Just Too Much Obama Didn’t Know

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BRAVO!! BRAVO!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I’ll leave this as my last post before election day because I think it says it all. Are some Americans really this ignorant or selfish that they’ll vote in someone who will ruin this country?? Will they really vote in someone who lies at every turn and who wants to change this country from a free country into a socialist country?? I guess some will vote that way, but I’m praying that enough people really know the truth and will NOT elect Obama.

Just Too Much Obama Didn’t Know!

JB Williams
November 3, 2008

How many ill-fated stories do we have to hear about Obama’s numerous character flaws or how he conveniently overlooks the most obvious evils in his laundry list of dirty life-long associations before we conclude that this guy is in no way suited for a leadership role even at the lowest levels of society?

His selective memory is frightening at best.

1) He was community organizing partners with the most famous domestic terrorist in modern history for many years and according to Obama, he didn’t know!

2) He was directly instrumental in the left-wing lending policies that led to the collapse of the mortgage and housing industries, now threatening the entire American economic system and somehow, he didn’t know?

3) He sat in the most anti-American racist church and listened to Rev. Wright spew hate-filled anti-white, anti-American and anti-Semitic sermons for twenty years and according to Obama, he didn’t know!

4) He is close friends with two former Arafat PLO terror spokesmen, Obama’s Columbia English Professor Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi, and according to Obama, he didn’t know!

5) His half-brother in Kenya is living in desperate poverty, his aunt is an illegal alien living in an American ghetto and Obama has done nothing to help, because according to Obama, he didn’t know!

6) He helped cousin Odinga force communist change in Kenya via the most brutal means available, and he didn’t know!

7) Obama didn’t pay for his education at Occidental, Columbia or Harvard, and even though Percy Sutton told us who did, Dr. Khalid Al Mansour (aka Donald Warden), Obama claims he didn’t know!

8) Obama’s campaign has intentionally taken in more than $200 million in illegal foreign campaign contributions from undisclosed international sources and according to Obama, he didn’t know!

9) Obama’s former community organizing team ACORN, has run the most massive voter registration fraud in world history and according to Obama, he didn’t know!

10) A presidential candidate is obligated under the Constitution to provide proof that he is a natural born citizen of the United States in order to run for the office of Commander-in-Chief, yet according to Obama, he didn’t know!

11) Obama is close friends with numerous nefarious radicals directly connected to the Arab-Muslim community, many of them suspected of relationships with known Islamic terror organizations here and abroad, and according to Obama, he didn’t know!

12) Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and many other anti-American terror organizations and rogue regimes are campaigning for Obama and Obama doesn’t know!

I can keep going on for several pages, with item after item that would sink any other politician. How many of these stories do we have to hear before we start to ask ourselves which one of these things is true about Barack Hussein Obama?

He really didn’t know any of these things and he is therefore the dumbest individual to ever seek public office…

▪ He did know all of these things, none of it matters, and he is therefore the most dishonest individual to ever seek public office…

▪ Or he is what many Americans believe he is; – a “Manchurian Candidate” with very evil intentions, simply running one step ahead of the law until he can run out the clock and ascend to President before anyone can handcuff him in his tangled web of crime, corruption and lies.

One of these three things is indeed true about Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Yet somehow, he is poised to win the White House in what could be a tidal wave of media created anti-Republican sentiment that lands control of the nation in the lap of the worst candidate ever to place his name on an American ballot.

What will it take for average Americans to ask themselves the most obvious questions that NO member of the failed American press is willing to ask?

▪ Who is this guy?

▪ Where did he really come from?

▪ How did such a “nobody” ascend to such “messiah like” political prominence so fast?

▪ Why does anyone think a man who has done nothing in the past, can do anything for their future?

▪ How can any man be so oblivious to so many ill-advised associations?

▪ What is his real agenda?

▪ And how the hell do we stop what appears to be the most fraudulent political campaign in U.S. history?

It’s as if half of the nation is under a hypnotic spell. I believe the new term for this phenomenon is “hope-nosis.”

In Obama’s own words, he had no idea what he was doing in a life filled with an almost endless list of radical anti-American friends, no idea that they all hold prominent positions on the list of America’s Most Dangerously Radical individuals, no idea that he has spent a life-time in the company of folks the average American would never even have a casual coffee with, and no idea why everyone is asking so many questions about all of it…

Have Americans really been dumbed down below a third grade level of simple common sense?

If McCain spent twenty years in the pew of a white supremacist church, would the press give him a complete pass on the basis that he allegedly didn’t know that all those fellow church members in white robes and hoods were white supremacists? I don’t think so…

If McCain had spent a life-time working in concert with well known terrorists, criminals, communists and racists, would the press ask the American public to pass it all off as “hate-filled political attacks” from his opponents? I think not…

Yet the American press is begging the American electorate to overlook all of it and elect their “chosen messiah” in spite of it all, as if none of it matters in the grand scheme of “installing” the new international “messiah” of global socialism.

What’s the term Hillary Clinton used to describe what’s happening here, – “a willing suspension of disbelief?”

Are Americans now so anxious to trade their freedom for a false promise of “free stuff” that they will turn a complete blind eye to what can only be described as the greatest political scam ever perpetrated on the American people?

According to the national polls, that’s exactly what Americans are prepared to do!

Thousands of readers have written with astonishment at the overwhelming gross ignorance of those supporting Obama, who don’t even have a third graders ability to define or explain their support.

Thinking American patriots have drawn the conclusion that Obama has some sort of Jim Jones-like hypnotic mind control over half of Americans who under any other circumstances, would never fall for the overt anti-American character of this particular candidate.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that Obama is using formally trained hypnosis techniques in his carefully crafted and well orchestrated stump sermons. That’s because it’s just about the only explanation that makes any sense of what they are witnessing…

There are hundreds of legitimate questions concerning the most secretive candidate in campaign history, all of which have been excused as “racially motivated attacks” against a man who isn’t even black to begin with…

But there is more than enough already on the table and out in the open, to bury any mortal politician. To get away with all we already know to be true, he must have super-human powers over his minions. I can assure you, he’s no “messiah.”

No super-human being of biblical origin would ever be caught in the company of those that Obama has spent a life-time in bed with. The “light” would never sleep with so much “darkness!”

Are Americans so scared of FREEDOM and self-reliance that they will overlook all of it for a pittance in false promises of socialist hope for anti-American change?

No matter what you think Obama is, or what you think he can do for you, there is no getting around the fact that he has never in his life done anything for anyone other than himself.

There is no getting around a life filled with evil associations that he refuses to even acknowledge, much less explain.

An individual capable of “not knowing” so many “hard to miss” things is either not very bright, or not very honest. You decide which…

Either way, he is the LAST individual on earth who should ever sit in the Oval Office of the United States at this tumultuous time in history.

God help this nation if this truly is the current immoral and unethical mental state of the average American voter.

If America really can elect such a caricature in unbridled evil, then maybe it is time for America to fall. Under such a morally and mentally disabled electorate, there is really little left worth saving…
LINK: http://www.newmediajournal.us/staff/williams/2008/11032008.htm


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