Larry Elder Explains How a ‘fellow black American’ can Oppose Obama

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This response by Larry Elder is not only an excellent explanation as to why a black American could oppose Obama, but it also explains how skewed the media has been regarding Dems and Republicans. They are NOT truthful about the two parties and constantly portray the Dems as the more compassionate party. It’s really dishonest and sickening!!

How can a ‘fellow black American’ oppose Obama?

Posted: June 26, 2008
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Mr. Elder,

I am shocked that you oppose Barack Obama and belong to the Republican Party. We must get over ourselves and realize there is room at the top for everyone, and we must get there by helping each other – instead of agreeing with policies and old politics that are proven not to work.
To endorse John McCain, a person who will not make it easier for the underprivileged, is just too much. How can a fellow black American feel this way?

Your Former Supporter


Dear Former Supporter,

Do you have any Republican friends, let alone black ones? If so, how many of them want to make it harder “for the underprivileged”?
You also might want to familiarize yourself with the history of the Democratic and Republican parties, and see which party has stood up longer for the rights of people of color.

Do you know that Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution – abolishing slavery, granting citizenship rights to newly freed slaves, and guaranteeing the right to vote (at least on paper) to blacks, respectively? Do you know that most of the politicians who stood for segregation were Southern Democrats? Do you know that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats, one of whose goals was to stop the spread of the Republican Party? Do you know that, as a percentage of the party, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Do you know that inner-city parents want vouchers – the right to determine where their children go to school? Do you know most Democrats, including Barack Obama, oppose this? Republicans, for the most part, support vouchers. Where vouchers have been tried, kids appear to perform better, with higher parental satisfaction. You tell me, how many things are more important than a child’s education?

Do you know that 36 percent of babies aborted are black, while blacks make up 17 percent of live births? Do you know that polls show blacks are more pro-life than are whites? Yet the Democratic Party – to which over 90 percent of blacks belong – is the party of Roe v. Wade, requiring states to legalize abortion on demand. Do you know that Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization that became Planned Parenthood, believed that poor blacks were inferior and that aborting their babies made our society better? Look it up.

Do you know that blacks stand to benefit more than whites through Social Security privatization, a position opposed by Obama but supported by McCain? Are you even familiar with the issue and what a powerful income-generating vehicle it would be for blacks? If not, take a look at the research done by the libertarian think tank Cato Institute and the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation.

Porous borders enable illegal aliens to enter our country and threaten the jobs and lower the wages of Americans, many of whom are unskilled people of color. Which party is more determined to deal with this – Republicans or Democrats? Obama called the foes of the House anti-illegal immigration bill “ugly and racist.” I did not support the bill, but vehemently object to characterizing those who did as “ugly and racist.”

You speak of policies that have “proven not to work.” What about the “war on poverty” that began in the ’60s, the policies that Obama and his party want to continue and expand? Do you know that today 70 percent of black children and over 50 percent of Hispanics are born outside of wedlock? The welfare state – which Democrats want to expand – has played a huge role in discouraging marriage and destabilizing families.

Speaking of helping the “underprivileged,” I’d suggest you read a book called “Who Really Cares,” by Arthur C. Brooks. A non-Republican professor raised by Democrats, he examined the charitable spending habits of Democrats and Republicans. The results surprised him. Brooks found that Republicans give far more of their money and time for charitable purposes than do Democrats. And the giving is not confined to their churches or other houses of worship. This, by the way, has nothing to do with income. Poor Republicans give more than poor Democrats.

Compassion is not about making people dependent on government. Compassion is about encouraging personal responsibility, and getting people to understand that life is about making choices. Poverty does not cause crime. Crime causes poverty. Poverty does not cause a child to have a child. A child having a child causes poverty. Finishing high school is a choice. Not joining a gang is a choice. Not having a child until you have the maturity and the means to raise that child is a choice.

You ask how can a “fellow black American feel this way”? Quite a statement. You may disagree, but it doesn’t make me less caring and compassionate than you are. I’m sure you truly consider yourself open-minded and tolerant. But based on your letter, tolerance ends – especially with “fellow black Americans” – if someone has an opposing point of view.




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2 Responses to “Larry Elder Explains How a ‘fellow black American’ can Oppose Obama”

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“Poverty does not cause crime.”

You can’t really believe that…i’m not gonna speak on the entire article but whether or not you want to admit it poverty does cause crime. People don’t want to sit back and be broke forever and where’s there are no job opportunities there are people doing whatever they need to do to make money.

“Poverty does not cause a child to have a child.”

This isn’t 100% true. When you’re broke you’re not out and about doing something productive or sitting with a group of positive people talking about self improvement. You spend all of your time experiencing the opposite. There’s usually nothin to do but have your mind filled with nonsense…half or more is geared to sex. Most of the things on t.v. are sexual and when you have nothin more to do but sit around u soak in more and more sexual ideas and after a while you decide to put it to use.

Your Former Supporter is shocked that you oppose Obama, his message appears to say: any black person should support a presidential candidate simply on race. That sounds a little racist to me.

He also stated: and we must get there by helping each other – instead of agreeing with policies and old politics that are proven not to work.
First of all the only thing that has proven not to work is the progressive ideas held by 99% of the Democratic politicians and way too many Republican politicians that have been forced down our throats for the last 60+ years.

The United States has moved more and more to the left every time the Democrats have been in power in this country has never been in as bad a condition as it is today. We no longer have a steel industry, a vibrant automotive industry we have become and importing nation instead of an exporting nation this is what the Democrats have done for us.

Due to the Republicans in eliminating a great number of the things that were holding blacks down in this country blacks who want to have succeeded way beyond where they were when all of our social programs began. Our social programs that you think are helping the poor and underprivileged are actually failing them holding them back and further supporting racism.

If you really want to help the black people and the poor people in America we need them to become part of America study the real issues not listen to people who make vague statements about how they’re being held down by Republicans and understand the best way to help poor people is to get the economy moving and in a moving economy people who want to get ahead and do something besides gripe and work hard will succeed no matter what race there in.

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