Obama Supports Socialism – More Proof!

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People who say Obama is NOT a socialist are either blind or they purposefully don’t want to admit it. He’s made it more than clear that he wants socialist ideas put into practice. We should be very concerned about this!!!!!!!!!!


Greg Ransom

There’s a big mystery at the heart of Barack Obama’s Dreams For My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. What was Barack Obama doing seeking out Marxist professors in college? Why did Obama choose a Communist Party USA member as his socio- political counselor in high school? Why was he spending his time studying neocolonialism and the writings of Frantz Fanon, the pro-violence author of “the Communist Manifesto of neocolonialsm”, in college? Why did he take time out from his studies at Columbia to attend socialist conferences at Cooper Union?

If there is a mystery at the heart of Barack Obama’s Dreams For My Father, one thing is not left a mystery, the fact that Barack Obama organized his life on the ideals given to him by his Kenyan father. Obama tells us, “All of my life, I carried a single image of my father, one that I .. tried to take as my own.” (p. 220) And what was that image? It was “the father of my dreams, the man in my mother’s stories, full of high-blown ideals ..” (p. 278) What is more, Obama tells us that, “It was into my father’s image .. that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself.” And also that, “I did feel that there was something to prove .. to my father” in his efforts at political organizing. (p. 230)

Obama stakes out the following positions in his attacks on the white paper produced by Mboya’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Development:

1. Obama advocated the communal ownership of land and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land, as part of a forced “development plan”, an important element of his attack on the government’s advocacy of private ownership, land titles, and property registration. (p. 29)

2. Obama advocated the nationalization of “European” and “Asian” owned enterprises, including hotels, with the control of these operations handed over to the “indigenous” black population. (pp. 32 -33)

3. Obama advocated dramatically increasing taxation on “the rich” even up to the 100% level, arguing that, “there is no limit to taxation if the benefits derived from public services by society measure up to the cost in taxation which they have to pay” (p. 30) and that, “Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.” (p. 31)

4. Obama contrasts the ill-defined and weak-tea notion of “African Socialism” negatively with the well-defined ideology of “scientific socialism”, i.e. communism. Obama views “African Socialism” pioneers like Nkrumah, Nyerere, and Toure as having diverted only “a little” from the capitalist system. (p. 26)

5. Obama advocates an “active” rather than a “passive” program to achieve a classless society through the removal of economic disparities between black Africans and Asian and Europeans. (p. 28) “While we welcome the idea of a prevention [of class problems], we should try to cure what has slipped in .. we .. need to eliminate power structures that have been built through excessive accumulation so that not only a few individuals shall control a vast magnitude of resources as is the case now .. so long as we maintain free enterprise one cannot deny that some will accumulate more than others .. ” (pp. 29-30)

6. Obama advocates price controls on hotels and the tourist industry, so that the middle class and not only the rich can afford to come to Kenya as tourists. (p. 33)

7. Obama advocates government owned and operated “model farms” as a means of teaching modern farming techniques to farmers. (p. 33)

8. Obama strongly supports the governments assertion of a “non-aligned” status in the contest between Western nations and communist nations aligned with the Soviet Union and China. (p. 26)

LINK: http://gregransom.com/prestopundit/2008/04/gregs-guide-to-barack-obamas-d.html




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129 Responses to “Obama Supports Socialism – More Proof!”

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Before you say Obama = socialist = bad; you need to prove socialist = bad. Very poor analysis. Also, name any college student in a liberal arts college that hasn’t taken similar courses? It’s part of the curriculum, silly.

I agree that Obama is SOCIALIST and thats one reason I can not vote for him. He also likes to tell tall stories about who he is! 🙂

Before you say Obama = socialist = bad you; need to prove socialist = bad.


I’ve written about 100 posts already about Obama’s socialist leanings/associations/supporters. I assume all my readers know what socialism is. don’t feel I have to define it and explain why it’s bad on every single post. If you’re someone who doesn’t understand this, you’re probably a lost cause.

I totally agree, nicedeb!! I think that’s part of the problem these days. Most young people don’t even know what socialism is, therefore they’re fine with it. Very sad and very scary for the future!

Socialism is bad because it discourages free markets. Free markets are good because they are effective and allow supply and demand to meet at the equilibrium. The redistribution of wealth discourages the rich to make more money, and it discourages the poor to earn money on their own.

Well, two out of three isn’t bad. I think granny should still receive her social security checks, since she paid for it. As far as SEC controlling the stock market, you obviously do not invest in it or you would know that, and the Federal Reserve loans you money to buy your house? You must not own a home or have a local bank backed by the investments of your neighbors. Trust me, there were banks making home loans way before there was a Federal Reserve printing paper money out of thin air.

Wow! Free market capitalism sounds great! If only we had that here in the U.S.! It would be awesome. Just think, no Federal Reserve lending out money for us to buy homes, no SEC to prevent the stock market from spiraling out of control, and no social security checks for Grandma. Wouldn’t that be just super? Just imagine it!

ARE YOU FING JOKING please tell me you are!!!!!! seriously? ok do me a faver watch like one or 2 movies about the ussr and read one book than read your quote i assure you your opinion will change becuase the idea of communism is and was created by and idelist. Hopfully you agree with me when i say idelism is impossibls. So yes the “idea” of communism sounds good but the problem is it cannot work out in society. At least not in this day and age.
p.s. read the book whatch the movies or see an interview from a person who lived in the ussr than come back to your belief and rethink it!

Why does everyone believe socialism and communism are the same thing. There’s no point debating with someone who can’t even understand the differences between political systems.

Brilliant comment, man. It’s nice to see that not everyone’s a selfish money making cunt.
“Aye, capitalism is definitely the way forward for America. Let’s make gain from others loss”. Yeah, let’s not. Cause that’s fascism right there on a plate. What everyone doesn’t seem to realise is that the USSR was going swimingly until Stalin overtook from Lenin. Stalin was a dick who changed the face of communism and socialism for the worst. True Leninist values are what people need to read up on, not the anti-party school history books. Maybe if more people were encouraged to study politics and read a fucking independant book that wasn’t written and published by the greedy immoral liars who run the country, instead of reaching for the remote and falling for the distractions like nascar and UFC, then they’d actually have a brain to be proud of. Until then they will never fully know the ins and outs of Leninism never getting a chance to flourish. I mean, has anyone actually wondered why they’re suddenly been such a radical change in government? Cause if you don’t then wow. Capitalism has failed and it’s time to move over and try something new. It will happen so don’t fight something that will benefit America. Capitalism is completely immoral and encourages greed. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That sounds fucking brilliant. Oh no, wait… it doesn’t. Don’t be a selfish cunt; be a selfless comrade.

I went to a liberal arts college and never (thankfully) had to take classes like that.

I see nothing wrong with an Obama-led socialist government, as opposed to a Bush/Cheny-led fascism we are currently living under. These ideas are certainly taking a step forward, in my eyes.

Then you’re an idiot and don’t really know what socialism is!!! Sorry I had to be so blunt.

No. He does know what it is. Go read a book that Dick Cheny didn’t hand you.

BS. Both parties are owned by the superwealthy. USA democracy is by the wealthy and for the wealthy. This will not change with Obama. Just look at all those lobbyists hanging around WH to purchase the politicians.

By the for the rich. This is why more and more money go almost only to the top and the middle-class remains stagnant and the poorer become even poorer. Its not sustainable for all too long.

America is supposed to be the land of brave! And capitalism is for the brave.. the timid and the fragile hide behind the weak masks of socialism. Has the Great American society lost its sprit of bravery? Have the people forgotten that with the same ideals of capitalism it has been the Superpower and has survived through the thinks and thins? This is the very reason the world respects America. And looks like its going to change Alas!

Obama wants YOUR hard earned money…period that is socialism.

We will lose the American Dream. Why are people so jealous of people who do well, have much. If your neighbor buys something new, do you automatically think they need to share it with you!!!! Same thing! Make your own money, or stop complaining about what you won’t work for.

seriously i mean theres no point in working i own a i woundnt say big buuuut nice size well doing business and after all the taxs the governmnet puts on upper middle class and middle class in general theres no point. Especially afetr this health care bill will pass why should i work hard going to university bussiness school taking all those classes if the government is leading to a point where i will almost have the same lifstyle as a person who failed there way through high scholl and works as a waiter its basiclly communism where a janitor makes almost as much as a doctor

… If only it were that simple, mate. The world’s currupt, guy, and money isn’t made fairly. Their should be a limit to what you can earn because cash isn’t endless. There is only so much of it and when one person deprives another of a career and money then that’s immoral. In 2009 1% of America owned more than the other 99% put together. Look that up; it’s a fact. Fair markets are good, because it allows the average citizen to provide for themselves and their family instead of allowing Richie McPatriot to buy his 3rd yacht this year so he can sail out to uncharted waters and snort snow. That’s the reality of the planet, son.

The American Dream or the rest of the world’s nightmare. 6 and half a dozen really.

All the policies you’ve described are things that he was advocating for Kenya, a country still hobbled by its colonial past. This is the excessive accumulation he refers to – the accumulation of land by colonial settlers. I’ll take each point in turn:
1. See my remarks about colonialism above.
2. ditto
3. Saying that ‘theoretically’ there is nothing to stop 100% taxation is not the same as advocating it.
4. This is a nasty, disingenuous and false insinuation on your part. He does not contrast African socialism ‘negatively’ with ‘scientific’ socialism. He simply contrasts them. I defy you to find a quote in that book or anywhere in Obama’s published statements in which he declares ‘scientific’ socialism or communism as good, right or better. You can’t because he never has. And if you could have, you would have put it in here – just as McCain would be using it against him round the clock.
5. An active programme to achieve a classless society? I’m quaking in my boots. Wait a minute, isn’t a classless society supposed to be one of the ideals upon which America was built? Again, see my comments on colonialism and excessive accumulation above.
6. So what? From this kind of regulation to socialism there’s still a long way to go. Of course, if you’re the kind of free market ideologue who decries all regulation of markets, it’s all socialism to you. Do I need to say the words ‘Paulson Plan’? The map is changing. Unregulated markets lead to chaos. It’s happening. You only have to pay attention (minimally) to see it. The point about tight regulation designed to increase equality in a country like Kenya is that, by western standards, their economy’s already in the kind of trouble that now threatens the US and Europe due to the bank meltdown. As Bush and Paulson discovered, chasteningly, when the economy goes south, it’s not enough for the government to just sit and watch.
7. Good idea. This is purely sensible and pragmatic. In Zimbabwe, where farm ownership past instantaneously from settlers to unskilled indigenous people, the results were disastrous. If people are going to farm, they need skills, and if they haven’t grown up with them, they need to be taught. Once again, this is a sensible economic measure that will ultimately benefit the country at large. And, again, it’s hard to see how anyone could object to it unless they have a crypto religious belief in the need to keep government completely separate from markets.
8. ‘Non-aligned’? Again, big deal. You’d have something to shout about if he was calling for them to be aligned with China or the [former] Soviet Union, but, of course, he’s not. Again, this is a pragmatic economic position. A developing economy needs all the markets it can get.

A further point about the model farms: all this is is state sponsored education. Are you saying America’s current system of free public schooling is socialism?

More than ever before Obama has proven and stated his socialistic ideologies – he has openly admitted that he is going to “share the wealth” destroying tht very fabric of our nation and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect our republic from such an idea. Those wha aren’t admitting this are eother Soclist themselves or just too ignorant to understand Socialism and its’ reprecussions! Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him? He was right – especially about Hollywood!

Ok I would normally try to keep this as nice and respectful as possible but this is a subject that scares the hell out of me and I think that the time for niceness is over.

Are you people completely blind or just idiots!

Socialism isn’t bad!

What’s wrong with socialism?

Oh my freaking god what has happened to this country?

How is it a good idea to implement any plan that deters people from
striving to live the American dream. You know the one where you work really hard to succeed start your own business and provide for your family.

Under Obamas big tax plan do you people realize that the tax jumping starts at just $250,000. Now I am not saying that is not a good income because it is but it is not rich by any definition.

And when you get taxed you get taxed on gross income. If that little small business makes $250,000 gross then they have to pay 30-40 employees, by new equipment, pay for advertising, etc. etc. So net is not $250,000 anymore.

You know what’s going to happen when they get moved up to that new tax bracket.

They go out of business!

So much for the American dream.

34 to 46 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes so for 95% to get a tax cut means 1) the math is tragic and 2) a whole bunch of people, mostly small business owners, will be carrying more of the weight—and a lot of freeloaders will get yearly checks just for being American.

If Obama is elected this country is in BIG! BIG! Trouble.


For all of you who think socialism is so great answer this. Why doesn’t Obama just admit what he is rather than hide it? Is deceiving the American voters the way you would attain your socialist agenda? Yep. Pretty much.

Taking from others to give to many who don’t want to achieve anything destroys character. What happens when moral decay and apathy lead us to the point that the percentage of hard workers can no longer support those who want to take from them? Socialism is a dead end and has foreseeable outcome. It may work for a while, but will collapse on itself. Ever heard of the USSR?

If we elect a guy who refuses to wear the flag lapel, a guy who “used to” pal around a guy who “used to be” a terrorist, but no longer is (but with whom he shares ideology) over a guy who spent years in a POW camp proving loyalty and lover for country at the greatest possible pain…we get what we deserve. I’m afraid we will. Explain that to a college student. Never mind most can’t see through thinking like everyone else and the most trendy candidate ever!

Why does Every one assume America needs to be ran off of greed and no one would work with out the driving urge to get more? I hear people saying that socialism would decay moral character and some such nonsense but if we are only motivated by the consumer driven need to get more, the greed of having the most, the best, and the next, then it sounds like we’ve already got some pretty decayed standards of morality. Ask not what you country can do for you, but demand that you can give nothing for your country and all the people who work to provide our way of life. The rich and the affluent have saturated our social mindset with these ideas that we all can get rich and own businesses but no one ever wants to recognize the fact that we have to have workers. So lets try working for a better society, lets try to build a country were we don’t work for me me me but for us. People will always want to be doctors, even if they make less, because some of us just have the instinctive need to help others. People will always want to be garbage men because they want little responsiblity, and like the work.
Our citizens are afraid of losing what they have when most of us don’t really own anything of real gravity, our capitalism isn’t free market, our economy loans it self to privileged entities and the workers keep working with the blind hope that they can get ahead. And some of them might, but what happens when we encourage a greater social standard than working for me? What happens if we encourage social unity?
Doesn’t have to be socialist, but I think most of us have a wildly alienated idea about what America is. We are a disassociated culture and society. And I think until we can correct that problem, whether it’s by socialism or some other socio-economic plan, we shouldn’t worry about much else.

NO! Obama believes in free enterprise, but that it should be responsibly governed. This means an appropriate level of protections for working people who actually make the economy “go” by buying things and paying taxes. Democrats are capitalists, but not the sort of rampant war-mongering everyone-for-himself types.

Leaning to the left is not socialism (at least in this country), despite what right-wing hate mongers say on talk radio.

It’s taking responsibility for how a nation should handle issues at home an abroad! People need to live in pluralist societies that promote peaceful existence, responsible organization, and self-governance under constitutional law that applies to everyone. (No president should be exempt, even if Bush has sought to become exempt from the law!)

“People will always want to be garbage men because they want little responsiblity”

Wow, John. You’re either very stupid or just a complete asshole (and don’t bother pardoning my French).

“Wow! Free market capitalism sounds great! If only we had that here in the U.S.! It would be awesome. Just think, no Federal Reserve lending out money for us to buy homes, no SEC to prevent the stock market from spiraling out of control, and no social security checks for Grandma. Wouldn’t that be just super? Just imagine it!”

And just look at the mess the government has gotten us into with all their “protections”. Anonymous, please stay that way.

And Paul Revere….the depth of your ignorance is staggering.

Every candidate who has every run for Presidency has had their own agendas and ideals of how they think the country should be dealt with. We all like to do things in our own way, while trying to make it comfortable for others. But is socialism really the change that we need right now. I don’t believe so! We need to de-globalize and bring more of our jobs back to America where we can put our jobless to work, and help reestablish our own economy, without having to rely on the world. We need to stop trying to save face on a global level, and start spending our time and efforts on our people. Bleeding heart disease only keeps us heading down a sad path to our own demise.

BTW. As long as the TV/RADIO/ADVERTISING tell us what to wear, eat, look like, how to act, think, ect…. we can never become classless. Because of all though vices above, we divide ourselves into our classes. So to become classless, you need to eradicate the all the things that define a person as an individual. Which in turn means that instead of us choosing how we live our lives, it becomes dictated to us. America has been dancing on a fascist/totalitarian/socialist line for a quite some time. We just have to choose between a republican or democratic version.It’s kinda funny that the candidates that are more sincere about helping our country instead of their own careers, get shuffled to the bottom of the pile with muzzles on their mouths. ie. Ron Paul. Beware of nobama’s silver tongue! While all this change might sound pleasing to the ear, try to see/find the truth behind the big, fancy words that he twists together. But I also do not endorse mccain and his philosophies. Why should we have to decide between the lesser of two evils, EVIL IS EVIL no matter how you look at it.

No offence. but it’s either Obama or McCain
And lets be honest, thinking that McCain and Palin are better than Obama is plain stupid, like choosing poo with broken glass over chiken in a restaurant for the main meal. Obama is not Socialist, and I am sure he would not try to get Socialism into America as everyone knows it’s completely rediculous. People just don’t know what else to say about him, as he is SO much better than Palin and McCain. People just have to make up absolute rubbish.
where as the republican candidate doesn’t need any digging up on, as all his faults are displayed.
Choose Obama.

“like choosing poo with broken glass over chiken in a restaurant for the main meal”

Wow Alice. That is brilliant. I love when I read stuff like this because it reminds me just how deep the thought of those on the left. Keep posting Alice. You make our case with every word. 😉

How can anyone vote for a man that he and his family sat in a church and listened for twenty years to a preacher who yelled, G D American? How can you vote for a man whose wife says she is now proud to be an American? How about his association with all the raticals. Now he wants me to work my rear end off so some one who does not work can share the wealth. Let the idiots get off their rear end and get a job and support themselves. Then you have Obama’s people who could not wait to destroy Hilary’s chance of being elected president, now they are digging up anything to destroy Palin. Who is discriminating now?

oh you poor amaricans, i hope your ready for the real ressesion to hit and your economy goes into a tail spin. socialism wont look so bad when your waiting in line at a food bank



is the best if you vote for him you rock !!!!!!!!!vote for obama mcain is a pain…

Youre absolutely right, and the documentary on this site reiterates all of what you say using clips from Obama’s past speeches, of sermons given at Trinity Church in Chicago, interviews with Bill Ayers, and reports on the activities of ACORN. All of Obama’s associations and efforts throughout his life share an extreme socialist agenda.


Why do we as Americans have such a stigma against socialism? Probably because most people have no idea of the major foundations of socialism let alone a grasp of the different socialist theories. We can all agree that America was founded on freedoms; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and so on. Why then do we instinctively bash socialism or anything that the media portraits to be socialist? Socialism, like capitalism or communism has a place and can work IN THEORY. The world has never seen a true socialist nation or communist nation, mostly because the US would do all and everything to prevent it in the pursuit of “national interest”. We have seen capitalism grow and expand, we’ve even seen the need for some regulation. The market does not run itself, let’s be honest people. The American Dream, which we all seem have some grasp of the concept, is something we as Americans want for ourselves and will die trying to deny others of it. Immigrants came to this country to seek jobs that paid real money in hopes of creating a better life for their family in a new country. Since when has the American Dream become getting a huge house that one can’t possibly afford and stocking it with all the riches of the world? Socialism on the other hand could curb the greed while maintaining the American Dream. If you wish to live here and live an honest hard working life, socialism rewards those with such determination. Socialism seeks to minimize the gap between the have’s and the have-not’s. That does not mean that everyone is paid the same or can only make x dollars a year. The more you work and the better job you do, aha an incentive, the more you are rewarded. Likewise jobs that serve the population, such as doctors, teachers, etc. are paid higher because they give back to the community. Yes socialism has the power to create a society where crime and poverty are minimized while hard work and dedication to work are rewarded. Such a place seems as though it is founded on the American Dream much more than our world today.
I am not saying that the US should, must, or will be socialist. I am simply defending an idea that COULD serve humankind better someday. If you don’t agree that is your opinion and it is valid. At the same time, do not disregard any other opinion because in the US, everyone’s opinion, whether it matters or not, is valid. To have our own opinion and be able to express such an opinion is our most sacred freedom.

unfortunately for you and your socialist comrades, the collapse of the soviet union pretty much destroys your “theory”. of course it works in your manifestos but it’s obvious that the government cannot competently set prices or determine value and demand. people have a stigma against socialism because it is ultimately oppressive, stagnant and a FAILURE!!!

1. When the Soviet Union fell it was because of the Stalin overtake [he changed the state into a fascism], nothing to do withh socialist ideology.
2. America has lost so many more 100 billiob than the Soviet Union ever lost with Lenin, because they understood organised market.
3. America gets alot of hate from the rest of the world for a reason.
4. State health care. You won’t think socialistic ideas are so bad if you or anyone you know can’t afford a hospital bill.

Eric, We have a problem with socialism because it has NEVER succeeded in any country in which it’s been tried!!! The whole principle is ludicrous and cannot work. It ruins the country. Just try it on a simpler level to see where it leads. If people don’t have to work to get stuff, they won’t! Also I DO NOT want the gov’t having that much control. We’re crazy if we give the gov’t any more control than it has. Gov’t needs to be made smaller, not bigger!!

Bridget, I see where you are coming from but if you look at Marxist/communist/socialist movements in South America, Africa, and Asia, the US has ousted countless revolutionary movements. The reason that some, and very few indeed have not succeeded is partially due to poor planning and especially due to corrupt officials. However these constitute a very small portion of actual socialist attempts. The world has not seen socialism work because since the Cold War, the US has done everything to stop this from occurring and the Soviet Union has badly damaged the name to a good idea. I agree that there have been failings with socialism in the world but are we not also witnessing the failings of capitalism at this very moment?

Oh yes and to go against your lazy person ideas, there are many views within socialism that those who can work and chose not to will not be rewarded. Socialism seeks to promote the want to work with its incentives just as capitalism does. The only difference is that capitalism without regulation will create a gap that many will soon become discouraged with their socio-economic status even though they may bust their ass just as if not harder than someone way above them. And to counter your less government hopes, I can certainly see why many would not want or trust the government in business however I think that the last few decades have proven that the idea of the “invisible hand”, trickle down economics, and free market have created much more disparity and poverty than the amount of goodness and wealth. I don’t think that the way our government acts currently would be suitable for such an overhaul but it is necessary sometimes to make changes to adapt to today’s global economy and rapidly changing society.

Socialism = Bad
The following are socialist Countries:
Current socialist states:

People’s Republic of China (since 1949); Communist Party of China
Republic of Cuba (Cuban Revolution in 1959, socialist state declared in 1961); Communist Party of Cuba
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (since 1948); Korean Workers’ Party officially describes itself as a socialist republic governed according to the ideology of Juche, which is derived from Marxist-Leninist theory.[53]
Lao People’s Democratic Republic (since 1975); Lao People’s Revolutionary Party
Socialist Republic of Vietnam (since 1976); Communist Party of Vietnam (ruled the Democratic Republic of Vietnam since 1954)

Is this what we want to emulate?

As to Obama not raising taxes – Obama claims he will not increase taxes, but he fails to mention that he will not renew the Bush tax cuts, so your taxes will increase as a result. I am surprised more has not been made of this.

Socialism 101 that ANY student will understand: Student A works hard and earns an A in a class. Student B does little (or nothing and earns a D or F in class. In true socialism Student A having done the work would receive a B (at most) student B would receive a C or D. How long will student A bust his/her but to have a good portion taken to assist the lazier Student B

Before you say Obama = socialist = bad you; need to prove socialist = bad.

im pretty sure socialism is bad because it takes from the rich and gives to the poor which means it takes from the people who work hard to get what they have and gives to people who sit on their ass and collect welfare i wasnt all for bill clinton but i think it was cool how he said alright you want your welfare check? you have to work some type of job to get welfare

D, learn to spell and steponme, grow up.

Great post…its depressing that tomorrow our country will be run by a socialist…every great nation must fall at some point.

Your nation fell a ong time ago, champ. Try the decline 5 years ago and you’ll be more or less at the start.

Ever notice that Marxist/Socialist ALWAYS call non-Marxist/Socialists Facists? Too many people have confused old Soviet propoganda with enlightend egucation.

Lol. You walked right into that ironic door, mate. “Egucation”.
Ah…Well it’s nice to know some of us made it.

And just for the record: propaganda? PROPAGANDA?
Wow because America isn’t 24/7 mall/food court.
“Kids! Kids! Kids! Pointless shit now on sale that you’ve just gotta BUY!!!”

Yeah, pick up a book, charlie.

There are so many different types of socialism- hell, one may argue that the United States has similar traits to a social democracy. Yes, a small government would be great, however, the Bush admin f’d that all up by creating The Department of Homeland Security or enstating The Patriot Act. Conservatives (traditionally siding with the Republican Party) are supposed to favor small government, yet these are prime examples of expanding the government. If you don’t have a problem with the Bush admin and its initiatives, then the least you have to worry about is Obama.

Robfunk –

I agree with this – “Also, name any college student in a liberal arts college that hasn’t taken similar courses? It’s part of the curriculum, silly.”

College allows me the best opportunities to study the strangest things and I will never censor my findings because someone might find it has improper implications. I am studying ALL religions but there are plenty of Americans who would call me a terrorist lover for studying Islam. What would someone think if you were studying; Nazis, Nuclear Weapons, Alien Lifeforms, How to Make Guns, etc? Curiosity is one of the best gifts we have and the thrive to learn is a second. Why should that be stifled because of a bunch of judgmental grumps?

Also, to any comments about “Free Markets,” I disagree that they are a good. Yes they are effective but at the cost of undercutting hard working merchants and devaluing goods. Additionally, Free Market does not leave room for fair trade which is essential to developing nations. Free Market = BAD, FAIR Market = GOOD!

Everyone can say hello to socialism,

All the liberal bratt silverspoon fed college punk ass kids and their harvard crap, and evolution and windmills and just a bunch of bologne… get ready every liberal for 10 things to happen not necessarily in any order..

1. stock market crashes
2. busnesses go out of business
3. Obama is taken out of office
4. biden is taken out of office
5. nancy pelosi trys to take office
6. iran starts attack of israel
7. farms stop producing food.
8. korea attacks hawaii and alaska
9. US starts bombing run koreas and east
10. nuclear attack from us and counter from ussr! hope this opens your liberal brains

why would anyone vote for a person who hung out with bill ayers, took payoffs to support campaign from fannie mae and freddie mac, wants world poverty tax which all americans will pay for, and wants to sit down with irans leader without predetermined conditions. all the people who voted for him were the MTV generation, liberal arts majors, all the punk bratts going to harvard and yale and most, if not all of, the blacks, mexicans and spanish! Just because he promises minorities handouts!!

Get ready america for the absoulte dumbest people on the planet to speak ebonics and slang and for the explosion of weed smokers as in the clinton era!! another way to dumb down america!

idiot inner city ghetto blacks who cant speak and mexicans who ruin neighborhoods with blocks on cars and cab companies in your neighborhood!! good going you porch monkeys

I propose everyone to boycott all BET networks, basketball, rap music, and any and all mexican grocery stores citgo gas stations run by hugo chavez(cuban dictator) and indian gas stations…also boycott comcast cable networks as their hire predominately blacks for hire…

dont do business iwth American general, AIG or at&t or public storage!!!

damn liberlas

Why you being such a nazi scum? You have no more right to get the jobs you want just cause you were born in the big U.S.. If someone is more qualified than you then by right it should be their job, regardless of their background. I mean, the only peron to blame would be yourself for not trying harder. If you want a specific job then go to college and fucking prove you’re the better worker.


If so many of you love socialism so much…why don’t you go live in a socialist country. This is America. America == Capitalism. Get over it, or get out.

Haha. Kids today. They think the world’s as simple as they are.

Inane, I totally agree with you. If I truly thought there was a better country than America, why wouldn’t I want to move there? If socialism is better, move to a socialist country!

And now President Obama is in power.. I am going to miss capitalism.. even though I never made it rich.. at least I had the chance to try.

My favorite part of all this socialism talk is this: We just saw arguably one of the biggest “socialist” acts in our history with the “bail-out” of Wall Street… News flash – that happened under the republican regime.

first define socialism you fucking idiots. socialism gets rid of capitalism. obama is not trying to get rid of it he is just “leveling” the economy!!!!

Yes we did. But who tried to stop it? Some of you need to learn how government works before you open your mouths. And what do you think “leveling” capitalism is you clown? SOCIALISM!!! Could someone please put the kids to bed?

I’m sorry, but whoever wrote this is an idiot. All you’re arguments are faulty for one of five reasons:
1. They don’t meet the threshold for what socialism actually is. Increasing taxes slightly 3% is not socialism for example.
2. They just show that Obama learned about socialism. This is a good thing that we value in a democratic society. Further, I sure hope that McCain read the Communist Manifesto since its required reading in most colleges.
4. They are talking things that are probably acceptable. For example, even if educating farmers is socialist, we still consider education an acceptable socialist institution.
5. They are taken horridly out of context. For example, the number 1 is advocating eminent domain which is a very capitalist idea. The number 3 does not indicate in context what Obama advocates, but rather simply shows that he is aware of the theoretical aspects of socialism. The number 5 seems compelling, however the evidence does not support the claim. You claim that he’s advocating a classless society, however the warrant indicates that really he’s talking about racial equality (he’s not saying that all people should have equal pay, but rather race should not affect pay).

I admit, you have a lot of arguments. However, they are all really poor. Further, the fact that most Americans find this compelling is a reason why I strongly support the “socialist” institution called “publicly funded education”.

Wow!! Does robfunk know how many people in world’s history have died in the name of socialism. In China alone over 100 million have died for the good of the party.
Man you’re an idiot if you think socialism is a good in any form it takes.

The more I read the comments posted here, the more I see that it is not just robfunk that doesn’t understand that fact that socialism as a whole, and how it devalues the individual person for the good of the state. A person just becomes a tool of the state and not a valued member of a community. Communism does not work because it devalue the individual limiting personal rights as well as the rights of the family.

Communism, the ultimate version of socialism, was practiced successfully in Israel, in the form of the kibbutz, when that young nation was struggling for survival. Communism was successful in this instance because it was tempered by capitalism — its citizens were united in its determination to create a homeland in which all of its citizens could eventually strive to become successful capitalists. In a sense, socialism and communism are idealistic concepts that ultimately do no work because they do not take into account the human tendency to expand power bases and accumulate wealth. There are always the select few at the top of the pyramid that do not believe that the rules of communism (“from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”) apply to them. “Leaders” historically succumb to temptation to take advantage of their positions in society to tighten the controls in order to insure their own longevity/power base.

I think that thing that gets me the most about socialism, is that atheistic tendencies of it. How many Socialist countries have laws that force this view down the throat of its citizens? This I find to be a problem. This separation of Church and State does not exist in Socialism, what I mean by this is the freedoms of worship, speech, etc are limited by the state. How can we as a people feel that this is morally right in any case? I just feel that all the things said and done in the name of this perfect proletarian society has a deep seeded evil that it cannot deny.
If you don’t understand this there are many books out there that you should read, “1984, The Giver, and Gang of One,” are just a few. Most kids in American schools have read the two fictions I just mention, but the last one is a non-fiction story about a young man growing up in red china. Read that and then give an opinion on socialism. It’s too bad that most of the college’s in the United States are pushing this Socialist garbage in the class room, and not teaching more open political ideas. Where is the freedom in that?

I just have one question for everyone.. are you willing to give what you have or might have to someone that does not have. now that sounds great but you work your job and the take it and give it all away and get a card to by food, clothing and what someone else says you can buy? stand in lines and what for what someone else says you can have. not have a choice in what you ware, or what you want? someone else telling you what is righ and what is not? does no one remember what happened to Russia? or Germany? the difference is free thinking. i for one do not want someone else telling me what to think, how to raise my kids, what medical care i can have. And yes I have lived in a socialist country and do know how it works. People stop and think while you still can!!!

Obama’s views on this subject have, in my opinion, been distorted. Guess who distorted his beliefs? You guessed it! Republicans in general and Mccain supporters in particular. (as if there’s a difference)

sigh – learn some history. American capitalism has always had socialist elements. Thanks to socialism, we have a 40 hour week, laws against child labor, etc. Capitalism doesn’t give a shit about workers… The USA has a mixed capitalist/socialist system, always has. Capitalism alone benefits only the few at the top. It doesn’t care about you.

look at his propaganda campaign posters!! if you switch the colors to red and black it’s frightening.

creepy enough for you?

i really dont mean to sound uneducated here,
but i am just recently been getting into this
whole political thing.lol. i understand enough
to know that right now the direction were going
in is not a great one. yes we young people have
made this scary. no one does there own rearch anymore.
its what soeone tells you is good and we believe it.
but my questions here are.
1. one girl below made a comment about changing the
colors to red and black on his poster. what is
that have to do with it? i dont know what i am
supposed to see here?
2. i know that socialism is mainly a goverment controled
operation. at least that what im getting from this.
but do you think bc they(gov) are bailing out all
the banks and there is a huge credit freeze(well unless
you have perfect credit you cant seem to get
shit right now) that they are trying to control
make the bank gov controlled to prevent us from
being able to purchase things in the event that
we need to prepare for times to come with end of
world prophacy?
3. rumor i have heard is that the goverment is
trying to make it illegal to have more than a
30 day supply of food in our home? has anyone else heard this?

Your just a dumb person. Get a life He is fixing your partys fuck ups.

Yeah, you sound like you’re really bright, American.

You’re not that much brighter yourself

Let,a not forget the Obama’s are millionaires. They own a large mansion and have been the happy beneficiaries of a capitolistic society. Oh, by the way look most of their close associates and appointees are very wealthy.
Share the wealth put your money where you mouth is. Liberals always want to redistribute wealth as long as it is not their own. Ever think that what they say is really about getting the votes of the naive and uninformed…..Don’t be fooled look at what socialism has done to other countries of the world. Fight greed and corruption not capitolism. If you truly want to enjoy the great benefits of socialism pick a government and move. There are plenty of socialist governments out there. P.S. Let me know when you are ready to return to the greatest nation on earth.


Right on. It’s funny how when he actually admitted it in Ohio with Joe the Plumber the media attacked HIM and ignored Obama’s “spread the wealth around” statement. Just shows you how biased the media is. The only thing Joe did was ask a question. whether he pays his taxes or not is COMPLETELY IRELIVANT. Who cares if he pays his taxes or not? Somebody tell me why the media attacked him? And this “fairness doctrine.” Are you kidding me?!? I could go on forever about Obama’s CEO hating, massive bailout giving, downright lying, universal healthcare, and conservative talk radio censorship but it just makes me angry and it doesn’t register in the brains of the ignorant thick skulled liberals surrounding me.If you want to be defeated in an argument over how conservatism is right and liberalism is pure bull or you just want to send a random stream of profanity being angry at how smart I am and how government-depending you are then you can email me at joshuayawn@hotmail.com.

I like your style Josh!!

This article is hogwash. What is so bad about any of the things you pointed out? Give up, you greedy old fat bluebloods are losing to a new age of thinkers. Get over it. Don’t let the door hit ya where the- ah you know the rest. Neener!

Well, you just showed us the intelligence level of your side and it’s pretty much what we expected!. You’re too stupid to even know why socialism doesn’t work – in fact you probably don’t even know what socialism really is. And as far as US being greedy…what a joke! We’re the ones who work hard for what we get, you’re the ones who want to take what you didn’t earn. Talk about greedy!!! Why don’t you take responsibility for yourself and earn your own way instead of living off of someone else!

Some republicans have claimed that Obama’s new tax plan was an example of socialism that he is taking money from the rich in the form of higher taxes and not being fair with their money. Some of these same ultra-right wing conservatives have stated that they are very religious more importantly very involved with thier christian views. In the bible there is a story of a man hiring men to work in his field at dawn, then hiring more at midday and again an hour before the end of the work day he paid all the workers the ame amount even though some had been working since dawn. some would say that sharing the wealth even though some worked harder is socialism. So we need to ask the religious conservatives that say Obama’s plan is socialism weather or not they think the bible is an example of socialism in this instance.

Matt. Are you serious? Context please.

Matt. Allow me to explain to you why many have a problem with this. To me it has nothing to do with being a Christian, however if you would like to go that route we could talk about the parable of the talents but then we run into that silly notion of context so lets just take it in another direction. As a Christian and a conservative my issue with this form of “sharing the wealth” is one of effectiveness. You see, our government (both sides) is extremely inefficient and very corrupt. If they take $100 from me each month to give to the needy the best estimates are that about $30 of that will go to actually helping people. The other $70 will disappear into the vortex of the bureaucracy (probably to fund some study of the mating habits of the kangaroo mouse). However, if you allow that $100 to stay in my pocket I can do a much better job of either helping those in need or in finding some private organization such as World Vision, Compassion or Habitat where the ratio is much better in terms of dollars to effect help vs. overhead are much better (probably closer to the opposite of our stellar government). So, as you can see, it is not an issue of not wanting to help, which Socialism, at it’s core is really not about (but rather expanding government control and power) it’s a matter of effectiveness. We can discuss context later if you would like.

Yeah I totally agree. Whats next actually helping people in need. GIving all people the right to have health care? Give workers a say in their terms of conditions of their work.

We should continue to reward our CEOs 400x an average worker’s salary, since they are so smart and always do good things for the money they take.

Did you realize that Obama has more Czars in his whitehouse than any other President. This alone is scary because they dont have to answer to anyone but him. GM did not cancel just underperformers car lots out there. They also canceled profit makeing 90 years in the buisness car lots. I am not understanding this. OBAMA is leading us down a scary road. I feel as though I can not do anything except hope to ride out the 4 year storm. He has only been in office 6 months and everything he has done has hurt us. SOCIALISM is what I smell coming out of this administration. I know alot of people disliked Bush, but to me, he had faith in God, loved his country for being a FREE NATION and had all intentions of keeping this the GREATEST nation on earth. We all better start praying and hope that this doesnt get any worse than it is now. WHO VOTED FOR THIS MAN?? I certainly saw a bad thing coming when he was running. We would have been better off with Hilary. Did anyone read about him, or were they too stuck on CHANGE??? Well guess what. YOU HAVE CHANGE, but it is not pretty. Good luck with this SOCIALISM government.

It is truly disturbing that the greatest nation USA is going to become either socialist, facist, or communist. Read “Change or the Emperor wore no clothes see the website: thebochangecom
i suggest you hoard your gold and acquire a weapon or two.

Ignorance causes fear!! Don’t worry buddy it will be allright. In the meantime, learn what the word propaganda means. The republicans use it to control the herd. Much like the Nazi’s did. Watch out!! terror alert: ORANGE…LOL

Thanks, mate. We’ll watch it strive.

Obama does not want a democracy He want to be a ruler.

whoever wrote this if a fucking idiot

and there are only 5 socialist countries in the entire world and i don’t think the usa will be joining them any time soon… you fucking idiots

north korea

There are more socialist states out there (ie. Sweden, Norway, Canada) You are thinking of countries with dictators. You’d better get your facts right. This is what this whole propaganda is about: people not understanding what is going on and taking other people’s word for it. Rush Limbaugh for example

Wow your a. Your intellect has caused me to take a deep look within myself and reevaluate my world view. Thanks for sharing your amazing insight and brilliance. Your parents must be proud.

People that think that Obama is socialist are misguided. Just because he has socialist viewpoints does NOT make him a socialist, it makes him a politician. I can guarantee he has more democratic viewpoints than socialist, and why people choose to harp on those few viewpoints are beyond me! The fact that the author only has eight points is proof enough. Even American government itself shares socialist points! People are NOT going to steal your money like Robin Hood. Be rational here. Think for a second. If someone tried to pull that, Congress would be all over it – they are the upper tier, after all.
America will not turn into a socialist state. Remember your government class? Checks and balances. Congress and the supreme court both have to agree with the figurehead of a president. He’s mostly there for eye candy – veto power, speeches, and there to look good and balance it out. Any one of you who thinks that America will have its downfall is misinformed, misguided, and quite possibly watching too much Fox news. Get your news from different sources, not just one. The original author should be ashamed, lulling people into this idiotic sense of paranoia.
Also, original author, what activist-minded person like Obama wasn’t liberal and governmental-curious in college? I took a biology class, does that make me a scientist?

I have lived communism and that is where this country is headed. It is convenient for people who did not go to collage or work hard for their money to say that they deserve the same things as those who did.
This country has the opportunities, people just don’t take them. I did not vote for Obama and if I had to do it all over again I would not do it either.

Go back to your country then. You have no right to come here and bad mouth my country. You ignorance is shown by your spelling.

I think he’s an idiot:(, and were screwed!!!!!!

I know that your an idiot or a racist. Either way, keep voting for people like Bush and we’re definetely screwed!!

The problem is that people don’t understand what socialism is, they actually think that it’s good, especially a lot of young people close to my age. They are naive and many are still in college and haven’t started to know what it means to make money on their own.

Someone here mentioned that we already depend on government for many things and therefore changing healthcare is “no big deal”. What that person fails to understand is that there is already too much government and there needs to be less. Obama is trying to create MORE government control, hence he is turning the country dramatically more socialistic, ergo, that is why he is being dubbed a “socialist”.

Why don’t you educate us then on why we need to make our schools, police, fire department…privately owned. I don’t think you understand socialism. That’s why you say others don’t.

U.S.A. supports socialism i.e. police, schools, post office, fire department, libraries. The simple truth is that socialism is needed. Government run programs eliminate greed. Otherwise, it would cost an arm and a leg to get police protection (kind of like health care). Ignorance is destroying this nation and keeping you sheep in line. Know what your taking a stance on, before you take a stance!!

Obama is not socialist and to my dismay neither is the united states. its funny how all the capitalists think welfare or even health insurance are both socialism…
So sad that in a “perfect” capitalist society that any idiot can make a living making a web page about the evil of socialism and not give one true example of that or what socialism truly is.
The ruling class has made sure the true nature of socialism and communism for that matter are incorrectly understood.
Do some research before you post garbage that bill oreilly himself would be proud of and try and pass it off as truth

First of all, there is a Kenyan Birth Certificate for Obama and it has been submitted as evidence to Judge David O. Carter in California, complete with an affidavit from Lucas Smith, the man who obtained it in Mombassa.

Second, there was a supporting document released yesterday (October 21, 2009) with signatures from Obama’s maternal grandmother, which clearly states “Birthplace: Kenya; Registered Honolulu. HRS 338-17.8 per Grandmother”.


(Scroll down and click on image of the COLB application to see it full size.)

It seems that both of his grandmothers, maternal and paternal, refused to lie on his behalf.

“Audacity of Hypocrisy” does not even begin to cover this greatest of all frauds! Barack Obama’s days in power are numbered. Hopefully he and his administration will not be able to do more harm to this nation than they already have.

Hollywood and the Mainstream Media will never recover the people’s trust after this.

Now I just want to know; What’s wrong with socialism? It ‘s a totally legitimate form of government. It’s nothing scary, it works wonders for Sweden, Norway, Canada, etc.

Take the T from Tucker and you get Fucker. then move to one of thise grat Countries…

take from the rich and give to the needy

I saw a sign on the back of a large motor home on I75 south near Tampa it read Don’t turn over our republic to a socialist administrator. He had a North Carolina tag. I am building a house near Hickory;I was hoping to find people who are like thinkers. I was a airborne ranger in Viet Nam. Our coutry is going to hell fast!

If you think socialism works look at Soviet Russia, that is how they started. There is no such thing as community owned anything. We can’t all be the boss, someone has to be the worker.

Yep, the bad thing about socialism is that everybody becomes poor except for the elite few.
But unlike capitalism, in socialism the elite rich are the ones in power and in charge.

Ie government and $$ and power all are the same people.

Oh my god! Are you serious? You’ve got them the complete wrong way around. Dude, in 2009 1% of America owned more than the remaining 99% put together! Go look it up if you’re in denial. You just shot yourself in the foot their, kid. Lol at you.

The socialist perspective is generally based on a materialist outlook (usually historical materialism, but early socialists favored strict positivism) and an understanding that human behaviour is largely shaped by the social environment. In particular, scientific socialism holds that social mores, values, cultural traits and economic practices are social creations, and are not the property of an immutable natural law.[11] The ultimate goal for Marxist socialists is the emancipation of labour from alienating work. Marxists argue that freeing the individual from the necessity of performing alienating work in order to receive goods would allow people to pursue their own interests and develop their own talents without being coerced into performing labour for others. For Marxists, the stage of economic development in which this is possible is contingent upon advances in the productive capabilities of society.

Socialists argue that socialism is about bringing human social organization up to the level of current technological capability to fully take advantage of modern technology. They argue that capitalism is either obsolete or approaching obsolescence as a viable system for producing and distributing wealth in an effective manner.[12] Socialists generally argue that capitalism concentrates power and wealth within a small segment of society that controls the means of production and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. This creates a stratified society based on unequal social relations that fails to provide equal opportunities for every individual to maximize their potential,[13] and does not utilise available technology and resources to their maximum potential in the interests of the public,[14] and focuses on satisfying market-induced wants as opposed to human needs. Socialists argue that socialism would allow for wealth to be distributed based on how much one contributes to society, as opposed to how much capital one holds.

Socialists hold that capitalism is an illegitimate economic system, since it serves the interests of the wealthy and allows the exploitation of lower classes. As such, they wish to replace it completely or at least make substantial modifications to it, in order to create a more just society that would guarantee a certain basic standard of living.[15][16] A primary goal of socialism is social equality and a distribution of wealth based on one’s contribution to society, and an economic arrangement that would serve the interests of society as a whole.

This is all out of context and strung together to make an invalid point.
Doris Theune, PhD
Malvern, PA

But did they Support them is the real question here.He DID!
and yes Socialism= BAD. It has failed and is still miserably in every country who has tried it…We’re Next…it’s been here for a long time . Most Americans just haven’t seen it and now we are falling fast.

Using tax money appropriately to benefit the people is not socialism. Please just read Wikipedia and realize that any society has a form of social responsibility, it is the defining trait of civilized nations.

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