Milwaukee Newspaper Promotes homo-sex play on Good Friday

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Milwaukee newspaper promotes homo-sex play on Good Friday
Protests planned following advertisement for ‘Res-erection’

Posted: March 21, 2008
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A host for a Milwaukee-based radio talk show, Crosstalk America, says she will be leading a protest against the city’s local newspaper, the Journal Sentinel for publishing on Good Friday an advertisement for an explicit sex show being highlighted as part of “The Res-erection” tour.
The advertisement is for “Puppetry of the P—-,” which is to appear next month at the city’s Miramar theater. The ad features two men, partly in silhouette, who appear to be nude, and whose privates are covered by “The Res-erection Tour!” slogan.
“As a long time reader of the Journal Sentinel and a national Christian talk show host, I am going to call for subscribers to reconsider their subscriptions in light of this decision,” Ingrid Schlueter, of Crosstalk Radio Talk Show, told WND.

“It is apparently no longer safe to even open the local paper at home. The moral squalor in our culture worsens because few are prepared to take a public stand and risk abuse for doing so. We’re going to take a stand,” she said.
She described the ad as “homo-erotic” and condemned its apparent “mocking of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ,” especially on such a day as Good Friday.
“It’s clearly not what you would expect for a big city newspaper,” she told WND. “You’d expect this in a seedy, fringe newspaper found in a coffee shop.”
She said she had tried to contact the newspaper to express her concern, but had not heard back yet. WND did get a response after leaving a message for publisher Elizabeth Brenner.
“We’ve run this ad multiple times. This ad isn’t just targeted on Good Friday,” she said. “It’s run for the last two or three weeks.
“I guess you’ve made an assumption this is targeted to this particular week with some intent. I happen to know this ad has run throughout the month of March. That would lead me to believe there was no particular intent with running it today,” she said.
She noted, however, she could not speak for the intent of the Miramar, which purchased the ad.
Schlueter said she didn’t want to be an “angry Christian, always protesting something.”
“But this is so egregious. This is a morality issue. You don’t have to have a journalism degree to figure out this doesn’t work,” she said.
She said she’ll announce further plans for protests on her radio program.
“A number of friends are going to be joining me down at the Journal Sentinel for a protest next week and I am also using the radio show to let fellow Christian Journal Sentinel readers know that there’s a place to voice their concern,” she said.
The description of the show on the Miramar website warned of the show’s explicit nature.
“Make no mistake, there are no sock puppets in this show! This eye POP-ing show is exactly what it pretends to be; two naked p—- puppeteers on stage presenting the ancient Australian art of genital origami with an astounding series of p—- installations,” the website says.
It gets more and more graphic from there on, advising it is a “non-sexual adult show.”



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