Islamic School in VA has Notorious Alumni – Former Valedictorian plotted to kill Bush

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How blind can people be???? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

Islamic school has notorious alumni
Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 6/20/2008

A conservative group says it’s attempting to “lift the veil off the deception” at an Islamic school in Virginia funded by the Saudi government.
The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) recently held a demonstration outside the Islamic Saudi Academy, which is renting a school facility from Fairfax County, Virginia. Conservative activists, as well as the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, have called on the State Department to shut down the private school because of its use of textbooks that promote violence against Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims.

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of TVC, says both the State and Justice Departments need to investigate the Academy because it is “a virtual one-stop shopping center for law enforcement.”

“The former valedictorian from this school is in jail right now because he plotted to kill President Bush,” she points out. In addition, that individual — Ahmed Omar Abu Ali — was convicted of joining al-Qaida after graduating from the school. He is serving a 30-year sentence.

Lafferty also relates a widely reported news story involving a man and woman who were taking pictures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. “The person that was apprehended [in that incident] was the finance officer at the time for the school,” says the TVC spokeswoman. “Then, you had some of the students who were apprehended by Israeli intelligence because they flew to Israel with no luggage, lots of money, and some questionable documents.”

Lafferty says in the case of the Muslim school, “it’s clear that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“There are schools like this all around the country, and America needs to wake up,” she declares. “Traditional Values Coalition is wanting to lift the veil off of the secrecy and the deception surrounding Islam. But, I don’t want people … to think ‘Oh, it’s just Virginia.’ No, it is all over the country — and if America is not free, no one is free.”

More recently, the director of the Islamic Saudi Academy was arrested for obstruction of justice and refusing to report child abuse.



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3 Responses to “Islamic School in VA has Notorious Alumni – Former Valedictorian plotted to kill Bush”

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London School of Islamics is an educational Trust. Its aim is to make
British public, institutions and media aware of the needs and demands of the
Muslim community in the field of education and possible solutions.

Slough Islamic school Trust Slough had a seminar on Muslim
education and schools in Thames Valley Atheltic Centre. The seminar was
addressed by the education spokesman of MCB. I could not attend the seminar
but I believe lot of Muslims from Slough and surrounding areas must have
attended. Very soon, the Muslims of Slough will have a state funded Muslim
school but there is a need for more schools. A day will come when all Muslim
children will attend state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim
teachers as role model.

Muslim schools are not only faith schools but they are more or less
bilingual schools.

Bilingual Muslim children need to learn standard English to follow the
National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve
humanity. They need to be well versed in Arabic to recite and understand the
Holy Quran. They need to be well versed in Urdu and other community
languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of
their literature and poetry.

Bilingualism is an asset but the British schooling regards it as a
problem. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not
want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. Pakistan is only seven hours
from London and majority of British Muslims are from Pakistan.

More than third of British Muslim have no qualifications. British school
system has been failing large number of Muslims children for the last 60
years. Muslim scholars see the pursuit of knowledge as a duty, with the
Quran containing several verses to the rewards of learning. 33% of British
Muslims of working age have no qualifications and Muslims are also the least
likely to have degrees or equivalent qualifications. Most of estimated
500,000 Muslim school-aged pupils in England and Wales are educated in the
state system with non-Muslim monolingual teachers. Majority of them are
underachievers because they are at a wrong place at a wrong time.

Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual
Muslim teachers during their developmental periods. There is no place for a
non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. As far as higher education
is concerned, Muslim students can be educated with others. Let Muslim
community educate its own children so that they can develop their own
Islamic, cultural and linguistic identities and become usefull members of
the British society rather than becoming a buden.

We are living in an English speaking country and English is an
international language, therefore, we want our children to learn and be well
versed in standard English and at the same time well versed in Arabic, Urdu
and other community languages. Is there anything wrong with this approach?

It is not only the Muslim community who would like to send their children to
Muslim school. Sikh and Hindu communities have started setting up their
schools. Last week. British Black Community has planned the first all black
school with Black teachers in Birmingham.

Scotland’s first state funded Muslim school could get the go-ahead within
months after First Munister Alex Salmond declared he was sympathetic towards
the needs and demands of the Muslim community.

Iftikhar Ahmad
London School of Islamics Trust

So does this mean we should shut down the all public schools, since Timothy McVay went to a private school and was in the U.S. military? Should we shut down the U.S. government since Bush committed war crimes, and is an ignorant person? Wake up, look in your own house, and clean it up before you go after others.

The U.S., Britain and others stand for freedom. The Muslims and Islamics do not. This is overwhelmingly clear. We should should live in our own separate parts of the world and remain isolated from each other — not integrate!!. This is the most logical way of keeping relative peace. Those who come into another’s tribe, family or society without the intentions of integrating … should not be welcomed. The is such a basic concept that it should not need to be stated here. I pray that we “infidels” will wake up soon and show the kind of backbone our forefathers did!! If not, all will be lost!

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