15 Things You Should Know about La Raza (“The Race”)

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This group should be labeled correctly  – it is RACIST !!

15 Things You Should Know About “The Race”
By Michelle Malkin

Only in America could critics of a group called “The Race” be labeled racists. Such is the triumph of left-wing identity chauvinists, whose aggressive activists and supine abettors have succeeded in redefining all opposition as “hate.”

Both Barack Obama and John McCain will speak this week in San Diego at the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza, the Latino organization whose name is Spanish for, yes, “The Race.” Can you imagine Obama and McCain paying homage to a group of white people who called themselves that? No matter. The presidential candidates and the media have legitimized “The Race” as a mainstream ethnic lobbying group and marginalized its critics as intolerant bigots. The unvarnished truth is that the group is a radical ethnic nationalist outfit that abuses your tax dollars and milks PC politics to undermine our sovereignty.

Here are 15 things you should know about “The Race”:

15. “The Race” supports driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

14.”The Race” demands in-state tuition discounts for illegal alien students that are not available to law-abiding U.S. citizens and law-abiding legal immigrants.

13. “The Race” vehemently opposes cooperative immigration enforcement efforts between local, state and federal authorities.

12. “The Race” opposes a secure fence on the southern border.

11. “The Race” joined the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in a failed lawsuit attempt to prevent the feds from entering immigration information into a key national crime database — and to prevent local police officers from accessing the data.

10. “The Race” opposed the state of Oklahoma’s tough immigration-enforcement-first laws, which cut off welfare to illegal aliens, put teeth in employer sanctions and strengthened local-federal cooperation and information sharing.

9. “The Race” joined other open-borders, anti-assimilationists and sued to prevent Proposition 227, California’s bilingual education reform ballot initiative, from becoming law.

8. “The Race” bitterly protested common-sense voter ID provisions as an “absolute disgrace.”

7. “The Race” has consistently opposed post-9/11 national security measures at every turn.

6. Former “Race” president Raul Yzaguirre, Hillary Clinton’s Hispanic outreach adviser, said this: “U.S. English is to Hispanics as the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks.” He was referring to U.S. English, the nation’s oldest, largest citizens’ action group dedicated to preserving the unifying role of the English language in the United States. “The Race” also pioneered Orwellian open-borders Newspeak and advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal alien amnesty while avoiding the terms “illegal” and “amnesty.”

5. “The Race” gives mainstream cover to a poisonous subset of ideological satellites, led by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA). The late GOP Rep. Charlie Norwood rightly characterized the organization as “a radical racist group … one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West.”

4. “The Race” is currently leading a smear campaign against staunch immigration enforcement leaders and has called for TV and cable news networks to keep immigration enforcement proponents off the airwaves — in addition to pushing for Fairness Doctrine policies to shut up their foes. The New York Times reported that current “Race” president Janet Murguia believes “hate speech” should “not be tolerated, even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights.”

3. “The Race” sponsors militant ethnic nationalist charter schools subsidized by your public tax dollars (at least $8 million in federal education grants). The schools include Aztlan Academy in Tucson, Ariz., the Mexicayotl Academy in Nogales, Ariz., Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School in St. Paul, Minn., and La Academia Semillas del Pueblo in Los Angeles, whose principal inveighed: “We don’t want to drink from a White water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts. We don’t need a White water fountain … ultimately the White way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction.”

2. “The Race” has perfected the art of the PC shakedown at taxpayer expense, pushing relentlessly to lower home loan standards for Hispanic borrowers, reaping millions in federal “mortgage counseling” grants, seeking special multimillion-dollar earmarks and partnering with banks that do business with illegal aliens.
1. “The Race” thrives on ethnic supremacy — and the elite sheeple’s unwillingness to call it what it is. As historian Victor Davis Hanson observes: “[The] organization’s very nomenclature ‘The National Council of La Raza’ is hate speech to the core. Despite all the contortions of the group, Raza (as its Latin cognate suggests) reflects the meaning of ‘race’ in Spanish, not ‘the people’ — and that’s precisely why we don’t hear of something like ‘The National Council of the People,’ which would not confer the buzz notion of ethnic, racial and tribal chauvinism.”

The fringe is the center. The center is the fringe. Viva La Raza.

LINK: http://www.townhall.com/Columnists/MichelleMalkin/2008/07/09/15_things_you_should_know_about_the_race


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5 Responses to “15 Things You Should Know about La Raza (“The Race”)”

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Either Ms. Malkin is a lying moron, or believes her readers are gullible morons. (Either way, there be morons aplenty over there.) Anyway, as Ms. Malkin surely knows, the organization’s name was drawn from the 1926 essay by Mexican philosopher José Vasconcelos called “La Raza Cosmica” (“The Cosmic Peoples”). In that essay, Vasconcelos proposed that the world was conglomerating into what he called a “fifth race” — representing the commingled product of generations of inter-racial unions. He envisioned a resulting new world order, which he called Universópolis, from which a “new era of humanity” would emerge. Vasconcelos particularly referred to the Latino peoples of the Americas as being, not a single race, “but a conglomerate of races and types”. Latinos, went his theory, carried the blood of most of the worlds peoples in their veins and were therefore particularly well-suited to participate in his imagined transcendence of the “old” order dominated by notions of race and nationality.

From this essay, and the concept of a peoples — a humanity — transcending tired notions of race by embodying the best of all of the mixed cultures which formed them over generations — “La Raza” came to symbolize not a monolithic, separate race, but (as the NCLR site puts it) “the mixture inherent in the Hispanic people. This is an inclusive concept, meaning that Hispanics share with all other peoples of the world a common heritage and destiny.”

But the facts are just too inconvenient to the desperate status that wingnuts like Malkin see when they look to November. So, instead of dealing with substantive issues, out of audacious desperation, they rely on the twisting of meaning to create something sounding racist out of a slogan drawn from a nearly 100-year old pamphlet trumpeting the coming displacement of racial purity with a humanity and order which moves beyond race itself.

Blah, blah, blah. I don’t care how it started or what they ‘say’ they mean. The reality is that what they stand for and support defines them, and if they support those things listed, they are racist. It is clear what their goal is at this point, and we would be stupid if we didn’t realize exactly what they want to do.

Sooo, what you are saying is that, despite the fact that she starts off her little diatribe with a flat-out, bald-faced LIE, you are willing to assume that the rest of the article is god’s truth? (Note that she doesn’t link to a SINGLE source.)

If that is your approach, it isn’t “blah blah blah”, it is “baa baa baaa” . . . .

I am ashamed that the La Raza convention occurs in my city of San Diego
this weekend. La Raza should not be given tax dollars and should be kicked out of our contry. Send them to Pakistan!!!

Who are these people that think this info. is a lie or
that she/we are morons for believing it? Oh, yeah, name
calling,,,,that equals libs.

La Raza is a racist organization dedicated to getting over
the USA. Just ask the major of LA.

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