to be voted on. Human rights are not opinion.
This is discrimination. It is unAmerican, unConstitutional.
And NO ONE can yet explain how it is a threat to anyone else’s marriage. How in the world does it have anything to do with someone else’s religion? 
Everyone can hold to their beliefs and religious convictions, but you cannot force those beliefs on others – not in America.
This is not about people exercising their religious convictions.
This is about forcing those convictions on others!
 There can be no second-class Americans.

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
–Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Poor Jim. So misguided and uninformed.

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