Campaign Takes Aim at Gov’t Health Care – Ad by Brit warns the US

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Please, please, please, I beg of you…Go look at these videos and see where we are headed if we have a national healthcare system. Tell those who think its a good idea to check these out.

Campaign takes aim at government health care
Ad by Brit says, ‘You won’t better your system with ours’

posted: June 28, 2008
By Christina Miller
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON — Government-run health care has been debated in the United States for years and has become a flashpoint during the 2008 presidential race with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama advocating some type of nationalized plan like in both Europe and Canada.

But there’s also a growing movement in opposition to having those individual health decisions made by Washington bureaucrats, and Europeans and Canadians who lived with – or perhaps survived is a better word – their national health-care systems are helping that effort.

A series of videos is being released telling horror stories that have emerged under a system controlled by government. One victim is Brian Turner, 74, of Oaks Green Mount in the United Kingdom, who suffers from macular degeneration and is blind in one eye.

He’s requested a special drug to prevent the same problem in his right eye, but was told it would be offered only if the second eye became affected and the risks of complete blindness rose.

This verdict, despite the fact Turner learned the UK’s national health plan covers that very treatment for some patients and not others based on the postal code in which they live.

“Being told I’ve got to wait until something happens with my other eye before they’ll do something about it, when it may be too late. You can only imagine yourself what it’s like going blind. Not very pleasant,” he says.

His granddaughter adds, “I can only see it getting worse, to be honest.”

The ad is available on a new website,, which has been assembled by the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, and also has been embedded here:

CMPI president Peter Pitts said the goal of the new initiative that includes the website will be a “barrage of reality.”

Nationalized care systems, opponents say, distribute care services and products based on whether it is cost-effective for the government, not whether the patient needs it or it will relieve a health problem.
CMPI set out to locate Europeans and Canadians dissatisfied with their system, and found that wasn’t difficult.

One Canadian agreed to appear in a video, and also attended a press availability in Washington to announce the program.

Shona Holmes was diagnosed with brain cancer and would have had to wait so long for helping Canada her life may have been endangered. She flew to Arizona where she was able to obtain surgery that just may prolong her life significantly.

Had her physician in Canada agreed to perform the work, she and her doctor could have been fined $250,000 and given up to three years in jail.

“My fear is that if you change your system I have nowhere to run,” Holmes said.

U.S. Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., now is spearheading an effort in Congress to draft a health care reform that reduces government involvement and turns more control back to patients.

The plan allows tax credits that could be used to buy whatever health insurance would best fit the patient, similar to a school voucher.

Shadegg said that he is confident that he and his peers can outsell those who support national health care, even though the promise of free health care is very alluring. A large selling point for the Republican plan is patient choice.

“[Clinton and Obama’s plans] talk about patient choice, but at the end of the day I think a lot of Americans are going to realize [their system] looks a lot like the system we have now. I think we can explain to the people that if they go with the Republicans’ proposal they get patient choice. If they go with the Democrats’ proposal…[they’ll get] rules and regulations,” he said.

“Your system is not perfect,” Helen Evans of London said in a video. “But you won’t make it perfect by transplanting ours.”



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2 Responses to “Campaign Takes Aim at Gov’t Health Care – Ad by Brit warns the US”

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I am amazed at how many people perceive the account of how the devil told Jesus that he owns all the kingdoms of the world, and that he would give them to Jesus, if Jesus would bow down and worship him. Many believe that indeed the devil owns and rules this world, have they not read the words of Jesus, that the devil is the father of lies. What a huge misconception this is for Christians who believe these lies.
Do you remember how God had to put right Nebuchadnezzar’s foolishness by giving him a message from angelic beings called watchers and holy ones in the book of Daniel, ch 4 v 17.
I quote, “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones, to the intent that the living my know that the most High rules in the kingdom of men, and He gives it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”
Now you can see that the wicked one rules and owns nothing on this earth, he may lie to men like Nebuchadnezzar, and other evil rulers of this world, but they all come to a very sorry end indeed. History has proved it over and over again, so do not be deceived when you see evil men in power, for surely in a little while they shall be no more. Let us always remember that God rules in heaven and on earth and gives it to whoever He wants to. Psalm 83 v 18, “That men may know that thou whose name alone is Jehovah art the most High over all the earth.”

Begs the question: Why did God put Obama in the White House? To show us how much trouble we can get into with a really bad president?

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