Obama adviser gets laughs from ‘gay’ Jesus

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Once again we see what kind of man Obama is by whom he surrounds himself with. Apparently this adviser thinks it’s funny to mock Jesus and in so doing, mock those of us who believe in Jesus.

Obama adviser gets laughs from ‘gay’ Jesus
Video shows him introducing YouTube piece that mocks ChristPosted: April 21, 2008
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Another Barack Obama adviser is under scrutiny for showing disdain for America’s mainstream, this time after the unearthing of video footage in which the candidate’s key technology guru gleefully introduced a YouTube piece that mocks Jesus Christ.
Larry Lessig is shown at a 2006 seminar for Google employees introducing a clip that depicts an effeminate Jesus singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” The Jesus figure throws off his robe, revealing a diaper-like covering, and eventually is run over by a bus as he sashays through city streets
, reports Erick Erickson of the blogsite RedState.
Lessig prefaces the music video saying, “This is a little bit touchy to some people. I don’t get it, so just chill. The underlying message here is that Jesus does survive.”
The Google employees laugh throughout the presentation, and Lessig concludes by assuring them there’s a sequel making clear Jesus survived the accident.

As WND reported, Obama’s military adviser and national campaign co-chairman, Merrill A. McPeak, recently suggested U.S. politicians are afraid of Jewish voters and that American Jews are impeding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A much bigger controversy lingers over Obama’s self-described spiritual mentor and adviser Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose harsh rhetoric has included calling America the “No. 1 killer in the world” and blaming the country for launching the AIDS virus to maintain affluence at the expense of the Third World. Wright also has encouraging blacks to “damn America” in God’s name and blamed the U.S. for provoking the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks by dropping nuclear weapons on Japan in World War II and supporting Israel since 1947.
Other advisers who have created problems for the Obama campaign include top foreign-policy adviser Samantha Power, who resigned after calling Hillary Clinton a “monster,” and economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who reportedly confided to Canadian officials that Obama’s position on the North American Free Trade Agreement was merely political posturing.
The Red State blogger Erickson points out Obama’s campaign regularly has cited Lessig as a key supporter on technology issues and made sure he was quoted when listing the Democratic presidential candidate’s technology endorsers.
Lessig has campaigned for Obama and described him as a friend and former colleague.
The Obama campaign, Erickson notes, also has used Lessig to reach out to journalists writing about the Illinois senator’s tech positions.
Erickson says Lessig is known as a “digital communist,” believing intellectual property rights, such as patents and copyrights, should be eliminated.
Citing Erickson’s post, Warner Todd Huston of the blogsite Newsbusters said Lessig is “another close Obama supporter and adviser that seems to hate the things that the average American holds dear. The list of America hating Obama associates is getting longer every day, and now we can add a Christian hating, communist to that list.”
“It’s really hard to believe that any real American can support a man for president of the United States of America who surrounds himself with people who so hate this country and all it stands for,” Huston said.

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One Response to “Obama adviser gets laughs from ‘gay’ Jesus”

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Thank you for this post. I am familiar with a lot of Obama’s faults but I did not know about this skit about Jesus until I read about it here.

People are still voting for Obama because they don’t fully realize how liberal he is. I just can’t believe that so many people would want him for President if they knew what a leftist flake he is. Then you consider the anti-White fanaticism he has sat through for 20+ years and it gets even harder to understand. And I don’t care what Obama says to hide his anti-White anti-American feelings. You can’t worship and live with people (his Rev. Wright and his wife Michelle) for over 20 years and not be affected by their views.

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