The Consequences of Feminist Garbage on our College Campuses

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Another excellent article by Dr. Mike Adams!! This is the result of our girls getting inundated with the feminist garbage on the college campuses.

Hannah and Her Blisters
By Mike S. Adams
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Concerned Grandparent:
I am so sorry to hear that your granddaughter has dropped out of school less than halfway through her course of study in English Literature at a public university supported by your tax dollars. I am especially sorry to hear that she has contracted herpes and that, just before Christmas, she spoke of ending her life.

Your granddaughter is like a lot of decent Christian girls who go to college with a solid Christian upbringing. But, then, after being exposed to the influence of radical feminism on campus they begin to “fall away.” In the case of Hannah it was certainly no accident. It was a result of the persistent intentional conduct of the administration.

Let me elaborate on the common theme behind all of the following incidents you described to me:
  – Your granddaughter was told by her dormitory resident assistant to question the sexual moral code her parents used to “restrict her sexual freedom.”
  – She was given condoms by an administrator on the way to her class in the psychology building where she saw signs saying “You’re never too drunk to put on a condom” and “Feeling spunky? Better wrap up his monkey.”
–   She saw assistants from the women’s center putting condoms on a vibrator just in front of the school cafeteria.
  – She was compelled to attend The Vagina Monologues by her English professor.
  – She was told by her Sociology professor that marriage is an oppressive institution imposed upon women by a sexist patriarchy – all for the benefit of men.
In other words, she was told to sleep around (even when drunk), to supplement masturbation with “safe sex,” and, finally, to be proud of her vagina throughout a lifetime of having endless sex partners outside the parameters of marriage.
All of this was supposed to make her happy but, of course, all of it was a lie. That is because the common theme in everything she hears from feminists is that true happiness could only be achieved by focusing on her sexuality and her sex organs.

I was so upset by the story of Hannah that I spent an entire afternoon calling Women’s Resource Centers (WRCs) across America to see whether any of them were involved in activities that do not involve sex organs and sexual intercourse.
I only managed to call twelve WRCs across America in the few short hours I had to explore this issue. I focused on these four questions:
1. Do you hand out condoms to students encouraging them to engage in casual premarital sexual intercourse?
2. Do you sponsor The Vagina Monologues – a play encouraging women to focus upon and, indeed, be proud of their sex organs?
3. Do you sponsor any programs that deal with the worldwide exploitation of women for sexual purposes – for example, child sexual slavery and child prostitution in Southeast Asia?
4. Do you sponsor any programs that condemn the mistreatment of women in radical Islamic nations? Specifically, do you focus on the sexual exploitation of women in the name of Islam?

I don’t have to tell you the gist of what I found. You can probably guess. But I’ll share the results anyway:
——– 83% of the WRCs reported handing out condoms to female students encouraging them to engage in casual premarital sexual intercourse.
——– 100% reported sponsoring The Vagina Monologues – a play encouraging women to focus upon and, indeed, be proud of their sex organs.
——— 17% sponsored programs that deal with the worldwide exploitation of women for sexual purposes – for example, child sexual slavery and child prostitution in Southeast Asia.
——— 0% who claimed to sponsor programs that deal with the worldwide exploitation of women for sexual purposes – for example, child sexual slavery and child prostitution in Southeast Asia – were able to name a single program they sponsored that dealt with the issue.
——– 0% sponsored programs that condemn the mistreatment of women in radical Islamic nations. None focused on the sexual exploitation of women in the name of Islam.
The results of this small and unsophisticated survey would not change much if the sample size were increased tenfold to 120. One still would not be able to find much evidence that WRCs are interested in doing things for women who are truly suffering from inequality. Nor would one find many that disagree with the importance of enjoying sex and loving one’s vagina.

This all begins to make sense when you refer back to a recent column I wrote, which offered a new definition of feminism in the 21st Century. In the column, I defined feminism as a movement that seeks unlimited rights for women without corresponding responsibilities via the suppression of criticism of feminism.

Campus feminists seek the right to control their bodies under the mantra of “Sexual liberation.” They avoid responsibility under the mantra of “my body, my choice,” which seeks to suppress criticism, moreover input, on the issue of abortion coming from men or female critics of abortion.
Campus feminists seek the right to engage in vulgarity by sponsoring The Vagina Monologues. They avoid responsibility for spreading negative messages by enforcing speech codes, which suppress criticism of the play coming from opponents of feminism.
But, of course, feminism is failing on America’s campuses as Hannah’s story shows. The condoms kept her from getting pregnant. But they did not keep her from getting a broken heart and an STD. Now she’s having a tougher time feeling proud of her vagina. And her only hope is in the forgiveness offered by Christ, as opposed to the punishment promised by Allah.
It is a sad commentary that feminists are doing little to make women in other countries as well-off as women in America. But they are doing much to make college women as miserable as some women not fortunate enough to be born in America.



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4 Responses to “The Consequences of Feminist Garbage on our College Campuses”

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Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out how ‘Vagina Monologues’ that tries to “reclaim” a disgusting, derogatory word that most normal folks call “the C-word” or glorifies sex between a 24-year-old and a 16-year-old (13-years-old in the original 1998 edition) helps prevent violence against women?

I am sad to see that the word “feminisam: used this way. I consider myself a feminist. But I am alos a religious person. I believe in sex after marriage but I also believe woman should get the same rights as man. I think that its sad that my high school soccer team did not get the same finacial support as the boys.
I am aslo sad that religious people are hating “feminisam” because some people believe in things such as abortion. We should not put away important concept just because they been lumped with beliefs that we don’t ssupport.

Hey Iris, I think you are confusing Feninism with equal rights. Equal rights says that woman should be paid the same wage as a man for the same job, women should hav ethe right to vote, women should have all the same opportunities as men do, etc..all of wich I agree. Feminism on the other hand has gone so far out of wack with abortion rights, men haters (just look at the positions of the positions and sppeches by the feminist leaders). They also think mothers that choose to stay home with their children are the enemy and they believe in goddesses (usually through self love) and not God.

As a woman, liberal feminism has done more to tear me down as a stay at home wife and mother than any other entity on earth.

Hello, I am currently a student at one of the aforementioned college campuses, and I would first like to say that I wish I was supported a bit more by tax dollars, then perhaps I wouldn’t have to put myself into debt in order to further my education. More to the point, I am enrolled in what is here called a “feminist thought” class, and from what I have learned in class, as well as the humble research I have done independently, feminists do not hold many of the beliefs, nor practice many of the activities that this article mentions. Far from “seeking the right to engage in vulgarity”, modern feminists tend to shift their energies towards the pursuit of a more egalitarian society, equal rights and opportunities for women, and addressing the oppression of women in less-developed countries. While it is true that there have been radicals in this field, it is not a fair representation to judge the motives and beliefs of the entire movement on the actions of a few; the same could be said of the radical members of the muslim faith, or the christian faith.

As a side note, “Allah” is the Islamic translation for the Judeo-Christian God. Much in the same way that “Christ” is the English translation for the original Greek “Christos”. Meaning that “Christ” is the son of Allah.

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