My Personal Thanks to our Military

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I wrote the following letter to our military several years ago because I really wanted them to know how much I appreciate them. I keep copies of this letter in my purse at all times in case I see a military person, and if  I do, I give them a copy and say thanks! I wish I could give a copy to every single one of our US military people, but I’ll just have to do my small part and give it to the ones I see or meet. This probably makes me an overly emotional, sentimental, patriotic geek, but so be it. I appreciate our military and I will tell them every chance I get!

Dear Military Men and Women,

I am in AWE of the sacrifice that you choose to make for our country.

I am INDEBTED to your families who allow you to serve us even when it means time away from them, constant fear and worry, and maybe even giving your life.

I am GRATEFUL that there are heroic people like you who are willing to fight to keep us free. True heroes are few and far between these days.

I am APPRECIATIVE that brave men and women will risk their own lives to keep us safe.

I am AMAZED at the discipline and self-control that you have developed in order to be the best soldier you can be.

I am PROUD when I see you – whether it be on the street or on TV – because I know we are in such capable hands.

I am CONFIDENT that we have the best military in the world. I will always trust you to defend us, and I in turn will always defend you.

I am HUMBLED when I remember that you do these things for me – a person whom you don’t even know.

I am HEARTBROKEN when one of you is wounded or killed in battle – your ultimate sacrifice should never be forgotten. Even one lost soldier is too many.

I am OUTRAGED when I see and hear protestors speak out against you – they are uninformed cowards who only have that right because you fight for it.

I am TOUCHED that even in the heat of battle, your compassion shines through. You are a warrior fighting for a just cause, but you have a tender heart that reaches out to your fellow soldiers and the innocent civilians who get caught in the middle.

I am IMPRESSED by your courage, strength and skill. You are the true heroes and role models for our children.

I am INSPIRED by your selflessness. We remain free because you are willing to fight for it.

I am CONVINCED that we will go down in history as a GREAT generation because of you.

Whether you be on the battlefield in a foreign land or here at home holding down the fort, you are what stands between us and evil, and you are my heroes!!

I PRAY for you and your families every single day – May God keep you safe.

Words are not adequate to express my true feelings, but…



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