Barack Obama and the Black Chicago Alliance; a Final Warning from an African American

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I wish people would heed the warning below. But the problem is that Obama supporters don’t care how radical or extreme he is, they just want him elected. They refuse to acknowledge these negative things about him because they hate conservatives more than they love this country. Therefore they are willing to sacrifice the future of the US just to ‘stick it’ to the conservatives. Obama supporters are pathetic, uninformed and dangerous!

Barack Obama and the Black Chicago Alliance; a Final Warning from an African American

In my original “Dire Warning” article, I told of my concern about Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers.
In this, “Final Warning”, I’m going to give a view into, and a warning about the relationship that exists between Obama, Rev Jeremiah Wright, and leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and define the entire Chicago alliance and its connection to Barack Obama.

In part one I told of my experience, as teenager growing up in the black inner city neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn (a borough of NYC).

As I mentioned, at that time, I was fully indoctrinated, sold on, and a firm believer in the black nationalist/black liberation movement. The Black Panthers were like young gods to me, with their ultra cool black berets and black leather jackets.

But the one man I respected and idolized the most was Malcolm X, and it was the murder of Malcolm X which devastated me, and eventually turned me bitterly away from that entire movement (praise God!).
This occured after the word spread in the NYC black community that a man very close to Malcolm X, who he had mentored and trusted, was the one who plotted and planned, and then sent men he personally chose to carry out that murder.

The man was “Louis X”, the then assistant Minister to Malcolm in NYC. This murderer and traitor is today known as Louis Farrakhan, who has now publically admitted to his involvement in the murder of Malcolm X, but has never been charged or prosecuted for it.

In 1995, one of the daughters of Malcolm X, Qubilah Bahiyah Shabazz, was arrested and charged with trying to hire a hitman, who was actually a police undercover agent, to kill Louis Farrakhan. This young woman was 4 1/2 years old, and present in the Audobon Ballroom in NYC, when Farrakhans men shot her father dead in front of her.

The Nation of Islam (NOI) is now, and as it was then, a hate cult , (although they are not as vocal about their hatred of whites as they once were), founded by Elijah Muhammad, based on a distortion of Islam so incredible, in order to justify the hatred of white people, that I won’t waste time telling the story of it.
I will state the one main aspect of NOI belief, which Elijah Muhammad taught his followers, which is that all whites are literally devils, and many African-Americans, bitter about racism, were more than eager to accept that lie of a belief, and join what became known in the black community at that time as “The Nation”, and its members as “Black Muslims”

Louis Farrakhan is now the leader of the NOI, and runs the organization from its headquarters in Chicago. Farrakhan’s reputation is so well known by most Americans, that there is no need for introduction, he’s been in your living rooms on your televisions spewing his hate for much of our lifetimes.

After the assassination of Martin Luther King, a wave of anger swept the black community in Chicago, and many African Americans began to reject Christian belief, to join the growing ranks of Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam.

In response to that loss of members, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) in Chicago, embarked on a distortion of Christianity to combine it with black liberation theology, which became known as Afro centrism. Trinity began its venture down this dark road, in order to directly compete for bodies with the Black Muslims of Chicago, recognizing the growing militancy of African Americans.

The move of the so called black church in Chicago away from traditional Christianity, toward a demonic mixture of race hatred and religion, eventually put the NOI, under Louis Farrakhan, and the largest Afro-centric church in Chicago, with over 8000 members, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), led by Rev Jeremiah (“God Damn America!!!”) Wright, on same and common ground.

This would culminate in a close relationship between Louis Farrakhan, Rev Wright, and long time members of Trinity church, Barack and Michelle Obama.

There’s no disputing the relationship of Farrakhan and Wright, who came together to establish a strong friendship, based on their individual, but similar in nature, distorted teaching of both Islam and Christianity, respectively.

Farrakhan and Wright share these same heinous traits in their talking points:
• A basic public message of animosity (in private actual hatred) preached at their “worship services’ against whites
• A general hatred preached of America and everything it stands for
• An extremely anti-Semitic hatred and open hostility toward Israel , Jews, and Zionism

The message of Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright is very similar, if not exactly the same.
Evidence of their close friendship became obvious when Louis Farrakhan was named the recipient of the “Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer” Award at the 2007 Trumpet Gala at the United Church of Christ in Chicago.

As many already know Barack and Michelle Obama spent 20 years as members of Trinity church, with Rev Jeremiah Wright as their Pastor. Rev Wright conducted the marriage ceremony of Barack and Michelle, and also baptized their two children.

During their time at Trinity, and when Barack was in state govt. and the US Senate, the Obama’s did also interact with Louis Farrakhan, both socially and otherwise. Obama at one time employed two members of the NOI, both acolytes of Louis Farrakhan on his staff. I’m not sure if these people remain on his staff today, since it became public knowledge they were there. Obama is not telling the truth when he says he has no connection to the NOI and Farrakhan.

In Feb 2008, Louis Farrakhan gave his strong endorsement to the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, at the NOI’s big annual “Saviors Day” event, where he also proclaimed Obama to be a “Messiah” (while conversely some religious extremists with opposing views to Farrakhan identify Obama as the “anti-Christ”)
Of course Obama, in his ongoing deception of Americans, tell us that he has now rejected and renounced these two men, and their preaching of race hatred , and hate of America.

Do not believe it.

Obama has also guaranteed Jews that they won’t have to worry, he will be a strong supporter of Israel, although he was mentored, and nurtured for 20 years under the anti-Semtic teaching of Wright and Farrakhan.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint), another not so important (or smart) bit player of the Black Chicago alliance, the so called “Rev”Jesse Jackson (who once in a racial slur referred to NYC with its large Jewish population as “Hymie town”, and who, becoming irate recently about his being left out of the Obama inner circle, threatened to relieve Obama of his “nuts”, in audio recorded without his knowledge while waiting in a studio for a FoxNews interview ) pretty much let the Obama anti-Semitic cat out of the bag earlier this week.

Jackson made a statement in an interview this week that “Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades”, will lose much of their power once Barack Obama enters the White House.

Jackson also said in an interview in France that Obama planned to initiate ‘fundamental changes”, in American Middle East policy in regard to Israel.

Of course once again Obama immediately had to denounce a statement by one of the Black Chicago alliance members, and place a call to slap a gag on Jesse Jackson.

But do we see the very disturbing pattern here?

In the case of Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, and Rev Wright, we have a closed tight circle of old, warped Chicago friends who have mentored Obama in radical belief and hatred, managing, with the help of the Democratic Party, unbelievably to bring him close to the very doorstep of the White House.

Yet Obama would have us believe, he is now suddenly in denial of them all, while having embraced these men, for many years of his adult life, and being indebted to them for his success.

It’s also no secret that the murderous terrorist organization, Hamas, not only issued a public satement of endorsement of Obama, but also contributed $33,000 in donations to his campaign, which Obama was forced to return when the source of the contribution was publically revealed.

Can we all honestly say we believe that convergence of all these Chicago demagogues,and the Middle East terrorist organization Hamas, around the person and being of Barack Obama, is just an innocent and harmless coincidence?
Only the seriously self deluded could belive such.

In the black community, there was always the well the known figure of the “Superfly”, hustler, a “community activist” so to speak, who used his looks, his wit, his dress, speech, and guile to deceive and activate things to the detriment of our community.

Drugs, gambling, women, whatever was desired the hustler could provide, and in his wake he’d leave a trail of human misery, even as people continued to elevate him to a status high above themselves.

In Barack Obama, we have the epitome of the street hustler, about to hustle the American electorate, and be put in trust of power he should not be allowed to have, based on his past, which is filled with friendships and alliances with radical and hateful enemies of this country.

If Americans make the mistake of electing Barack Obama as President of the United States, as he loves to say, a change is definitely going to come.

But it’s not going to be the type of change Americans expect, or will want, as the Chicago alliance members, Hamas, and other forces which own a share, queue up to collect on their Obama investment.
The Black Chicago Alliance sowed the seeds of radicalism, race hatred, and anti-Zionism , in the Barack Obama America is about to reap.

My final warning to Americans is this; we reap him to our own destruction.
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For a pre-Halloween scare, Google “Obama Supports Public Depravity.” (This is Pelosi’s district, and the SF mayor told the SF cops to NOT arrest anyone exercising the “rights” Obama approves of which were flaunted in public in front of little kids!) After recovering, Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” and “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.” Obama etc. don’t want folks to know what goes on at “gay” festivals because it could ignite and unite the Religious Right like nothing else – which explains why nothing was said about “gay” rights at any of the Presidential debates! Lee
(Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Newsom did not approve of this message!)

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