6th-grade survey: Classmate most likely to get Pregnant

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What in the world is wrong with this teacher?????

6th-grade survey: Classmate most likely to get pregnant
Dad of honor student picked demands teacher be fired

Posted: May 13, 2008

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A 6th-grade teacher in Jackson, Miss., asked her class to take a survey to determine which of their classmates were most likely to get pregnant, die and contract AIDS before graduation from high school.

Now the father of the honor student selected as most likely to get pregnant wants the teacher fired, according to local station WAPT.
Curtis Lyons said he found out about the survey when his daughter came home from Chastain Middle School Monday.
“She was humiliated,” Lyons said. “She’s an honor student.”
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According to the father, students were given a survey in science class that asked them to select students they thought were most likely to die, get pregnant, or contract AIDS.
The names of all students were included on the survey and the class associated the names with the scenarios.
Once the results were tallied, Lyons said, the teacher told his daughter that the statistics showed that her classmates believed that she was one of four girls most likely to become pregnant.
“I don’t think she should be teaching kids,” Lyons said. “Those questions were out of place and inappropriate. I want to know what was the lesson in that?”
“What happened to most likely to succeed?” he asked. “Do you feel this is what should be done in schools? How would you feel if the teacher told your son he would DIE before 19 or daughter she would have a baby before she finish high school? We should all be outraged.”
School officials said they are investigating the matter.
Lyons said he wants the teacher fired and he wants an apology from the school board.

LINK: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=64223


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