Apparently Free Speech is for Gays Only

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You can see from the 2 articles below that the gays only believe in free speech for themselves.

‘Gays’ shut down discussion of faith
Psychiatrists pull symposium on ‘The Religious Dimension’

Posted: May 02, 2008
By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A discussion on religion, homosexuality and therapy that had been scheduled during the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting in Washington has been shut down following an attack by a “gay” publication on some of the people planning to participate.
The symposium called “Homosexuality and Therapy: The Religion Dimension,” had been in the plans for months at the APA convention in Washington, and was to feature advocates for homosexuality including New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson of the Episcopal church and was to be moderated by Harvard psychiatrist John Peteet.
Others scheduled to be on the podium included Grove City College professor Warren Throckmorton, who has studied related issues intensively, and Rev. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
But the event, scheduled Monday, has been yanked from the schedule, according to the APA, because of the “misinformation and rhetoric” that was circulating about the issue.
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Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth, said the reaction to a plan to talk “shows the intellectual shallowness of the gay side.”
“They’re afraid of a debate,” he said, noting it wouldn’t be correct to “paint Warren Throckmorton as the religious right.”
“The gay activists don’t want to admit ex-gays exist, when they clearly do,” he said.
The attack was launched by the Gay City News publication, which on April 24 denigrated Throckmorton as “a psychologist without state board certification and an advocate for ‘sexual identity therapy’,” and quoted opponents calling him a “spin doctor of the ex-gay myth.”
The article quoted those warning of the symposium’s “potential harm.”

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Lesbians riot at Smith College speech
‘This is no civil rights movement, but a sexual special interest lobby’

Posted: May 02, 2008
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Rioting lesbians have stormed a speech by “Born Gay Hoax” author Ryan Sorba on the campus of Smith College in Massachusetts, shutting down his address, according to two major pro-family organizations, Americans for Truth and Mass Resistance.
“Beware lesbians with frying pans (if you care about free speech),” AFT said in his announcement. “Lesbian activists at Smith College just couldn’t stand by and let a young critic explain his views about the supposed innateness of homosexuality – so they stormed Ryan Sorba’s speech on the ‘Born Gay Hoax’ and forced him to end it prematurely.”
“Thus they decided for everyone in the room – supporters, foes, the curious and the undecided – whether Sorba’s arguments would be heard. Stalin would be proud,” said AFT’s Peter LaBarbera.
“Brian Camenker, Amy Contrada and the dedicated folks at have captured the totalitarian episode on film for the world to see. Kudos to MassResistance for once again chronicling the anti-democratic antics of the ‘gay’ Left for the record. It is absolutely shameful that Smith College and Massachusetts authorities would allow Sorba’s First Amendment rights to be neutralized in – of all places – the academy, which is supposed to be a place where opposing ideas can be debated freely,” he said.
(Story continues below)
President Carol Christ noted in a memo “to the Smith Community” after the attack that “on a pragmatic level, after about 10 minutes the speaker could not be heard” and suggested a strategy to defeat such statements that homosexuality is not innate.
“When faced with the visit of a controversial speaker, our challenge as a community is to reaffirm our commitment to teaching and learning. Hearing the views of someone with whom you disagree affords the opportunity to sharpen one’s own counterarguments, displaying the weaknesses in their reasoning or evidence,” she wrote. “Alternatively, we can boycott speakers whose views we find offensive.”
“The event was planned and funded by the Smith Republicans, which, like every student organization, has the right to invite speakers of its choice. The decision to halt his presentation was made jointly by public safety, student affairs and the Republican club leadership. There were serious concerns about overcrowding, audience and speaker safety, and facility damage,” she said.
The videos of the event reveal chanting and screaming by protesters that quickly escalates to the point the protesters physically have taken over the stage.

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One Response to “Apparently Free Speech is for Gays Only”

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I’ve been following quite a few NARTH articles lately since proposition 8 came roaring through, knocking me off my complacency plateau.

Homophobia. Ever wonder where that ubiquitously nifty word that doubles as a spiked club actually came from? Scientists? Medical Doctors? English Majors? Nope. Activists! Convenient isn’t it? I’m learning so much.

It’s amazing to me that the APA could have been pressured to change medical practices because of peer pressure. Aren’t psychologists supposed to be immune from something as obvious as peer pressure?

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