‘Progressive’ Christian Movement Destroying Christianity

Posted on March 14, 2008. Filed under: Religion |

‘Chrippies’ are enemy from within 

I am seriously saddened and worried by the ‘movement’ I see in our churches today. I believe the devil is winning by killing the church from within. Our greatest enemy used to be folks outside the church who hated Christians. But I believe that has now changed, and our greatest and most effective enemy is the new ‘progressive’ Christian movement from within. I don’t know what else to call them except for Christian hippies or ‘Chrippies’ – that’s my own personal term for them. They are like the hippies of the 60’s.

• They loathe the mainstream Christian community.
• They don’t speak much of doctrine, they just like to speak of ‘love’
• They think they are better than the rest of us.
• They think they are more enlightened.
• They think they are more loving.
• They don’t think its right to ‘fight’ for anything as that wouldn’t be loving.
• They are willing to compromise all of their Christian principles and support all kinds of sin so that they will be seen as tolerant and the world will accept them.
• They preach love, but they are very intolerant of other Christians that they think are not as enlightened as they are
• They will gladly bad-mouth Christianity to non-believers because they think it gives them an ‘in’ with the world and will show the world that they are nothing like the traditional Christians
• They love to say shocking, radical things about Christ and the Bible
• They jump on any liberal bandwagon so they’ll be seen as loving
• They think rules are confining and legalistic and love to exercise their ‘freedom in Christ’

They can be very convincing but I really believe some of what they say is heresy and I think they’re ruining our next generation of Christians.

Give me your thoughts…


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3 Responses to “‘Progressive’ Christian Movement Destroying Christianity”

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Naw, they aren’t ruining anything. It’s just all part of the refining process. Those that are to be saved will be saved and those that are to remain lost will remain lost. The Chrippies are just tools that God is using for His purpose of separating the wheat from the chaff. Stay close to God, pray for those you know and it will all work out.

Well, when you blame a specific movement for destroying an entire religion you also have to take into consideration that the progressive christian movement is largely a reaction to the extreme religious right that seeks to erase the boundaries between church and state here in the U.S. and from there create a global christian empire, using tactics of mysticism and fear to whip up their followers into bizarre levels of hysterics. i don’t think that christianity will disappear or fall apart or anything, but ultimately people should get out of the good book what they feel they can relate to and identify with. the other reason why there is a progressive christian movement is because in this fast-paced information age we as a society are quite removed from the more conservative/traditional values promoted in some of the new and most esp the old testament

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