Double Standard Alert: Two arrested for Obama Effigy

Posted on October 30, 2008. Filed under: Liberal Idiots, Media Bias, Politicians, Politics |

Hmmmm. How very interesting! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!! A Palin effigy and no one is the least bit concerned. An Obama effigy and the boys get arrested!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! Obama becoming president would be a step towards a dictatorship.

Two arrested in connection with Obama effigy
By Beth Musgrave –

University of Kentucky officials announced the arrest of a student and his friend in connection with an effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama that was found on the campus Wednesday.

UK police said the two men told them the act was in response to news reports of an effigy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in California.

Joe Fischer, 22, a UK senior and once a football team walk-on, and a friend, Hunter Bush, 21, were charged Thursday with burglary, theft and disorderly conduct.

Police said items to make the effigy were stolen from a fraternity house and that Fischer and Bush turned themselves in Thursday.


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34 Responses to “Double Standard Alert: Two arrested for Obama Effigy”

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Double standard? Well let’s take a look at this situation. First of all these guys were not arrested because of the effigy in itself. They were arrested because of this took place on school grounds (public property), and because of the stolen property. In the case of the Palin effigy, that was done at someones house (private property).

Now let’s dig deeper into double standard. Being that we’ve already established that the “effigy” in itself is not a crime then technically neither party did anything illegal (as related to the effigy) so no double standard can be applied.

I do beg you to ask yourself this question though. What is the history that this country has of hanging/lynching white women? Double standard in this case? No. But unfortunately there is a difference.

By the way, whoever made this is an idiot.

They should have acquired the mannequin legally. Then there would only be a questionable charge of “disorderly conduct”. They’re damn lucky they didn’t get charged with a hate crime ( and may yet ). Put ’em away for 50 years for having the wrong politics. I think before long, being white or Republican is going to be a crime all its own.

What the Republicans have done to this country over the course of the past eight years is the real crime.

Nah, just as long as white Republicans don’t go around stealing crap and picking historical scabs for the fun of it they should be safe from criminal punishment.

Double Standard. This is just the beginning. Wait until he has the power of the Presidency, the Congress and the Senate.

That is the first things to came to mind for me, too, as I read the headline this morning. Do people need even more proof that there is indeed a double standard out there that defies absolutely all rational thought?

An above comment asked what history the US had in lynching white women. Well, perhaps the term lynching is not associated with what happened way back when small-minded people were convinced that many white women were witches, but any intellegent person has to admit that yes, we do actually have a history of hanging innocent white women in the US. It just happened long enough ago that it has blurred into a storybook moment in our past.

F’in Bull Crap. I knew something like this was going to happen. I always said if someone did this they would get arrested but if they hung sarah nothing would happen.

You fucking idiot. They were arrested for theft.

Double standard my foot. The One by Palin was clearly done to symbolise and protest the nonsense being espoused by her and her hate mongers. It was also done on the guys house and the rope hung from behind the back of the effigy. This one of Obama was clearly a deliberate act to show hate with the rope around the neck and hanging it from a tree. How insensitive, especially to blacks who have endured enough of this nonsense. These two punks definitely represent the
cowardly part of the race haters, many of whom would like the liberal thinking Americans to believe that somehow at this crucial time of the election, “they have’nt made up their minds” about who to vote for. Give me a break. What is also very annoying is the apologist who sees nothing wrong with these acts until they get real nasty and deadly. I blame McCain and Palin for using very nasty mis-information about Obama on a daily basis that ends up with these types being let loose. So far they have not really said much about what they would do to help Americans going forward like Obama has and the real reason is they just don’t have a plan. McCain simply believes that all Americans should vote for him because he was a prisoner of war. What about all the others who came home from that war? Should’nt they be elected too as well! Wake up America, the world is watching. Obama/Biden all the way.

Mike, Barbados

“And a woman in Redondo Beach, about 15 miles (24 kms) away, included in her Halloween decorations a dummy of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama smeared in fake blood, apparently stabbed through the neck with a large knife.”

I see no report of this woman’s arrest. Her action was in response to the hanging of the Palin effigy.

There are a few differences, of course. Did you completely skim over the charges to beef up your double-standard charge?
“Fischer and Bush were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, burglary and theft by unlawful taking, police said. The burglary and theft charges involve allegedly removing items from a room in the fraternity house.”

In other words, they actually committed a CRIME. Also, what the idiot in California did was on his own property. So settle down, ‘Don’t Get Me Started’. No one’s been arrested for a hate crime – yet. I’m sure you know the symbology of hanging a black man’s effigy in a southern state.. This dif

First, this cannot really be considered a double standard. You have to look at the big picture to understand. There is no history or underlying statement regarding the effigy of Sarah Palin. I am not defending such stupidity, but igniting racial tension in the heart of the midwest/south is a much more dangerous statement. Also keep in mind, that these guys made a statement at a public university that has black students. I do believe a person has the right to do whatever they want on their private land. Again, I do not agree with their lack of social responsibility or even the message, but yet they have the right. Now, as to your comment that an Obama presidency would be a dictatorship, come on. Have you had blinders on for the past eight years? Under the Bush administration, United States Citizens have forgone important constitutional rights and witnessed a fear campaign like noneother in United States history. This presidency, by all standards, reached the closest level to a monarchy as possible. You are free to have your opinions, but making statements like that just discredits your point. I still cannot understand why republicans have so much hatred. For the past eight years, we have lost so many brave men and woman in the military for a war that has been proven to be unjust. Our reputation in the world is diminished. We have to borrow money from China to stay in operation. People continue to drive vehicles that get 10 mpg while claiming to support the troops. Government has been so intrinsically tied to the upper class of top earners, protecting and facilitating abuses of power and corporate greed. Families have been fooled into voting against their interest based on a few issues. I can see from your posting categories (liberal idiots, media bias, etc) that you probably will just dismiss all of this. That’s fine. But your party is crumbling due to its members embracing a ‘dumbing down.’ The intellectual leaders of your party are disgusted for good reason. There are alot of facts available out there. I respect republicans – that is – those who are truly republicans (conservative spending, little government involvement, global leaders). What has happened in your party is a pandering to the uneducated and also to religious zealots. Therefore you get the slogans and the illogical talking points. For instance, the whole socialism argument. If anybody would pick up a history book and read about socialism, you would be embarrassed to continue asserting this fallacy. The fact that a candidate thinks we should stop giving huge tax cuts to the very wealthy and wants to reward those who actually work (and keep in mind that Obama has stressed that an individual must be willing to work) is nowhere near socialist. Besides, how do regular people find a place in a party that is so geared to profits, and corporate executives. Do you know that the bailout money (pushed by Bush) is now being used to pay dividends at some banks? Are you kidding, how does that not resemble the same principles you are arguing about. To conclude, Americans need to stop fighting with each other. Although McCain has run an awful campaign, his slogan, Country First, needs to be applied by more people. But that means coming together. In that way, you could post all day, analyzing tax plans, health plans, policy, military strategy, and nobody would have a problem with it. Creative thinking and debate based on facts are necessary to the future of this country. I ask you to do one thing, think about the posts you make, and the propaganda lines you are repeating. Do you really believe this stuff? When there are resources such as, how can you continue to make points based on false assertions?

Oh, I just read the other comments and linked back to your main site. (I was linked here from CNN). I guess I just wasted all that time posting my comment because it will most certainly fall on deaf ears. Just remember when you spew all your religious b.s. that the underlying message of all of Christianity is God’s love and forgiveness. You people do not represent that in any way. God is not a white, republican, United States Citizen. Have fun being delusional.

First of all, the Palin effigy was on someone’s private property. The campus incident was on school property so it was probably the school that pressed charges after an investigation. Now here’s a question for you: When was the last time a white person was hanged, in real life, by a black person?? In both incidents it was white people. You may want to take a look at yourselves before you go and blame in on Obama.

They were arrested for vandalism and theft. You are playing the race card and making the whole double standard thing up without giving the issue any real thought.

Jon – God is also not black, Democratic, or from Chicago.

First of all, the two men that hung the Sarah Palin doll were both white males. You can’t hang a black man, the next president, from a tree in Kentucky which is already sketchy on racism and not expect charges. That just shows how ignorant people are. Stop crying, it’s not a double standard.

This is absurd. The worst thing about it is that I actually can believe it. Two (correct me if I’m wrong) gay guys hang a Palin effigy, but it’s ok because it’s part of a Halloween exhibit. But two guys in Kentucky hang an Obama effigy and they’re arrested for disorderly conduction, theft and burglary?

First, I’m glad the Obama effigy is taken down simply because it is disorderly conduct and incites political violence – such “free” speech is not protected by the 1st Amendment. But burglary & theft? That’s bogus. They didn’t steal anything; their fraternity members willingly gave them the items, and it was their fault for not questioning what the boys wanted them for – that’s not stealing.

Second, the double standard here is egregious. If you’re going to arrest these two guys, arrest the other two in California for the Palin effigy. And don’t stop there, arrest anybody who hangs or displays violence against an effigy of someone else. Right?

And I guess this is Obama’s fault right?!!!!!! Why do people refuse to put the blame where it belongs; on the individuals. Now, Blaming Obama, That is RIDICULOUS!!!

Well I guess college students aren’t that bright after all. The two guys in California had the sense to do it on their own property. What on Earth possessed these two jokes for college students to do it on the college campus. Doing it on the college campus is what got them in trouble.

Joe, Private v. Public property, clear distinction. Incitement of racial tensions – big difference. Again, not that the asses who hung Palin were correct, but remember, this is the America that right-wingers like to talk about – Freedom. And with Freedom comes laws. You have free speech to the extent that it violates law. Incitement is law. Public property is not private property. And police cannot file a bogus charge. Somebody is alleging that those items were taken wrongly. That is for a jury to decide.

Angie, what does your reply mean? That I think Obama is God? Because that is not the case at all. He has faults, as does every human. My point is that Christians in this country have become similar to the middle easterners that they detest. I was a devout Catholic for all my life until the 2004 elections. When we were told that voting for John Kerry was a sin. How do you elevate abortion above all else? Doesn’t life include those harmed by aggressive military action? Doesn’t life include caring for those who need care? Doesn’t it also include a disdain for those who are greedy to the point of oppressing the entire country. I am not the one who wrote this blog. I am not the one who is writing about God, then bashing liberals. I am only saying that those of you who think you have it so right will be judged by God too. Maybe I’m wrong but being as loving and compassionate to as many people as possible seems to be the overwhelming message of God’s teaching. The hate, anger, devisiveness, and intolerance displayed by a majority of the American Evangelicals is disgusting and as anti-religious as you could possibly be.

To everyone who thinks this isn’t a double standard, all I see is attempt at justification for the Palin effigy or basically trying to say that it was somehow not as bad as the Obama effigy. The theft charges are completely bogus; they acquired the items used to make the effigy legally from fraternity brothers who apparently didn’t ask what they wanted the items for. That’s not stealing. Secondly, they’re still being charged with “disorderly conduct,” which refers to the effigy specifically. So let’s take the theft charges out of the equation for a second and analyze the effigies themselves.

One is taken down and the perpetrators are arrested; the other is considered free speech. The only other possible defense of this scenario is that hanging an effigy of a black man is somehow worse than hanging an effigy of a white woman (or anybody else, presumably). In what warped universe is this rational? Sure, we have had a history of racial tension in this society, but is it really necessary to point out the past gender discrimination in this society and the rest of the world? And why exacerbate seeming racial tensions by treating hate speech against one race different than another?

Point is, they’re both speech that’s not protected by the 1st Amendment because it incites political violence, or they’re both free speech that is protected by said 1st Amendment. You can’t have it both ways. That’s the definition of a double-standard.

Jon, you bring up a good point – public vs. private property. But the problem with that argument is that neither the 1st Amendment itself, or any subsequent Supreme Court cases regarding free speech make any distinction between public and private property.

Free speech is protected regardless of where it occurs, unless it is considered trespassing, presents a clear and present danger, or incites others to violence. Obscenity is not prohibited by the 1st Amendment. And since these jack asses weren’t trespassing becuase they were on public property (they still had as much right to be there as anybody else), any distinction made between private & public property in this case is inapplicable.

JOE – WTF is wrong with you? I try to be calm, cite the law, and you cannot understand this. How do f’s like you claim to be American. We have laws you dumbass. Anything can be considered a double standard. What if you were black and lived in Kentucky. That alone is a scary thought. Besides the law that I cited earlier, maybe that police force feels the need to prosecute these low lifes so as not to incite a racial issue. You would be complaining then if something happened. I am so sick of people like you who talk about America, talk about the constitution, but cannot understand the most simple of laws. Next time you go out and walk down the street, ask yourself, why is there so much order? Because there are laws. If you break the law in the public, you will be prosecuted. If you want to do the same thing on your private property, you won’t be arrested. Tell me if I have to respond with big crayon letters next time.

I will stop posting because I should not have been so critical of you Joe. I just can’t understand why people in this country are so linked to one view rather than resorting to the law. I apologize, but its very frustrating these days.

Salem proved white people were crazy, and the Jim Crow laws proved they were absolutely, despicably hateful. No one should be allowed to have these kind of displays, but, considering the racists atmosphere at the GOP rallies, this is obviously more fuel to the KKK fire. Thus the double standard. Idiots.

You close minded ass the difference, one was used legally on a homeowners property as a halloween decoration while this one is hung in a university campus from a tree to show obvious racial transgression…you dont get it do you…

Wow, Jon. I certainly didn’t expect that outburst. I accept your apology but understand that I am not condoning any of this, the Palin effigy or the Obama effigy. Do I really need to make that clear? Apparently so, because you are so quick to judge me. First of all, you didn’t cite any “laws” that prove any of your points. I simply pointed out to you that there is no distinction between free speach on public or private property. Read up on constitutional law. You may not like that, but it’s the way it is. So you’re argument in that respect isn’t valid.

As far as the desire to prevent further racial tensions, I’m all for it. But that doesn’t mean you can infringe on peoples’ constitutional rights to do it, regardless of how dispicable their free speech may be. And it also doesn’t mean that you can institute a double-standard because you’re more concerned with some peoples’ feelings than others. Are you really going to stand here and tell me that anyone, anyone at all, would have more of a right to be offended by the Obama effigy than the Palin effigy? If you say yes, you have a double-standard. They’re both equally offensive, and the law is supposed to be blind (that would include being color blind).

And Jon, by the way, you have absolutely no right to question my patriotism. You have no idea who I am or what I’ve done. I proudly call myself American. And pointing out double-standards and injustice, in my opinion, is patriotic.

All of the people we’re talking about here, the people who hung the Obama effigy and the hangers of the Palin effigy, are tasteless ass holes. If you think their free speech incites political violence or presents a clear and present danger, and you think that that argument is defensible in court, then by all means arrest them on appropriate charges. But you can’t pick and choose who you arrest and who you don’t for commiting the same crime, simply because the act was directed at different goups or individuals. That is unconstitutional.

“Sense,” you just proved yourself a racial biggot. It’s impossible to respond to someone like you.

Tim, read my posts to Jon. There is no distinction made between free speech on public vs. private property as long as you’re not trespassing. The fact that the Palin effigy was thinly-disguised as a “Haloween decoration” is irrelevant. The act of hanging the effigies in both cases was the same. They are both equally offensive. As such, treat them the same.

Think of it this way, if those guys had hung an Obama effigy in exactly the same manner, and excused it simply as a “Halloween decoration,” you think we’d still have the same situation? Of course we would. Why? Because people like you advocate a double-standard in that it’s somehow worse to hang an effigy of one person than another. That’s the definition of a double-standard.

Citing history doesn’t make me a bigot. White people burned other white people they accused of being whites in Salem — that there is crazy. White people terrorized and murdered black people for simply being black — that there is hateful. That’s history. And, mind you, I said WERE intentionally, as in past tense. Most white people are not like that in the 21st century (trust me, I have white people in my family LOL), but there are idiots, such as these fools (as well as the idiots at the GOP rallies) who are just as bad and they should not be tolerated.

I meant “witches” in Salem, just in case some of you didn’t know. 🙂

And you’re honestly going to tell me that white people are solely responsible for every act of group violence in history? Are you kidding me? What about the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur? What about the millenia of violence in the Middle East? What about the fact that the slave trade in this country was only possible because African warlords were complicit in selling off their defeated enemies as slaves to the white man? In the many thousands of years of recorded history, these are but a few examples.

How can you honestly defend your post? There are idiots everywhere, and idiocy and racial biggotry is not party-specific. If you’re not a racist, you certainly sound like one.

YES, I totally agree that there is a double standard when it comes to race but that’s because it is the “BIG WHITE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” that on one in this country really wants to talk address. Let’s also not forget that it was WHITE men (not BLACK) who hung up the Palin effigy. I’m sorry but when WHITE men decide to hang a BLACK man’s figure it reflects the past hatred/tension of an actual racist act that took place in this country.

People really need to empathize with the plight of AA’s in this country. It is the media, which is controlled by white people, that creates this racial divide. They created the notion that a person is black just because they have one ounce of black blood running through their veins. (think Tiger Woods). It is the media that chooses to depict BLACKS as just rappers, entertainers and criminals. Let’s wake up people. It’s the HUMAN RACE…color, religion and class are the only things that really divides people. BY the way, OBAMA is bi-racial and media just points out that his skin is black.

Ty, look, I understand where you’re coming from, but you’re making some totally illogical conclusions.

First, I’m glad you at least recognize there’s a double standard. But then you go on to attempt to justify it? How does that help anybody, white or black? Isn’t the idea here to move toward a post-racial society? Double standards just keep us stuck in a rut in the past.

Yes, it was white men who hung the effigy of Obama. So what? Does that make the act different somehow? I’ll also point out that it was men who hung the effigy of Sarah Palin, obviously a woman. So why are gender issues less important that racial issues?

You’re right in that media play a role in exacerbating racial tensions. But not for the reasons that you assume. The media continue to make race the issue, perpetuating double standards like this. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If people think racial discrimination is the big problem, it will continue to be. I’m not saying real discrimination doesn’t exist or isn’t a serious problem, but people (perpetuated by the media) refuse to acknowledge that it happens from all different sections of society, and the significance of real discrimination is diminished everytime someone cries “wolf” or perpetuates a double standard like this.

And your assumption that the big bad whitey media is resposible for the image of blacks in this country is ridiculous, unless of course you’re talking about black media. Rappers portray themselves as rappers, not the media, and even more disturbingly, portray themselves as gangsters and romanticize violence and womanizing. The so-called “black media” and perpetual victim mentality are far more damaging to black society in the present era than anything white people say or do.

As for Obama, yes, he’s biracial. But it’s Obama who calls HIMSELF black and ignores his white heritage (except when it’s convenient). He was the one that ticketed himself as the first black presedential candidate, went to a “black” church, etc., etc. To his credit, at least it seems he has not made race the central issue of his campaign. But then again, he definitely uses it to his advantage when it suits him politically.

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