For Second Night, ABC and NBC Refuse to utter Spitzer’s Party ID

Posted on March 12, 2008. Filed under: Media Bias, Politicians |

Of course they won’t identify his party, they’re the biased media!! If it were a Republican, they wouldn’t be able to say it enough.

For Second Night, ABC and NBC Refuse to Utter Spitzer’s Party ID
MRC ^ | 3/12/2008

Just as occurred Monday night, viewers of Tuesday’s ABC and NBC evening newscasts never heard the word “Democrat” applied to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, nor did they even put a “(D)” on screen by his name as ABC did briefly Monday. CBS didn’t announce his party either on Tuesday night, but Katie Couric had done so Monday night. The ABC and NBC newscasts, however, did put “®” on screen over soundbites from Republicans and NBC’s Mike Taibbi twice referred to the reaction from “Republican” politicians.

Fill-in ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas avoided any party tag: “New York’s Governor, Eliot Spitzer, spent most of the day today huddled behind closed doors debating whether to resign after being linked to a prostitution ring.” On NBC, substitute anchor Ann Curry led: “Tonight, the investigation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s fall from grace is broadening…”

Viewers could only figure out Spitzer’s party by implication as both shows aired a soundbite from Republican Congressman Peter King with an “®” on screen. ABC’s Brian Ross led into it by referring to how Spitzer will soon “end what even his political enemies called a once-brilliant career.” NBC’s Taibbi cited King’s party as he described “Republicans threatening impeachment if he doesn’t resign.” Before video of State Rep. James Tedisco with an “(R-NY)” on screen, Taibbi also noted how “some Republicans in Albany would welcome” the move up by Lieutenant Governor David Paterson.

Ross concluded with a reference to Republicans: “With no resolution of the case in sight by the end of the work day today, Republicans in the state capital, Albany, say they have every intention of moving ahead with impeachment proceedings if Spitzer is not out by tomorrow.”

Also noteworthy, Spitzer’s media backers: Taibbi paired a “gleeful” former target of Attorney General Spitzer, former Home Depot Chairman Ken Langone — who satisfactorily observed: “We all have our own private hells. I hope his private hell is hotter than anybody else’s” — with a “supporter” of Spitzer, a member of the news media: “Time magazine’s Adi Ignatius.”

[This item, by the MRC’s Brent Baker, was posted Tuesday night on the MRC’s blog, ]

(In between Monday and Tuesday nights, the Tuesday ABC, CBS and NBC morning shows, in multiple stories/interviews, also failed to annunciate Spitzer’s political party. ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s Early Show only identified Spitzer’s party by putting a “(D)” on screen by his name for a few seconds while NBC’s Today show, in eleven segments, didn’t even do that in its complete blackout.)



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