BRIDGET RANTS: I want your input. How do liberals twist our words?

Posted on March 5, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants, Conservatives, Liberal Idiots, Media Bias, Politics |

I don’t like Liberals twisting my words

By Bridget

I’m sick of liberals using the wrong words for things just so they can make conservatives look bad. Here are a few examples:

1- If we DISAGREE with something or someone, they say we HATE that person or thing.

2- If we are against ILLEGAL immigration, they say we are ANTI-IMMIGRANT.

3- If we don’t SUPPORT, EMBRACE, WELCOME AND SUPPORT their issues, they say we are not TOLERANT. However, the very definition of tolerance – a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opionions and practices that differ from one’s own – indicates that you don’t agree with something, but you still support someone else’s right to do it. I may not agree with homosexuality, but I believe they have the right to live that lifestyle. Just because I don’t actively help push their agenda doesn’t mean I don’t tolerate them.

4- If we OPPOSE SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM (gov’t providing everything), they say we are NOT COMPASSIONATE. Our solutions are actually far more compassionate and helpful in the long run as they help people become independent and lead their own lives, whereas their solution keeps people dependent on them. How compassionate is that?

5- If we don’t support AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, they say we are RACIST. In reality, they are the racist ones for thinking a certain group is not capable of doing well without special help.

Therefore, according to liberals we are:
• Haters
• Anti-immigrant
• Intolerant
• Not compassionate
• Racist

The problem is that people who are not really paying attention, and that includes some Christians, hear these labels and say, “Wow, those conservatives don’t love people. They’re mean.” Then they start looking at the Democratic party because they seem like the nicer party. I’m sick of liberals changing the meanings of words and phrases and labeling us with false labels just so they can confuse folks and make us look bad. Unfortunately, conservatives don’t do enough to fight this. Of course it doesn’t help that the mainstream media loves to promote these same stereotypes and gets such glee out of anything that hurts us, so we ARE fighting an uphill battle.

Anyway, help me out here. I’d like your input. Let me know of some others words, phrases and issues they are twisting in order to misrepresent us. Let’s see how many we can pinpoint.

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7 Responses to “BRIDGET RANTS: I want your input. How do liberals twist our words?”

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Death taxes; Barrack Hussein Obama; pacification; various other focus group-tested weasel words…

Because Global Warming has been proven as La Caca del Toro, they now call it climate change, so if this winter is colder, it is still the fault of Capitalism.

For liberals, everything is about “how it feels” instead of viewing things intellectually. That’s why the term “compassionate conservative” makes me uncomfortable.

“Polically correct” is one of those terms from the left that is now a part of our main stream language. It has resulted in our acceptance of ‘relative truth’ as it promotes behavior based on current popular opinion. If you aren’t “politically correct”, then you’re mean spirited, devisive, and not sensitive to others. (Like hiding the truth is sensitive??) What happened to just being correct (based on truth)? Whoever joined these two words in one phrase created the ultimate oxymoron….

Don’t forget about the cheaply and inaccurately thrown curve ball “what would Jesus do?” to attempt to make conservatives look bad.

Instead of being Pro-Life we are called Anti-Choice

You talk about twisting words, how about turning refugees into “illegal immigrants”, which demonises them and makes them criminals. I concede that there are illegal immigrants, such as visa overstayers however refugees and others have been lumped into this category.

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