Liberal Loons and Other Thoughts

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I love this!! So true!

Liberal Loons And Other Thoughts

Ike Morgan
June 20, 2008

-According to the media, a liberal standing over a dead body with a smoking gun is someone who is innocent until proven guilty. A conservative standing over a dead body with a smoking gun is a crazed, uneducated, KKK cracker, and proof positive that more gun control laws are needed.

– Jimmy Carter is a celebrity these days because so many of those who have granted him that status are too young to remember what a colossal disaster he was as a president.

– “Consensus” is one of those sissified terms that emerge when leadership is not around.

– Liberals’ moral superiority has its roots in a vast reservoir of self-centeredness and ignorance.

– It is said that the most important knowledge we can have is the knowledge of our own ignorance. This should cause pause for all those educators who want young people to have opinions on things they know nothing about.

– “Open space”, “preserve farmland”, “prevent sprawl”, are feel-good terms to describe land use restrictions. Most land use restrictions are set up by those people who already own homes and want to deny others the same in the name of bogus environmental concerns.

– It’s easy to be a liberal, all you have to do is ‘believe’ in things.

– Some of the most ignorant people in this world are those that think they are getting something for nothing by having the government provide them with stuff they could get elsewhere on their own. The illusion of something for nothing is why so many millions of lives have been destroyed by the welfare system.

– Liberals like to advertise their ideas as “new”. This should come as no surprise since most liberals believe that history started when they were born.

– Much of the bad luck some people have is not luck at all but simply the consequences of their own bad choices.

– Democrats love to obfuscate events to make them look good. Little do they speak of the fact that Republicans voted in larger percentages for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 than Democrats did. Democrats also don’t want you to know that they were by far responsible for the South’s Jim Crow Laws.

– The word ‘liberal’ is not bad in and of itself. It’s when you attach it to the groups of people who do extraordinary damage to this country that it becomes bad.

– Throughout history the ignorance of the uneducated has always been a problem. A far more serious problem today is the ignorance of the educated.

– The hard evidence of the benefits of ‘diversity’ is slim at best. The hard evidence of the harm of diversity can be seen throughout the world and it usually is written in blood.

– If liberals were to acquire a sense of humor I would consider them 50% cured.



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