Obama’s church sponsoring ‘African-centered’ school

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So, what would happen if McCain’s church started a Caucasian-centered school??? I think we all know how that would end…

Obama’s church sponsoring ‘African-centered’ school
Names new elementary after Gold Coast revolutionary

Posted: March 18, 2008
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Trinity United Church of Christ in the Chicago area, presidential candidate Barack Obama’s church home, is launching a new elementary school that is named after an African revolutionary and promises not to give children the alphabet, reading and writing, but “African-centered teaching.”
The new Kwame Nkrumah Academy, which offers only a static web page with nominal information about its plans, was promoted in the Palm Sunday bulletin at Trinity, and proposes to start offering classes to kindergartners and first-graders this fall.
According to a proposed agreement with the Chicago public schools that was published in the fall of 2007, the new academy will be operated by Trinity Community Development Corp., which shares the same street address at the church.
A receptionist who answered the academy’s telephone number declined to answer questions from WND, and officials at the church told WND to submit questions in writing and they would be answered in two days.
However, the school board agreement noted the plans are for the facility to open as a “Contract School” in the fall of 2008, and it was being designated as an “alternative school” as allowed under the law.
The academy is expected to launch with “approximately 66 students” in grades K through 1 for the 2008-2009 school year. In subsequent years the school may serve up to 400 students in grades K through 8,” the report said.
“Using current year financial data, the general fund cost of 66 students in 2008-2009 (FY09) will be approximately $424,644.00,” the state report said. “The financial implications will be addressed during the development of the FY09 budget.”
The website promises, “A new school… A new concept… A new commitment…”
“The Kwame Nkrumah Academy is a global teaching and learning center grounded by principles of African-centered educational excellence. Our mission is to prepare future world leaders by equipping them with: A Strong Sense of Personal Identity, Sound Understanding of Global Ethics, A Superb Integration of Academic and Leadership Skills.”
On the website it features a number of emblems, including “SANKOVA Go Back and Take It Symbol of Cherishing and Valuing our Culture,” “NTESIE/MATE MASIE ‘I Have Heard It and I have Kept It’ Symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge,” “DAME-DAME ‘Use Your Mind’ Symbol of Intelligence and Ingenuity,” “ADINKRAHENE ‘Chief of the Adinkra Symbols’ Symbol of Solidarity, Security and Safety,” and “FIHANKRA ‘Communal House’ Symbol of Solidarity, Security and Safety.”
The state report’s specifications for curriculum are: “The Kwame Nkrumah Academy aims to be a global model of African-centered teaching and learning…”
“UBUNTU,” the website says. “I am because we are. My humanity is expressed through your humanity.”
It was named after Nkrumah, who spent several years in the United States, then returned to his native Gold Coast in 1947, from which he led a rebellion against the British colonial powers through his own political party, the Convention People’s Party.
His demand for “positive action” in 1950 led to a series of strikes, boycotts and other acts of civil disobedience for which he eventually was sentenced to prison. However, from his jail cell, he directed a campaign that resulted in his party capturing 34 out of 38 elected seats in the Legislative Assembly. He then was released to form a government.
The nation’s independence from Britain soon followed, and Ghana was born.
After assuming power, he formed a one-party state, designating himself as president for life, and jailed those who led strikes against his rule. He was overthrown militarily in 1966.
The Socialist Worker website praises him for announcing, “There is only one road to effective action – the organization of the masses.”
“Nkrumah is regarded as the first man to make Pan Africanism a living political reality,” the site said.
WND reported earlier when the black Chicago church Obama attends removed from the “About Us” page of its website a section outlining a radical belief system for blacks.
Trinity has described itself as “unashamedly black” and has drawn fire over the inflammatory sermons by its senior pastor.
Obama responded he was shocked to hear the profane anti-American and anti-white rhetoric delivered by his Rev. Jeremiah Wright and strongly objected to it.
Until recently, however, Trinity’s website outlined a controversial code of ethics written by blacks for blacks called the “Black Value System.”
It asks members to commit their time, money and talents to the black community, black businesses, black institutions and black political leaders. The program also demands black members disavow “the pursuit of middleclassness.”
The deleted section of About Us page was replaced with videotaped testimonials from church members extolling the virtues of the church, including a white official from the parent United Church of Christ who said she feels welcome at predominantly black Trinity.

LINK: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=59268


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11 Responses to “Obama’s church sponsoring ‘African-centered’ school”

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Well, a Caucasian-centered school is what we call most American public schools now.

Get real!!! Are you kidding? They are certainly not caucasian-centered at this point!! If they were we wouldn’t be putting so much of our money towards Spanish-speaking kids and other ridiculous programs rather than the three r’s. It would be nice if our kids could actually learn something in the public schools instead of graduating without knowing how to read. That has happened because we’ve dumbed down the schools enough already.

How about ALL American schools are causcasian-centered…what the hell, greek mythology, shakespeare, roman history. Name five african-american leaders besides Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman or leaders not associated with the civil rights movement and slavery. Name a war in which they named black soldiers who received greater honors than there “white” comrades. Why even assign a month dedicated to black history…because white guilt feels horrible about the lost traditions and accomplishments of people pf color. All schools dear heart are caucasian-centered, they omit any historical data that gives light to any race but their so-called superior race.

Whaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaa! If we taught history like you want us to teach it, we’d rewrite it so that Abe Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and any other person who contributed was black. You don’t care about facts, you just want to rewrite it and put blacks in the important spots.

You’re the ones who are racist. Frankly I’m getting tired of blacks getting by with being racist and being able to say whatever they want about whites. You call us names and then dare call US racist??? If you want your traditions, then go where they are practiced. No one is stopping you!

These African Centered Schools have a very great track record of success. The more the better I think.

Whites are the reason behind all the mayhelm that this world has seen in the last 500 years. War … stealing … War .. but that is all fastly coming to an end and this particular ethnic group will be put back in their place.

You’re quite the racist, aren’t you Peter?? Wonder what would happen if whites said that about blacks???

When it comes to educational issues as they affect Blacks, black African-American children we have much supporting evidence. Public schools across this country and in Europe has been a disaster for children of this ethnic group. Where ever you have that circumstance of African Children in a system funded and controled by Caucasians the results are eminent. Similiar results can be achieved when black certified Teachers are not qualified to teach the children. Certification does not mean a thing and in many instances is detrimental.

I hope this church does not try to recreate the basic for this type of program for it already has been perfected in both public schools and of course those which are not. One public school setting which comes to mind is that in Missouri. The Kansas City Missouri Public School District has a fine program which has been running for over a decade that support African-Centered education in those schools which serve the black neighborhoods. One comes to mind is JS Chick. There are many in the private realm that has a much stronger and intense program such as one that comes to mind in South Central Los Angeles which by the way was visited by Laura Bush and the Senator from Florida Connie Mack. There is and has always been a desire for cultural theme schools. In Detroit the Native Americans has a public school deeply immersed in thiercultural aspects called Medicine Bear(have not heard from it is some time). Another in New York with an Italian Theme supported by the then Mayor Cuomo. So to see Blacks continue to get away from sending thier children to those k-12 public schools using these Eurocentric and even Multicentric methods is, I think, a form of child abuse. Once a Black or black African-American Child elevates through these programs they can move on to any institution for further skills attainment. I know of students who elevated through the strongest African Centered programs and then went to your Yales and Washington U’s. Once it is ingrained it does not matter skills are skills and can be taught by the teacher. Chinese, Arabic, Nigerian are all go skill teachers. Whites can teach you war skills for they are the best damm war monglers the world has seen. But that is ending too. They are not putting any military bases in Africa (another place where Whites have messed completely up) unless they pay multi-trillions to do so.

On another note. The teaching Obama received from Reverend Wright and else where for those who really know, will stick with him the rest of his life. Rev Wright is by no means the only person of the cloth who teaches how white supremacy has dammed the black life experiences during the last 500 years. By no stretch is he considered at the top of the game neither but he is good and most important he is telling the truth in a way he best can deliver the message.One thing that school should elaborate is how Obama choose that beautiful Black African Woman as his wife. Beautiful divine black complexion. Nothing pale and frail about her at all. That is the picture of a divine couple that reminds me of those from ancient eras before we were adulterated by you know who.

Most schools are caucasian-centered schools. That goes without saying. You guys set the norm. You culture is the “default setting”. It should be no surprise that students do better when they know who they are and where they come from. Your kids know about all of the great things about their culture. Why is it a problem when blacks want their kids to know, too? Check out this link. Maybe it will give you some insight.

Here is the link. These types of schools are very successful. Isn’t that the goal? Black programs are never exclusive and always inclusive but it is designed with us in mind, unlike most things in America.

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