Evangelicals with no backbone called ‘Evan-jellyfish’

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AMEN!!!!!! We are doing exactly what Satan wants us to do – stay out of anything political and cultural – that way he can take over.

‘Evan-jellyfish with no spiritual vertebrae’
Jeff Johnson – OneNewsNow – 5/15/2008

An outspoken pastor and pro-family activist is speaking out about Evangelical leaders he says have no spiritual backbone.

Pastor Ken Hutcherson of the Antioch Bible Church in suburban Seattle is known as much for his straight talk as for his former NFL career. And when it comes to Evangelicals who want to disengage from allegedly “political” issues, his comments are as hard-hitting as his tackles.

“Right now a lot of white Evangelicals are just ‘Evan-jellyfish’ with no spiritual vertebrae,” he says.

Hutcherson is particularly critical of the many liberal and some mainstream leaders who signed on to the recently released document “An Evangelical Manifesto.” He accuses the signers of “trying to hijack evangelicalism because of their moral standards and because of their cultural background.”

The Manifesto’s call away from allegedly political issues, Hutcherson argues, shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the very nature of the culture war.

“We haven’t gotten political as Evangelicals,” he asserts. “What has taken place is, the government knows [that] if it makes something political that the church will step out — and that is exactly what has taken place. They are hijacking our moral issues and then telling us to be quiet about it … and that isn’t going to work.”

The Seattle-area pastor believes the best thing that could happen to churches would be to lose the 501(c)3 tax-exempt status that liberal activists currently use to threaten pastors who might speak out on moral issues in the political realm. Then, perhaps, churches would “find [their] backbone again,” Hutcherson says.

“The government did not give us our 501(c)3 because they like us,” he shares. “The government gave us our 501(c)3 so they could control us.”

Pastors need to stand up for biblical truth in every area of society, including politics and government, Hutcherson says, ignoring any threats to their church’s tax-exempt status. “We need to start standing together to do the things that God has called us, take back these moral issues that belong to the church, and stand strong on them — regardless of who says or regardless of what the government threatens us with.”

LINK: http://www.onenewsnow.com/Church/Default.aspx?id=115368 


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3 Responses to “Evangelicals with no backbone called ‘Evan-jellyfish’”

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Could you please show me the biblical precedence for such an earthly kingdom? When did Jesus or the disciples ever speak out against the government or try to change laws? The last time I checked, the only people Jesus spoke out so strongly against were the Pharisees; the religious crowd who tried to force what they thought was right on everyone else. There were many evils going on in the Roman government of the day, but Jesus not once spoke out against them. Homosexuality was rampant, every day people were slaughtered in the colloseums, and the Jewish people were oppressed by Rome. But not once did Jesus speak out against these things. He came not to change governments and establish an earthly kingdom, but to change hearts and establish an eternal heavenly kingdom.

Allow me to be clear on my beliefs; I am a strong adherent to the the pro-life philosophy and believe that abortion should be illegal in the United States. However, I also recognize that there is another concern with this issue that has been largely ignored by Christian pro-life advocates, and that is the hearts of the people involved in abortions. We can try to change laws, but only Jesus can change hearts.

I do not believe that homosexuals should be allowed within the church, however I also see that a law against gay marriage will not change the hearts of gay people. Their hearts will still be lost in homosexuality, and all of our work and efforts to change the law will perish with them forever in hell. I think that we need to shift our focus from legislating morality to changing hearts. A changed heart affects every area of a person’s life, both now and after death. But a changed law means nothing for eternity. If we focused on letting Jesus change peoples’ hearts through us, then we would not need laws to keep gay people from getting married, because there would be fewer gay people. We would not need laws against abortion, because there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies, more adoptions, and less people who think abortion is right.

A law may change a person’s actions, but if there is no heart change, then all we will have produced is more whitewashed tombs.

I think we need to do both. Try to change peoples’ hearts AND try to change laws.

But where should our main focus be? How should we treat situations where we are talking to people about moral issues and our faith? Do we focus on changing their opinion or allowing Jesus to change their heart? I read through most of the manifesto, and I didn’t see anything that opposed the Bible. I agreed wholeheartedly with everything that was said in it. I think that a big problem in the American church is that we have begun to believe that we are the ones who change people. We have begun to believe that our clever arguments and persuasive words will change peoples’ minds. We have lost the mentality that we do nothing, and that it is Jesus who does everything.

We have also begun to put political issues on the same level as spiritual issues. We seem to think that if you don’t vote Republican you are disobeying God and that if you don’t think evolution is a major issue, you are compromising the Bible.

I don’t think that Christians who choose not to become involved in political issues are lacking backbone. I think that they are doing what Jesus has called them to do. As I said, neither Jesus nor the apostles tried to change laws or government.

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