I am Ashamed

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Excellent letter written by this pastor. I wholeheartedly agree and cannot believe so many people in our country have been led so astray that they would vote for a man like Obama!!


I Am Ashamed

Unlike Michelle Obama, for most of my adult life, I have been proud of my country, her people, her spirit, and her ability to overcome evil and injustice in the world. Lately, however, I have become ashamed of the American people.

I am:
Ashamed that we have allowed the press and the Democrat party to denigrate and smear our President in war time. Ashamed that we have believed the lies about him and have weakened ourselves as a result. Ashamed at the ugly and personal attacks which have long gone beyond dissent. The Left’s bigotry, xenophobia, and intolerance have been amply displayed, yet they have convinced many Americans (if the polls are to be believed) that President Bush and the Republicans are the haters and bigots.

Ashamed that we have been so misled by the Left about the “War On Terror,” a war which has been waged against us for decades, which was seared into our consciousness on 9/11, and which will go on for decades more. We whine and fret about the deaths in Iraq, kept in our consciousness daily by the little ticker in our newspapers. This would have never been allowed in other wars because the cost was so much higher. While each and every one of the more than 4,000 lives lost in Iraq was special and their death a tragedy, they represent a low number for most islands taken in the Pacific during WW II, and more lives were lost in some hours during WW I and the Civil War. The Left has used that number to erode our will to fight, and they have diluted our resolve by focusing on our own methods–Abu Ghraib (old school fraternity hazing at worst) and Guantanamo, where the majority of those released in response to the backlash have gone back to war against us. We were defeated in Vietnam in the press and at home, not on the battlefield, and the same forces are bent on our defeat today.

Ashamed that we have been led by the nose into considering a presidential candidate who has spent his whole life fighting against the very system–the rule of law, capitalism, free markets and free association–which he has used to come to power. Barack Obama’s writings, political life, and associations reveal him to be a socialist, and elitist, and an enemy of the American way of life. A careful look at his own words reveals his contempt for his own white ancestors, our system of government, and our way of life. He has been aided and abetted by a mainstream press that labels any criticism of him racism and which refuses to consider his inexperience and lack of qualifications for the job. We know so little of his past that we cannot even say for sure if he was born in America or not, but the press, which covers any blemish or misstep by his opponent with a toothpick and microscope, broadly brushes over any questions about his past or associations.

Ashamed of Republicans, who while they were in power in Washington started to like the sound of their own voices and the feel of their own power too much, and started acting like Democrats, spending more and more money, expanding government more and more, and bringing home more bacon to stay in power. They allowed themselves to be manipulated by the press and the Democrats and squandered the chance they had to bring real change to Washington. Ashamed that there is not a Ronald Reagan among them to ride to our rescue. John McCain is a nice man, and a great American, but he is not as inspiring as his running mate (who will be a force in the future no matter what), and it is a sad day when we cannot find someone more inspiring to carry our banner.

Ashamed of the Democrats, a once great party who have now made a deal with the devil in Barack Obama so that they might regain power and hold onto it. Never has a political party acted so treasonously as they have in these last seven years, betting on the failure of our military and set backs in the war to get back in power, and attacking and lying about our current administration thereby sowing confusion about the war among the people. Ashamed that they will not own up to their real role in the current financial crises.

-Ashamed mostly of the American people, who have demonstrated their ignorance and shallowness by allowing us to come to this point. We have been led by the nose by the Democrat snake oil salesmen, and our laziness, greed, and lack of resolve have placed us on this precipice.
I wish I had more faith in the American people at this point, and I hope and pray to God they prove me wrong.

God Bless America
Rev. David Preston
Jacksonville FL

LINK:  http://www.rightnation.us/forums/index.php?showtopic=147035

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