I’m sick of…

Posted on February 17, 2008. Filed under: Liberal Idiots, Media Bias, Politics |

You know what I’m sick of?
I’m sick of the media putting labels on conservatives in their articles, but not doing the same to liberals. I’m sick of talk shows introducing someone as a “far right-winger” but introducing the liberal as the Senator from wherever. I’m sick of conservatives being labeled radicals or extremists and liberals just being called Democrats. I’m also sick of the fact that if a negative story comes out about a conservative, the first thing they do in the article is make sure everyone knows it was a Republican, but if a negative article comes out about a Democrat, they try not to mention the party at all. I’m just plain sick of the media being so biased and trying to influence the viewer’s or reader’s opinion before they even hear the information. Check out these two sites for more info on this. Very interesting.




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One Response to “I’m sick of…”

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Amen, sistah. Good info links. I’m so sick of being accused of being biased (as if that were a crime) by some of the most biased people I’ve ever met who would seeimingly rather die before admiting to be otherwise. It’s so much easier to admit that every piece of communication is written by someone with some form of bias and it is highly likely to shine through in that communication. Why can’t we all just admit it, get over it, and and have some real, honsest, meaningful conversation?!

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